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Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 4 Top 4 Moments and Review: My First Magic Lesson! Catching Butterfiles!?

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 4! It is Mirai's first Magic Lesson!

No 4: Do not enter the Forest of Knowledge!

As Mirai is still learning more about Magic from Riko at the Magic Libaray, Miria sense something from a large green door. However the headmaster told them not to enter the Forest of Knowledge as it is a labyrinth and one could easily get lost in it.

The headmaster also explained the girls more about the Linkle Emerald and it's respective jewels and there are all together 12 stones in total. (Only ten more to go!) The headmaster then told the girls to get a good rest since it is Mirai's first magic lesson the next day.

No 3: My First Magic Lesson and it is catching butterflies!?

Mirai and Riko arrived at their class which is a supplementary class and they meet three students in the class-Timid Emily, Tough Girl Jun and Clumsy Kei. Their teacher, Mr Issac suggested the girls to catch four magically created butterflies by the end of the day and Mirai and Riko were paired together.

The other three girls managed to get three of the butterflies while Riko is anxious that Mirai decided to search for clues at the library and she went on her own. Mirai found out about that the butterflies are attracted to flowers but she was distracted by a mysterious presence from the Forest of Knowledge. However she got lost inside and is now being chased by the new general of the Dark Magician-Gamets...

No 2: Don't look, Feel!

Riko found Mirai at the Forest of Knowledge and Mirai saw something glowing in one of the shelf. They found it to be a special book and it transported them to the top of the forest where everywhere is filled with clouds.

The girls transformed to battle Gamets and his Shark Yokubal and they couldn't hit him since the Yokubal is moving under the clouds. But Cure Miracle told Cure Magical to feel it presence rather than using their eyes which it worked and they defeated the Shark Yokubal leaving Gamets out in the open and got soaked wet by a passing rain cloud...

No 1: There is a baby fairy in the book!

After the battle, the girls saw the book was glowing and it created a flower which the last butterfly landed. But the flower formed into a little baby fairy which the girls were left speechless...

So our first magic lesson is catching butterflies? What is that got to do with magic? I don't know other than doing a homage from Harry Potter trying to catch the Golden Snitch. Although we do know that there are 11 jewels the girls has to find the Linkle Emerald from the headmaster's explanation.

The three new classmates didn't give me the sense they are Precure material but I could be wrong like how Ako started off as a bratty kid but turned out to be Cure Muse. Emily keep screaming for everything that pop out in front of her, Jun is the tough girl who should be a fighter not a magician and Kei is the clumsy girl that keep apologising to everyone. Seeing that the next episode, these three girls still tagged along with our two Precures, let's hope we can see what things they can provide if they want to be Precure or good supporting materials.

We finally get to see the last general (for now) Gamets who is a giant turtle and he is voiced by Nakata Jouji. (Giroro of Sgt Frog and Kirei of Fate Stay Night Series) He did a good job playing although I am used to him playing psychopath characters but playing as power crazed giant talking turtle is close enough.

Of course, the baby fairy the girls found which she is officially called Ha-chan will played an important role since she keep changing her appearance in the opening credits. Hayami Saori is voicing her which I am a bit disappointed since we won't get to hear her normal voice until Ha-Chan become older later in the series.

Overall, the fight scene is pretty straight with Cure Miracle used her instincts to track the Shark Yokubal. But the real test will be next episode since the girls are having their lessons in the snow and Mirai and Riko had an argument. I gave it a C for this episode and until then, see you next week for the next review!

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