Monday, January 18, 2016

Go Princess Precure Ep 48 Top 4 Moments and Review: The Light in your Heart

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 48 and Dyspear have arrived on Earth!

No 4: The girls transformed in front of everyone!

Everyone in school were shocked of Dyspear's appearance and she turned the academy building into her new fortress. The girls returned from Hope Kingdom and saw what has happened. When they were about to go and face Dyspear, Yuki and the other schoolmates wanted to know why the four girls need to face it.

But Haruka didn't say a word and took the lead with the other three girls. They transformed in front of everyone (leaving them all speechless) and took off. They were even shocked that Kanata was following them together with a talking Puff and Aroma. Yuki spotted Yui was not surprised at all, demanded answers from her and she told everyone about the Princess Precure.

No 3: The Girls vs a Mind Controlled Lock!

As Kanata and Shamour hold off Stop and Freeze, the girls faced off Lock who is now being controlled by Dyspear. The girls recalled how Lock once planned to overthrow Dyspear and was defeated. However Dyspear has placed a spell to turn Lock into a mindless creature.

As the battle rages on, Close trapped everyone in school into Despair cages and giving more energy to Lock. Lock managed to overwhelm the girls and even destroying their Princess Rods in the process.

No 2: Remember your Dream!

Yui and the other students were trapped in their cages but the light energy that was coming out from the destroyed Princess Rods awaken Yui up and she broke free of the cages with will power. Puff, Aroma and Kuroro who came back, saw what has happened. Yui knew the girls are in danger, tried to wake everyone up from their cages. The mascots also help out and in the process, managed to get everyone to overcome their despair.

With the people freed, Lock became weaker and the girls used Princess Palace to defeat Lock, turning him back into a small creature.

No 1: Shut decided to stand up and be a Man!

This is probably my favourite moment of the episode as Shut who was at the outskirts of the school saw Dyspear's arrival. He sneaked around and observed the girls battling Lock. When Lock is weakened, Close tried to blast the girls but Shut arrived to destroy the blast.

He then delivered the most awesome punch onto Close's face and told Lock that everyone can make amends and change, no matter they are humans, mascots and creatures of Despair. Although Close cheap shot him in the face and retreated but that gave the girls more determined to face off Dyspear in the final confrontation...

What an awesome start to the beginning of the end! We all knew that Dyspear has plans to take over Earth and the girls transforming in front of everyone was just the start of an epic final battle. Of course, the students were speechless by their transformation and Puff and Aroma was talking along the way. (You got to love Ranko and Reiko's priceless reactions)

Dyspear might have knew about Lock's ambitions of taking over and since she still has his body, she turned Lock into a mindless creature which showed how ruthless she can be if someone oppose against her.

Then of course, Yui and the other students got trapped into Despair cages (Seriously, Yui is probably holding the record of being trapped by villains magic spell in the series) But since this is her fourth time she got captured, she was able to resist the spell (Thanks to left over pixie dust from the broken Princess Rods) and broke free the cage with her bare hands.

Shut finally changing sides was awesome as he delivered not just a punch onto Close's face and one of the best lines in the series-No matter who or what, even if you are a human, a mascot or even a member of Dyspear, you can change and do the right thing. Overall, this episode was an A for me!

So we finally begin the countdown to the last two episodes as the girls face Dyspear for the fate of the Earth. Can our girls overcome Dyspear who has become a giant after absorbing enough Despair energies? However the girls were defeated by the sheer power of Dyspear! There is one last glimpse of hope left which gave the girls one final miracle-The Grand Princess Form! Find out next week to see the second to last episode in this awesome series! Until then, Gokigenyou!

P.S: I am aware of the second Mahou Tsukai Precure trailer but it is similar to the previous trailer with this time, Mirai is interacting with Riko as they walked down the street together. I will wait if there is more stuff in the third trailer to give my thoughts about it.

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  1. This episode blew my mind!! Such an intense setup for the real final battle!! By the way, I often wonder why the Precures chose to reveal their true identities at a season's end instead of doing so from the start, but whatever, this season's "revealing identity" setup was the BEST of all Precure seasons!! Starting with Kanata & Shamour VS Stop & Freeze, the fights were goddamn epic!! Who would've thought that shady Lock coat would actually pulverize the Precures real good (and in the end still got pulverized of cuz), but hell yeah for Shut, you're truly a man for smacking Close like that!! All hail Yui, she officially eclipsed Seiji as my No.1 favourite Precure supporting character now, after being trapped by the villain(s) for so many times she finally broke out of the entanglement by herself this time and even served as the catalyst to free the others, you go girl!! Oh, and credits to Yuki-kun too for FINALLY figuring out Haruka's Precure identity, so what's your verdict for this "Princess" ready for a real blossom?

    Next week, the final battle is finally on to finish off Dyspear for real and not merely sealing her away like the former Princess Precures did (they even went through all trouble to create the perfume for Scarlet's eventual "birth") and THE NEW GENERATION OF GRAND PRINCESSES ARE BORN AT LAST!!! Ganbate minna-san & gokigenyou all!!!

    Verdict: 100/100