Sunday, December 6, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 43 Top 3 Moments and Review: The Brightest Star Part 2

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 43 as we find out how Kirara has been coping after last week's episode.

No 3: I am giving up my dream as a model.

Kirara has been proactive in her battles a Precure and after saving the latest victim by Stop and Freeze, Kirara acted like everything was fine. However Haruka being observant enough knew Kirara is being not herself even since saving Karin.

Sure enough, Kirara has not told anyone that she quit being a model for a while until Karin and her manager arrived at the dorms. But Kirara acted indifferent in front of them. Even the appearance of Bauanne did not change her mind. After Haruka and the others listened to Karin's thoughts on Kirara, Haruka came up with a Radical idea!

No 2: Welcome to the Dream Fashion Show!

With approval from Mochizuki and everyone in school, (Basically is everyone that the girls has encountered so far!) a makeshift fashion show was built secretly for Kirara. When Kirara received an invitation and arrived at the location, she was surprised by what they did-A Dream Fashion Show which Haruka led the opening act.

It is nice to see the supporting characters get their moments like Yuki being dragged on stage, Ranko trying to show off her vocals (and got dragged by the judo club!) and even Karin went on stage and showed off her best smile to Kirara.

It made Kirara recalled why she love modelling in the first even since her mother approved of her act. Kirara finally went on stage with a dress presented by Towa and the two mascots. She showed everyone that she is the best model they could even have!

After the performance, Bauanne came and congratulated Kirara for getting her "smile" back and announced something to her...
No 1: Paris, here I come! (After the series ended actually...)

The battle was expected as Dyspear figured out Kanata's plan to restore the Star Castle. She send a Dragon Zetsuborg to the human world and the girls began to battle. After a tough battle defeating the Zetsuborg, the Royal Dress Up Key reacted to Cure Twinkle and they were transported to Hope Kingdom again.

The girls arrived at the Star Castle and Kanata ordered Cure Twinkle to place all her keys to the Princess Palace. This restored the Star Castle to it's original form and Kirara broke the news to everyone.

Bauanne have offered Kirara a chance to appear in his fashion shop in Paris, France. The date will be after the school term which everyone was a bit upset however Kirara showed some confidence and ensure everyone that she will do her best to achieve her dream...

It was expected that Kirara reached a wall and wondered what she do in her life in the beginning of the episode. She acted all cool and tried to be pretend nothing has happened. But deep inside, she has a sense of regret of giving up her dreams and became very reckless especially during her battles.

But when the others discovered that Kirara has quit her modelling job, it is time for her friends to get her act and what better way than to do a fashion show to re-ignite Kirara's passion. It is very nice to see the supporting characters getting into the action which it has been a while seeing them onscreen.

With a chance to appear in a Paris Fashion show, Kirara took the offer and she will leave after the end of the school term. (In real time probably the finale of the series!) Although the others will upset that they can't be together but Kirara gave her smile and confidence that she will be the best model which I can't said much but good luck to her!

Other than that, Dyspear figured out that Kanata has been snooping around to find the remaining castles and restoring them which I am sure she or Close will plan something very nasty in the future.

Overall, an another A for this episode! Next is Minami and expected, she is not herself for a while after seeing that dolphin commercial two episodes ago. What could be troubling her? Will it affect her relationships with her friends and her dream? Until then, see you next week! Gokigenyou!


  1. Hands down, this is definitely one of the best episodes in the Go Princess Precure season especially when my dear Kirara is the primary spotlight! First, I am baffled by how Twinkle was able to finish the enhanced Zetsuborg with just using Twinkle Humming, but don't forget about Toei's marketing schemes along with plot armour issues! Then it shifts to Kirara's quitting from her model job and her stubbornness to change her mind about that, even with the doll girl Karin/Rin-Rin, Towa and the Precure Lagerfeld Bauanne all attempting to set her back to her path (but yes, Kirara's stubbornness along with her usual cheeky and savvy attitude is the reason why I loved her so much!), but of course the mood-swinger Haruka always had her "brilliant" plans to motivate others, this time coming up with the idea of a makeshift fashion show! Lots of characters (or should I said, students) starring the show including the likes of Yuki-kun and Ranko, man I almost forgot about this one-time "basher" of Kirara during the donuts event in episode 12!! Not to mention that Karin also joined the event! Kirara, with her modelling vibes tingled, finally walked on the stage and showcased the the pedigree of the true model representative of Noble Academy!! Now to the golden "No. 46 Dragluon" (a monster in Yugioh ZEXAL) Zetsuborg, Toei finally put on a true monstrous dragon to fight Twinkle and co. and of course got pulverized, and the second castle of Hope Kingdom's patron guardian (former Cure Twinkle) was finally liberated from Dysdark's grip! Kirara, oh how bittersweet for her to "reignite" her career in Paris (given how her career suffered a major setback in episode 42) even though doing so means abandoning her friends, but this time Toei allows the Cures to decide their future and not playing another Reika back in Smile Precure (crying and yelling that she's staying with Miyuki and co. by refusing to study in UK still drove me nuts until today!)

    Random Note 1: Funny that Kanata actually mentioned "Kirara" while the latter also mentioned Kanata because I thought the prince only knows the existence of Towa and Haruka XD

    Random Note 2: I really like the Galaxy Chorus attack, maybe given her "starry" motive she'll be fit enough to play a "Photon/Galaxy" deck like Kaito did in ZEXAL, it's really fitting!

    Random Note 3: Shame that we'll NEVER get a grip on Kirara's dad, or maybe she's from a divorced family background?

    With Kirara's issues over, it's Minami's turn to face her heart's mirror! To be a part of Kaido Group or to be a marine vet? To be revealed soon, until then, gokigenyou all!

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