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Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 3 Top 4 Moments and Review: Blazing Ruby Power!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 3! Today Mirai and Riko are going shopping at the Magical Shopping District!

No 4: Welcome to the Magical Shopping District!

The two girls and Mofurun arrived at the Magical Shopping District not before Mirai gave a call to her grandmother through a Magic Crystal Ball. She explained to her grandmother about what is going on and how she is going to be a student in the Magic Academy. Her grandmother took it well and she will explain the matter to her parents. (WTF?)

When the girls arrived at the main square, Mirai and Riko saw a cat statue holding a lamp which Riko claimed it is the town's symbol. An old man (his name is Fook, seriously?) explained that there is a legend of how darkness once fell into the city which caused despair however a ray of light that resemble a flame appeared and drove the darkness away.

Before Fook could tell more, Riko dragged Mirai away as Fook is getting long winded about it. Although Mofurun smell something nice but Mirai dismissed it as Cotton candy...

No 3: A new uniform and a new broomstick!

The girls' first stop is at the clothing store where the shop owner (who could be a distant relative of Bauanne from last season) was excited to make Mirai a new uniform. After finishing making her uniform, the shop owner make a small bag for Mofurun to sit in.

Next was the broomstick where the shop owner choose a beginner's broomstick for Mirai and even told Riko to place her broomstick in the shop for repair since it was slightly damaged.

As the two girls explored further and even bought a well done frozen orange, Riko finally explained to Mirai that one night, she overheard a conversation between the headmaster and his Magic Crystal Ball which explained that Darkness will fall if they could not find the Linkle Emerald in time. This make Riko more determined to prove that she can be useful and went to Earth to find the Linkle Emerald.

No 2: Meet Spalda, the Second general of the Dark Magician Group.

As the girls were talking, a spider web pull Mirai's necklace away and it was Spalda! She want to prove that she can beat the girls after Batty's failure and create a Yokubal out of a rock and an orange.

The girls can't transform without Mirai's necklace and they started running for their lives! They were trapped at the main square since Spalda has created a web around the square. Riko saw the destruction caused by the Yokubal and it sparked memories of her loving the town people, it triggered her emotions to react with the cat statue and Mofurun told them there is something nice coming out from the statue.

True enough, the statue fired a beam at Mofurun and it created the Linkle Ruby!

No 1: Blazing Fire! Linkle Ruby Form!

With the Linkle Ruby, the two girls transformed into Ruby Form and was able to get back Mirai's necklace from Spalda. The Yokubal tried to squash them but the two girls was able to overcome it's strength and weaken it.

They then activated their new power-Ruby Passionate and defeated the Yokubal. The town people watch in amaze and Fook suggested they could be the Legendary Precures! However the two girls quickly fled the scene and soon after, returned to the broomstick shop.

The shop owner has finished with their broomsticks and even placed a ribbon on both of their broomsticks. He commented that this is the first time Riko brought a friend along which she accepted it modestly with Mirai...

An all right episode since it is to introduce the side characters at the town and their new Ruby Form which I am really like the costumes despite having a Christmas feel to it. First, Mirai telling her grandmother that she is going to be a student at the Magic Academy was kinda of subtle which I am still suspecting grandmother know more than we know.

Even the headmaster didn't mention anything when he looked at Mirai's grandmother but it could be a misdirection. But grandmother claimed she will tell the news to Mirai's parents was really scratching the heads of the audience. Do you think Mirai's parents will take the news seriously? They might think grandmother is losing her mind and started calling the police to search for their missing daughter? Didn't anyone think it is pretty dumb?

Next was the town people which it is expected since we have the fashion shop owner who couldn't decide what gender he or she belong to, the tough but friendly broomstick maker with a heart of gold and the local old man who keep blaring stories of the past.

As for the headmaster and head teacher's scene, it is clear that the head teacher objected the idea of having Mirai to be enrolled to the academy claiming it is ridiculous but since the head teacher did not witness Mirai becoming a Precure, hopefully she might have a change of heart if that happened. Otherwise, she could be a really annoying character in the series.

Although I am surprised that the Magic Crystal ball is voiced by Arai Satomi (who is famous for Kuroko of a Certain Scientific Railgun) but more interesting that Kobayashi Yui (which I always enjoyed her performances especially if she played crazed or broken characters) is voicing Spalda which showed that this season is willing to get good Seiyuu like last season.

The Ruby Form was nice since their powers is able to melt the Yokubal's frozen body but I was expecting a bit more like a change of fighting style like how Diamond is the default form or maybe Ruby is more offensive or power type otherwise it is kinda of pointless if they keep throwing new forms for the sake of selling more toys.

Overall, I gave this episode a B plus because of a new form. But I am intrigued with the next episode since we finally get to see some students in the girls' class. If they become potential Precure material or great supporting characters, it will be a plus point. Other than that, there is really not much to say about this episode. Until then, see you next week!

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