Sunday, February 14, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 2 Top 6 Moments and Review: Welcome to the World of Magic!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 2! Let's see what happened when Mirai follow Riko to the World of Magic!

No 6: All aboard the Magic Train!

The two girls and Mofurun boarded the Magic Train to the Magic Academy (The train is ran by a giant Snail?! Did Theo the Snail from Turbo grew up and became a Train Driver?) Riko was wondering how is Mofurun able to communicate with them and Mofurun himself claimed he knew how to talk the moment he was given to Mirai as a child. (Big Mystery here!)

It taste like an Orange but it is a rock!?

Mirai tried to ask more about their new powers however Riko was out of ideas although she is wondering if she could her new powers during her lessons. A trolley came by and Riko bought a frozen orange for Mirai. Riko used a spell to heat up the orange however it didn't melt fully and the orange taste hard, much to Riko's disappointment.

No 5: Riko, you are Expelled!

They finally arrived at the Magic Academy and Mirai admired Riko's magic wand that she was using. However Riko's head teacher came and reprimanded her. She told Riko that she is going to expel her as she went to Earth without permission, using her magic on Earth and even brought an outsider (Mirai) to the Academy.

As the head teacher went to find the headmaster, Riko finally admitted to Mirai that she is very bad in magic and was hoping to use the Linkle Emerald (It sound nicer without the word "stone" in it) to make her a better magic user and to be admired by her peers and teachers.

But Mofurun told her that it was the Linkle Diamond that granted her wish and she is destined to work with Mirai to find the rest of the stones. Mirai decided to help her plead with the headmaster and went looking for him with Mofurun.

No 4: Meet the Leader of the Dark Magician, Dokuroxy and Yamoh, Second in command.

Batty decided to report to Dokuroxy about the Maho Tsukai Precures but Yamoh claimed he is making excuses for his failure. Batty decided to prove his point by finding the girls although Yamoh is intrigued by the Precures...

No 3: Mirai meet a Mysterious man under a Magic Tree.

Mirai was wandering around the Academy (It is Spring break so there were no other students around) and she was amazed by a large tree that was giving a good vibe. A man approached her and he explained that this Magic Tree produce magic wands off it's branches and the wands are given to worthy people. However the Tree has not doing well recently for unknown reasons.

Suddenly the Magic Tree sprout out a new Magic wand to Mirai which surprised both her and the Mysterious man. However Batty and the Yokubal has arrived to attack the Academy...

No 2: Our New Power-Linkle Sticks!

Riko's head butt attack! It is Super Effective!!!

Mirai saw Batty and the Yokubal are destroying the Academy and Riko crashed head first onto Batty (She claimed it was her plan to do that even though that wasn't the case) and Mirai thanked her for coming to her aid.

Their necklace shine again and they quickly transformed. They started battling however the Yokubal started firing projectiles to destroy the buildings and Cure Miracle quickly hit one away before it got too close to a building.

Cure Magical came to her aid and both of them were determined to take down the Yokubal. Suddenly the Magic Tree shine again and it fired a beam to Mofurun and it reflected at the girls' magic wands. The mysterious man saw what has happened and realised that the Magic Tree has changed their wands into the legendary items-The Linkle Sticks.

This is a cool pose by Cure Miracle!

So Precure create the Big Bang!?

With the Linkle Sticks, the girls used it to defeat the Yokubal with Diamond Eternal. (Which is one of the coolest base attacks I ever seen as they send the Yokubal to space and blow it like the Big Bang!)

No 1: Wait! You are the Headmaster?!

The Mysterious man appeared in front of the girls which Riko recognise him as the Headmaster. The Headmaster reveal his real appearance and claimed he know what the girls are facing now. He told both of them that they will to continue their studies at the Magic Academy. Mirai thought for a second and realised she is being enrolled into the Magic Academy at this moment...

Compared to the first episode last week, this was a step up in the right direction. I am pretty intrigued of the Magic World although it was a giant snail that is pulling the train which doesn't make sense anyway. The Magic Academy looked pretty subtle but maybe because there were no students around the school and I hope we get some interesting students character like Princess Precure.

But I got a feeling since it is a magic school, expect the usual goody two shoes, snobbish and queer students in Mirai and Riko's class. Hopefully one of them could play the role of supporting character in aiding the two girls like Nanase Yui.

I find that Riko's reason of finding the Linkle Emerald is kinda of selfish since it was because she wanted to use the Emerald's power to improve her magic and to be the admiration of her peers and teachers. But since the necklace resonated with Mirai's, it seems that there is more than just getting self admiration for Riko's case.

Although I am still wondering who gave the necklaces to the two girls in the first place. I hope for Riko, it was someone close to her so that she has an another reason to find the Linkle Emerald. (A long lost Onee san or Parents? Anyone want to try guessing who gave Riko her necklace?)

The Headmaster's appearance is expected for someone who like to roam around the school in a disguise. He acted all calm and observed what Mirai is doing and true enough, the Magic Tree actually grant her a magic wand which he is suspecting that Mirai might hold some un fore-told strength within her.

Although we didn't see clearly how Dokuroxy looked like but based on the name and the lair, it is clearly that Dokuroxy is a punt for Dokuro which mean Skull in Japanese. (Remember the headmaster from Soul Eater or Haqua's boss from the World God Only Knows)

But Yamoh who is No. 2 in the group seems suspicious and ten bucks tell me that he is the Bel of the series who act like a fool in front of everyone but is really scheming against everyone.

The Linkle Sticks looked nice and their combination attack-Diamond Eternal was pretty awesome since it trapped the Yokubal in a big Diamond and send it to space to be blow up like a giant firework show! Although I am worried that every episode is a toy commercial since we are getting the Linkle Ruby in the next episode which I hope that this is not the case for this season.

Overall, I gave this an A minus! A great improvement from the first episode and Mirai being enrolled into the Magic Academy, it is on to the Magical Shopping Centre to get her stuff for school! Is Mirai really to accept her role as a student of the Magic Academy? Until then, see you next week to find out!


  1. About every episode is a toy commercial stuff, I wouldn't be too worry about it, after all Kamen Rider Gaim is almost the same thing, with each episode we get introduced with new Lock Seeds, but the story ended up really good.

    I am not worried that they make this anime into a very obvious toy commercial, but I am worried about how they will use said toys for story telling. So far it is pretty good, but we will see how they will handle the multiple form changes, and judging by the preview plus the info we are given, I think this series is in good hands.

    Also, I am calling it now, Yamoh is the Gooyan in this series.

  2. They've been using Precure as toy commercials since the franchise started 12 years ago, and things have still mostly turned out ok. It only bothers me when the "magical weapons" they use are too blatantly made of cheap plastic.