Sunday, March 27, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 8 Review: Pegasus are distracted by Hand Signals?

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 8 Review! Today the girls are trying to get a picture with a Pegasus!

What does getting a picture with an elusive Pegasus got to do with magic? Maybe Mr Issac is teaching the girls in tracking skills and the objective is to pose with a Pegasus in order to get a pass grade. For Mirai who is probably the most excited girl in the world now since she get to see not just one Pegasus but a whole herd of flying Pegasus in the beginning of the episode.

Rico and the other three girls didn't overreact unlike Mirai who nearly fall off from her broomstick not once but twice in the episode after trying to get a closer look at the Pegasus. Later Kei told the girls a story of how a giant carnivorous flower lure animals by using pheromone (and also eating the animals in the process)

For a moment, Kei looked very sinister and I was thinking if Toei will dare to try the sleeper agent scenario since Kei is always seen to be a klutz. What if something trigger Kei and she become the most dangerous person Mirai and Riko has to face? (It is always the quiet ones that you have to be careful!)
But then, this ruined everything since Kei behave like a fangirl...

You will think Mirai will be "FLIPPING THE "BIRD" in a Kids' show?
By the way, Pegasus in this universe seem to be distracted by hand signals since Mirai used hand signals to distract one and later Cure Magical used the same method against a mother Pegasus who was transformed into a Yokubal by Spalda.

Since the title of this episode suggested that a baby Pegasus is involved, the girls helped the baby Pegasus to be reunited with his mother and in true Precure fashion, the baby Pegasus managed to distract the Yokubal enough for Cure Miracle to use the latest Linkle stone-Pink Tourmaline which is pretty similar to Cure Flora's Floral Tourbilon and somehow, it is able to separate the mother Pegasus from the Yokubal.

Overall, a pretty predictable episode with a new Linkle stone and a pass grade for Mirai and Riko. Next episode, the girls have one more final test and it is to battle Riko's sister, Rizu (Yeah! Nazuka Kaori is coming back!) But if they passed this test, does that mean Mirai have to return back to Earth after that? You know, if catching paper butterflies, boiling a kettle and posing with a Pegasus can make you become a Magic user, this is probably the most easiest place to become one. Harry Potter and his friends took 7 years to do it. (Different standard of education?)

Until then, see you in the next episode review! (Sorry if this post seems to be lack of contents since there is really nothing much to say about this episode)

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