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Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 5 Top 3 Moments and Review: A Very Cold Treatment!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 5! The Remedial class goes to the Ice Island for a Lesson today!

No 3: The girls goes to the Ice Island to heat up a Kettle?

Mr Issac brought the girls to the Ice Island and told them to heat up a kettle with their magic but the environment was so cold that the girls were unable to focus their magic. Mirai then suggested to warm themselves using each other's body heat (I believed this is some old grandmother's method on keeping one warm. Someone correct me if I am wrong)

Jun, Kei and Emily joined with Mirai to make themselves warm however Riko refused to believe it and tried her best to heat up the kettle herself. Instead, the other four girls were able to heat up the kettle to Riko's surprise. Mr Issac gave them a pass grading and even Riko herself got a pass due to her determination however she misunderstood Mirai's intention and walked out on them...

No 2: An Argument in the Storm.

Riko claimed that she is jealous of how Mirai was able to use her magic the first time and tried to walk away from her but Mofurun who want to mend their relationship tried his best to get them to talk to each other.

When they saw an ice dragon flying in the sky, Riko knew it is a sign of a snow storm coming and the two girls took shelter in a small cave. Mirai saw Riko's hands were suffering from frostbite and Mirai apologise to Riko for not being more concerned of Riko's feelings. The two make up by doing the body heat song again and after the storm ended, a new Linkle stone fell from the sky...

No 1: Ha-Chan, the Linkle Smart Book and Aquamarine.

At the beginning of the episode, the girls brought the Linkle Smart Book and Ha-Chan to the Headmaster which for some weird reason, he overreacted to their discoveries twice and woke up Ha-Chan. Even his Magic Crystal Ball told him to calm down about his reactions which I am guessing he doesn't take surprises very well.


The Linkle Smart Book which the headmaster called it reacted to the girls' diamonds and it even created a small milk bottle for Ha-Chan to drink. (Our new toy, kids!) Later after the battle with Batty and the Yokubal, the girls found the Linkle Aquamarine and they placed it in the Smart Book. It created a bowl of soup (Look like Mocca) which Ha-Chan enjoyed it. The girls also gave Ha-Chan her name since she keep on saying "Ha-Chan"

What I think of this episode? I can said that Mirai is a girl who followed her instincts and Riko is more logical and a bit of stubborn head. The kettle scene clearly showed that Mirai will think out of the box to solve the problem and it did worked. Riko who didn't believe her method, tried her best but failed in the end. Not only that, the other three girls actually praised Mirai for her help which got Riko jealous of Mirai's success.

Next of course was their argument which I am glad to see Morfuru was trying his best to mend their relationship but eventually it took a snowstorm and frostbites to make both girls realise they are in the wrong. Mirai didn't consider Riko's feelings since it is her first time using magic and Riko still have trust issues with Mirai. But when the Yokubal swung Mirai to the ground, Riko called out her name (she has been calling her Mirai-san all these while)

After the battle, Mirai teased Riko for calling out her name and Riko allowed Mirai to call her by her first name and they finally make up. Ha-Chan was adorable in her scenes. (I can imagine Hayami Saori in the recording studio making all the baby voices) Like previous Precure items, the jewels aid her and seeing that Ha-Chan grew a bit after Mirai fed her with the soup, I am guessing it will be pretty soon before we knew who Ha-Chan really is.

Other minor moments in the episode was Dokuroxy showing how fearful he is since without saying a word, both Batty and Yamoh trembled at his feet when Dokuroxy displayed a bit of his anger in the throne. The battle was nothing special since the girls goes straight to Ruby Form at the beginning and without a doubt, Ruby is the Power Type for this season.

Hot Sister Alert!!!

Next episode, the girls got a new teacher (Finally! Mr Issac was really boring for me!)and it happened to be Riko's elder sister! But it seems that Riko and her elder sister has some sibling rivaly going on. Until then, find out more next week!

P.S: I didn't watch the whole trailer of the upcoming All Stars movie but this scene of some of the captured Precures' faces was priceless! Cure Diamond, Fortune and Beat had a worried face, Cure Marina was hilarious but why Cure Heart had a happy face? (But then Mana always looked like she is on drugs most of the time with her crazy character)

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