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Go Princess Precure Ep 47 Top 4 Moments and Review: My Dream will Never End! (My thoughts on Maho Tsukai Precure and All Stars Movie trailer too!)

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 47 as we begin the countdown to the last four episodes!

No 4: My wish came true!? I am a Real Princess!?

For some strange reasons, the Flower Castle in the Hope Kingdom is not covered by the Forest of Despair however the surroundings has not changed yet. The girls and Kanata arrived to investigate but Haruka spotted a blue bird calling out to her like the blue bird in her Flower Princess story and was sucked into the castle, trapping her.

When Haruka woke up, she was in the same outfit as the Flower Princess and the blue bird brought her to see the Prince in her story. Haruka accepted everything and started to live the life as a princess. But something is not right...

No 3: Nothing beat the Original!

Haruka was asked by the Prince to plant some flower seeds and the seeds immediately bloom into flowers which Haruka felt something odd. She remembered the flowers that were outside her dorm before they left which she took care of it.

Haruka then explained by taking care and giving love to something, it will be beautiful no matter what it faced. Having flowers that bloomed immediately will never be beautiful as the real thing. The blue bird revealed to be Close in disguise and claimed Dyspear created this world for her since she wanted Haruka out of the way.

But Haruka refused to accept such a world and immediately transform and escape from the castle. At the same time, the other girls were trapped by a Butterfly Zetsuborg but Cure Flora freed them and they started battling.

No 2: To be Strong, Graceful and Beautiful Forever!

Close tried to taunt Cure Flora into believing that after even if she manage to be Grand Princess, her dream will end and she will find no meaning to her life anymore. But Cure Flora did not give in to his taunts and claimed her dream will never end and she will learn to be Strong, Graceful and Beautiful forever in her life.

Cure Flora then used her new Sakura Dress up Key on the Princess Palace calling out Sakura Trobillion to weaken the Butterfly Zetsuborg and the girls finished it quickly. After that, Cure Flora freed the Flower Castle and the Hope Kingdom is restored and Dyspear's castle disappeared...

No 1: You can have Hope Kingdom! Earth is my Prize now!

As the girls are planning to free the natives of Hope Kingdom, Dyspear spoke to them and claimed she is not interested in Hope Kingdom and disappeared. Cure Flora then realised that Dyspear's plan is to turn Earth into another Forest of Despair and Dyspear appeared hovering at their school...

I will try my best to explain this episode since my Japanese isn't that good. The short version is Dyspear knew Haruka's dream of being a Princess and tried to give her a world where everything is within her whims like a real Princess should.

However in the beginning of the episode, Haruka make the perfect tea for everyone and it is due to her hard work in making it. The flowers outside the dorm (not sure of the name) still stood strong despite the winter cold and the flower name mean "Hope". So when Dyspear trapped her in the fake world, Haruka realised something amiss especially when she offered to make tea for everyone but was stopped by the prince and the blue bird as they want Haruka to be a Princess and nothing more which seriously that what most generic Princess does.

When she realised that it was fake with the instant flowers, this is where she know that by taking care and giving love to something, it is worth it and will forever be beautiful. Close tried to use reverse psychology to weaken Cure Flora however she is still angry of what happened just now, she isn't taken aback and came back with a speech that showed how much she matured till now.

Like the previous episodes when she lost her will after Kanata's words, Haruka know that only hard work and determination will make her wish come true as a Princess. But it doesn't mean that she can relax and take it easy. In life, things will forever change and Haruka will need to keep up and learn not just being a Princess but to be strong, graceful and beautiful forever in life. Overall, a great episode for Haruka and an A she is granted like Miss Shamour said!

The Sakura Trobillion's visuals looked nice with all the Sakura petals flying across the screen and the last castle is freed by Cure Flora. But now Dyspear has decided to take Earth as her prize and is hovering outside the girl's school. What is Dyspear's plan on Earth and the girls are forced to transform in front of everyone in order to stop Dyspear!? Join us next week as we begin the final battle against Dyspear and her Zetsuborgs! Until then, Gokigenyou!

Maho Tsukai Precure and All Stars Trailer Thoughts:

When I first heard that the next Precure show is called Maho Tsukai Precure, my thoughts came up with the opening speech of Mahou Sentai Majiranger Opening about Magic, Adventures and Courage which sum up Maho Tsukai Precure in a nutshell. (And every Precure series before that)

Seeing the trailer of the two main girls, Mirai and Riko transforming together with Mirai's stuffed toy bear, Mofurun acting as a catalyst goes back to how Max Heart/Splash Star needed the two girls to become Precures which can be a good and bad thing.

Good is less time on individual transformation, bad is with Mofurun or one of the girls not around, they are screwed which Toei will defintely abuse this plot device a lot. The two girls also aged a bit older when they transform which is similar to Aguri when she become Cure Ace.

After finding out that the story will take place on a magical world rather than Earth is also different from other series but it also mean many things could be alien to us viewers but if they make it interesting, I am all in with this series. Plus I am so happy that Horie Yui is playing a lead Precure this time around which means all the main School Rumble cast are Precures!

If you don't know what I am talking about, Koshimizu Ami played Cure Melody and Tenma, Noto Mamiko as Cure Echo and Yakumo, Horie Eri as Cure Magic and Eri, Nabatame Hitomi as Cure Heart and Mikoto and Shimizu Kaori as Former Cure Twinkle and Akira.

I am make a guess that Maho Tsukai might have a higher rating because of Horie Yui since she has a large fanbase. The last time it happened was with Mizuki Nana/Cure Blossom and Kugimiya Rie/Cure Ace as their fan base is huge and was a boast on the ratings. Great Strategy, Toei!

(Do you think the K-On cast will get into the Precure act since only Kotobuki Minako is Cure Diamond? I know Hikasa Yoko is starting her marriage life and the other three girls are really busy especially Taketatsu Ayana and Sato Satomi)

Although this first trailer doesn't show anything else except their transformation scene, I hope Maho Tsukai will be as good as Go Princess since this season has been a good one so far.

The All Stars movie trailer is nothing spectaular since we already have our two movie villains, A witch and a horse man with the plot of stealing the Precures's tears? Looking from the trailer with Maho Tsukai interacting with the previous four teams make me think the rest of the teams are all dummies. (What do you expect? Toei already spent all the money on making those bags when you buy the tickets in advance and didn't spent on getting more Seiyuus to join the cast)

Until then, see you in the next review! Gokigenyou!

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