Sunday, November 22, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 41 Review: Canvas of Dream

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 41 and today Yui take the spotlight for this episode! (I will be doing something a bit different for this particular episode review instead of the usual top 3 moments)

Right in the beginning of the episode, Yui was inspired by the sight of the restored castle in Hope Kingdom from last week that she started to draw a similar picture when she got back home. Everyone was impressed and suggested that she draw something for the upcoming Art exhibition at the museum.

However Yui suffered an Artist's block and she couldn't find the perfect theme for her entry. Despite Haruka and the others giving moral support, she was at a loss until she met Mochizuki bringing some kids to do some drawing at the open field.

Yui saw a little girl's drawing and she is reminded by the little girl that drawing should be fun. Yui realised she is thinking too hard and had forgotten the simplicity of drawing. Of course, she got turned into a Zetsuborg by Stop and Freeze (Third time is a charm!) and we actually see what happened n a person's psyche after being turned into a Zetsuborg.

Yui is surrounded in total darkness and losing all hope but because she heard the Cures are trying to save her, she was able to resist enough for the Zetsuborg to stop moving and the Cures were able to purify the Zetsuborg.

After her rescue, Yui finally saw her inspiration and on the day on the exhibition, Mochizuki saw her work titled "Rainbow of Dream" and it was the Four Cures flying behind a rainbow...

Even since Yui make her appearance in the first episode, people wondered will she become a Precure like Haruka and the others or remain a supporting character. I personally think she fitted into the supporting character category. Don't get me wrong if she became a Precure, I get a feeling she will be sidelined very easily.

What am I thinking is Yui is made to be the everyday person who see a group of girls dressed up in Primary colors and beating up monsters on a daily basic. Most people will think of Precures as weirdos but Yui who loved fantasy was able to accept them and by knowing their secret identifies, she played a major role in supporting them on and off school hours.

Despite her being turned into a Zetsuborg three times already, Yui understand how the victims suffered each time they become a Zetsuborg. Remember how Lock tried to turn Yui into a Zetsuborg and she tried to fight it? She believe if your will and dream are strong, you can resist the change. Although it failed previously but in this episode, Yui was not consumed by the darkness completely and could even hear Cure Flora and the others calling out to her.

Her friends became her strength and she was able to resist the darkness. I love the scene when she saw an image of her four friends standing in front of her and knew what is her theme for the exhibition.

It doesn't matter whether you are a Precure or not. What matter most is the will and dream that you believe in. Yui has displayed every good traits in this episode and that is already a hero in my book. I did said before in one of my earliest review that if Yui did became an illustrator for books, I have a feeling she will write about the Princess Precures which it is looked like the case as Mochizuki has taken an interest in her work. Who want to bet that is what Yui will do to tell the story of the Princess Precures to children in the finale?

Some other moments of course is Kanata went back to Hope Kingdom to find more clues to restore the land and Mochizuki who finally saw Cure Flora and the others for the first time up close and actually to ask them to evacuate. But when she saw the girls' determination, she understood and even tried to call for help from the senior teaching staff. Of course, the battle was over when they arrived but Shirogane hinted to Mochizuki that they could be the rumored "Princess Heroines" in school and when she finally saw Yui's work, she had a warming smile on what is going on.

Overall, I gave this episode an A for a good Yui centric episode and how her friendship between Haruka and the others will never go away. (BFF!) Next episode, it is about Kirara and she finally got a chance for stardom in her modelling career but it will meant she has to give up being a Precure! Will she give it up for that one chance of stardom? Of course, she will stay as a Precure until the series finale! What? You think after hundreds of similar Precure episodes that we will get a plot twist? Until then, see you next week! Gokigenyou!


  1. I liked this review, was there any particular reason, u decided to do it this way rather than the top 3 way?

    Anyway, were getting closer and closer towards the finale. I believe for the next couple of episodes, itll be 1 character development and the next plot relevant. So out of each cures "2 parters" we should see a conclusion to their dream chasing and then the other episode we should see them restoring their respective castle and rainbow...atleast thats what Im thinking. Cant wait to hear Dyspears back story and everything about who she is and her motives

    1. I felt there wasn't enough top 3 or 4 moments in this episode but rather it is about of how Yui has set the baseline of how a good supporting character should be in a Precure series.

      She played the common person surrounded by all these amazing things and she doesn't freak out but rather choose to accept it and support Haruka and Co.

      Even since I started doing Precure reviews from Smile Precure onwards, the supporting cast were forgetable or unlikeable (I am looking at you, Blue!) Yui was a breath of fresh air for a series who usually focus more on their main cast than supporting cast. I hope for Toei keep it up that way when Mahou Girls Precure air next year.

      P.S: I do have my thoughts of the new series but I keep it till the official trailer and news from Toei is launched.

    2. It should be Mahou Tsukai Precure