Monday, January 25, 2016

Go Princess Precure Ep 49 Top 3 Moments and Review: Forever Princess Part 1

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 49 and the final battle with Dyspear begins!

No 3: Dyspear revealed her true form and started consuming the Earth into Despair!

Dyspear told Close that she is ready to battle and Close, Stop and Freeze willingly merge with her and she became a huge version of herself revealing her face. She proceeded to trap everyone on Earth(Except those in the school) into Despair cages.

The girls tried their best to stop her but their combined powers are futlie against her. Dyspear started preaching that she is Despair incarnate since all dreams ended in darkness and the darkness created her in the Hope Kingdom.

No 2: The Power of Friendship and Miracles!

As the girls de-powered and watched the people of Earth getting sucked into the door of Despair, Dyspear tried to capture Yui and the others but Kanata, Puff and Aroma tried their best to protect them. Yui told everyone not to gave up hope which everyone followed suit and protected the girls.

Suddenly a special key appeared from everyone body which Kanata suggested it could be from the pixie dust of the Princess Rod that entered everyone earlier. The keys restore the girls's health and new strength.

The Princess Perfume bottles also created four doors and a path for the girls to get to. As everyone including a restored Kuroro and Shut helped to fend off the darkness from Dyspear, the girls transformed in real time and finally entered the doors...

No 1: Behold! Grand Princess Form!

The girls used their keys to open the doors and the keys from Yui and the others were send to the girls granting them Grand Princess Form. Dyspear tried to stop them but the girls with their new powers and the combined of all the Princess Keys, it created the Grand Princess Key!

The girls used their final attack-Grand Liberation (Which is basically one big key of light, Kingdom Hearts, anyone?) and went through Dyspear, defeating her once and for all.

Everyone was rescued and the Earth was restored...

What a great episode for a final battle! It started with Dyspear has claim her victory over the girls and she started revealing what she was. Although it sound corny that Dyspear was created by humans' darkness (Lazy writing and I will reserve my final thoughts on the villains after the final episode) but the final push from Yui and everyone was really touching since the girls didn't fight the battle alone.

Despite how funny that the writers think letting the girls doing a version of Temple Run (or similar Running App games), it was nice that everyone help out including Shut and Kuroro who the latter became a cute little boy. (I am pretty sure some fans are doing fanarts of him right now)

Finally we have Grand Princess Form which is what the girls have been aiming for all these times! The outfits looked more like an outfit for a Queen rather than a Princess but then what happened when a Princess take over a throne? She become a Queen! Equipped with staff and the power of Friendship (and Merchandising) created the Grand Princess Key. I always suspect that why Dyspear has a large key hole on her chest and sure enough, it is a big target for the Grand Liberation Key to open or rather pierce through her keyhole. (Man, are the writers are fans of Kingdom Hearts to come up such a scenario?)

Overall, I gave this episode an A! It started with fear and despair in the beginning but came back with full glorious colors of the Grand Princess at the end. The Earth and Hope Kingdom is finally freed from Dyspear and as the girls prepare to head for their different paths in life, an evil dark figure seek Haruka for one final battle! (Get ready for the True Ending next week!) Until then, see you in the finale next week! Gokigenyou!


  1. I wonder what will happen between Haruka and Kanata in the last episode.

  2. Well, finally we have a final group transformation, not only one, and thats good.

  3. Umm I must say how mediocre that finishing move- Grand Liberation is to easily vanquish Dyspear by "unlocking" her heart, but one good thing is for once ALL Precures of the series finally got the final power-up (Grand Princess here), unlike the two horrid Doki Doki & Happiness Charge where two shit protagonists (Mana & Megumi) received their final buff-ups while the rest were spectators!

    Not gonna comment long on this one but, friggin' CLOSE just won't give up huh?! Everyone will go their seperate ways, but... dat ending of Haruka & Kanata like back in episode 1 where they first met, sweet I'm eager to wait the closure of their own drama! Until then, gokigenyou all!