Monday, November 30, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 42 Top 3 Moments and Review: The Brightest Star Part 1

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 42 as Kirara has to choose between her dream and her being a Precure.

No 3: A Chance to Shine on the International Stage!

Kirara was getting popular recently due to her modeling career but when her manager told her the news of her being offered a chance to participate in the Japan Collection overseas, she was filled with excitement and her friends congratulated her.

Not only that, Kirara got a junior colleague named Akehoshi Karin (Not sure of the spelling) as an assistant till she fly off. At the same time, Kanata who is still in the Hope Kingdom, discovered the Star Castle is shining...

No 2: Part time Precure, Full time Model!

You might think that Kirara held a press conference announcing her retirement or she is getting engaged?

Counting down the days to her international debut, Kirara has been balancing her modelling job and her role as a Precure. Even she rushed off after a battle which left the other girls surprised by her attitude. Later, Kirara and Karin (whom Kirara started calling her Rinrin) were having a large donut made by Karin when Kirara asked her why she want to be a model.

Karin explained that she used to be average in her looks and studies but when one day, she saw a model on a magazine cover and she was inspired to be one herself. Karin started to groom herself and finally got a post in the modelling agency. When Kirara teased her on what her dream was, she shyly replied that it is a secret.

No 1: Precure First, Modelling Second!

On the day of her departure, Stop and Freeze appeared and turned Karin into a Zetsuborg. Kirara saw what her dream was before she got turned and discovered Karin was inspired by her as she was the model on the magazine cover and her dream is to be on the same stage with Kirara.

Haruka, Minami and Towa transformed and ordered Kirara to head to the airport as they hold off the Zetsuborg. As the Zetsuborg was overwhelming them, Kirara turned back and told everyone she will protect everyone dream as it is her destiny as a Princess Precure!

Kirara transformed as the Zetsuborg tried to take them down but Cure Twinkle used her Ginga Key on the Princess Palace and activated Galaxy Chorus to weaken the Zetsuborg. After the others joined in and purified the Zetsuborg, Cure Twinkle held Karin in her arms as her flight flew off without her...

Later, Kirara was reprimanded by her manager for missing her flight but she remained unmoved. Even when the others switch off the television as Kirara arrived, (which was showing the Japan Collection show) she showed out her usual self to them however she was signing to herself as she watched the stars alone that night...

We have seen this scenario before-One member has an offer but has to give up being a hero. However the character will rather gave up the dream for the greater good. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few which is probably what Kirara is going through now.

Kirara showed a side we rarely see her. Her attitude on being a Precure. Remember how she first started off a Precure in the early episodes? She took it lightly and even gave Haruka back the Princess Perfume after her first battle. But realising the stakes that loved ones (like her mother) were always going to get caught in the crossfire, she became a more responsible person but still gave her all in her modelling career.

So when she turned around to help her friends, she gave a speech which make me change my views on her. She will rather gave up her dreams to help those in need as she won't be happy if the people around her will get hurt because of her personal desire. She will save everyone a thousand times over if she choose to give up her happiness because she is a Precure. (Once a Precure, Always a Precure)


Beside seeing the Star Castle is shinning brightly which will be focusing in next week's episode, we also saw Minami looking at a TV ad about dolphins which is foreshadowing her episodes in the upcoming weeks.

Overall, I gave this episode an A! I already expected Karin to see Kirara as an inspiration when she mentioned of a model in a magazine and Kirara has already treated her as a friend since it is her habit to give nicknames to people she loved. Other than that, not much to say about Karin.

He's back!

However we are not over yet for Kirara's arc as she announced that she is quitting as a model which shocked her friends. I know you have to fulfill your duties as Precure but you are taking a bit extreme, Kirara! You can always get back to your model career after the season finale! (Look at how the previous Precure team were doing well after saving the world!) So her friends decided to set up a fashion show in order to inspire Kirara again! What will be the end results? Find out in the next episode! Until then, Gokigenyou!


  1. I refrained myself from commenting about this episode, but I just couldn't hold on anymore, so I'll just make it short and simple: WHY KIRARA??? Such a massive opportunity of your model career approaching just to sweep it aside because of wanting to stick with your friends and to rescue that rookie doll girl, a starter model? It's going to haunt you real bad for dumping your dream like this, sweetie T_T And Kirara actually decided to quit her modelling career according to next episode's preview hurts me even more!! (The lesson of Reika abandoning her overseas study during the Smile Precure season reminds me how the Precures are meant to stick together, no matter how big or noble the dream is, but it sucks T_T)

  2. To be honest, I kind of want to see Rinrin replace Kirara as a Precure.

    Also, when the fight started I was hoping Yui would take Kirara's perfume and use it herself.