Sunday, December 13, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 44 Top 3 Moments and Review: Ocean Dreams Part 1

Happy Birthday, Towa!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 44. Christmas is around the corner but Minami is troubled over something. (Before we started, Happy Birthday, Towa! Her birthday is on 15 December)

No 3: What are you reading, Minami?

Minami has been having dreams of her swimming together with Tina the dolphin but somehow her family cruise ship seems to disturb her dream. Later Kirara spotted her at the library reading something but Minami quickly excuse herself. Of course, Kirara being curious found out that she is reading a book titled Ocean Doctor by Kitakaze Asuka.

You know, this is creepy in many ways...

Although Haruka also noticed Minami was not herself, she was unable to find out until Kirara barged into the student council room and dragged Minami out of the school, claiming there is an emergency. However it was just a ruse to get her out to the seaside where Kirara brought some snacks and hot drinks and even showed the book that Minami read in the library.

Minami was upset with Kirara for peeking into her privacy but Kirara sincerely offered her help which Minami finally gave in...

No 2: What should I do now?

Minami confessed to Kirara about her dream and how it is affecting her. Although Kirara was unable to help her but at least Minami was about to speak her thoughts. When Shut turned Zama Sensei into a Zetsuborg, the two girls transformed to battle.

But Cure Mermaid's strength was gone due to her emotions which the Zetsuborg focused it's attacks on her. When Cure Flora and Cure Scarlet joined in the fight and learned what has happened to Cure Mermaid, Cure Flora ensured her that it is okay to change and share your dreams with others. (That's the short explanation of the girls' words of encouragement to Cure Mermaid)

No 1: I want to be an Ocean Veterinarian!

This is an awesome shot of Cure Mermaid!

With encouragement from everyone, Cure Mermaid was able to get back her strength and used the Sango Key on the Princess Palace to activate Coral Mael Storm on the Zetsuborg. (Love the effect of the dolphins riding with Minami and punching at the Zetsuborg)

After defeating the Zetsuborg and saving Zama Sensei, Minami finally told the others that she want to be an Ocean Veterinarian as she was influenced by Asuka's job. The girls encouraged her to go for dreams and even suggested to contact Asuka. Minami admitted that she has been reading Asuka's blog and found out that she is currently in Florida, America.

With that, Minami begin her new dream to become an Ocean Veterinarian...

We are now at the first of the two parter for Minami. As expected, the advertisement of the ocean life and Asuka's influence had Minami thinking about what should she do in the future. The dream that she has been having was a sign of a cross road of where should she head to.

Remember how Minami claimed she wanted to work for her family company after graduating from school early in the season? She was very proud of her father and brother's contribution to the company that she believed she will do the same thing for her family.

However with Asuka's appearance and attitude, Minami started to question herself if she is destined to work for her family or should she go a different path? Especially since her childhood is based on Tina the dolphin and her love of the ocean.

A funny moment was with the strict teacher, Zama Sensei as Minami asked her why she became a teacher and her reply? It wasn't her first choice either as her dream kept changing during her schooling years. (From an idol in elementary, a policewoman in junior high and a manga artist in high school)

Even later, when the girls are fighting the Zetsuborg and Cure Mermaid lose her strength, (Which I felt it is kinda of weird that their strength come from the emotional state of mind) the other girls told her it is okay to change their dreams and they are willing to listen to her reason. I am thinking that Minami has a lot of pride in her which she keep bottling everything up since everyone looked up to her as the perfect student. (But perfect student also need help once a while)

I am loving Kirara who is a good friend and is not afraid to speak her mind to offer her help to anyone in distress. Although why Haruka didn't act sooner since she was the one who spotted Minami in distress in the first place is anyone's guess on the writing.

However Kanata has discovered the Ocean Palace at the end and in the next episode, Minami's family are coming to visit her during Christmas Eve. How will Minami break the news to her family and will they accept her dreams? Find out next week! Until then, Gokigenyou!


  1. I can't wait to see Minami restore the castle of water in the Hope Kingdom

  2. Once again, a Precure must decide the path she chooses (and not turning back like Aoki Reika), and it's good to see Minami struggle from her dilemma of either joining Kaido Group or be a marine vet. And again Kirara is outstanding for figuring out a plan to draw Minami away from student council's meeting and discuss her actual feelings about the career she longed to pursuit, well Kirara is definitely far more experienced than Haruka in seeing through one person's troubled heart because she too went through the same dilemma previously (episodes 42 & 43) and she ultimately hold onto her dream she cherished. For the battle, I must say that Coral Maelstorm has superior animation than both Scarlet Prominence and even my favourite one Galaxy Chorus! Glad to hear Minami confessing that she wants to be a marine vet instead of joining Kaido Group at the end! But, I'll still give Kirara A++ while MInami an A for this episode (and that's not because I'm biased towards my sparkling star)!

    But will things go smoothly? Next week, with Christmas looming, Wataru and Minami's parents will pay a visit to her and will they be stunned when Minami revealed her true direction of life? Everything will be just fine should they accept her decision with open arms, but think on the dark side, what if they refused to accept this and THREATEN Minami to focus solely on inheriting Kaido Group's businesses or they will cut off all form of financial aid to her and for the worst, severe their ties with her once and for all? Sorry for such twisted possibility that doesn't exist in a children's show but of course, only Minami can decide her own career! Gokigenyou all!