Sunday, November 15, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 40 Top 3 Moments and Review: A Promise Under the Rainbow of Hope

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 40 as we begin the countdown of the final arc!

No 3: Password-Royal Majesty

Towa and Kanata had a lot of catching up to do. After Nishikido gave his blessing for Kanata to have one of his violins, Towa began to act all "Sister mode" and show off Kanata what she has been doing on Earth so far.

Suddenly, the Royal Dress Up Key glowed red and Towa used it on her Princess Perfume. Towa started mumbling the words-Royal Majesty and the next moment, everyone got transported to the Forest of Despair in the Hope Kingdom.

Everyone were shocked to see Dyspear's new castle and the forest has became more thicker than last time. Kuroro was so afraid of it that he ran away out of fear. As Minami and the others find Kuroro, Towa, Haruka and Kanata headed to Dyspear's castle.

No 2: A Ruler must think for his followers first.

As Towa headed to Dyspear's castle, she recalled how the Hope Kindgom looked up to the Rainbow of Hope as inspiration. On her birthday, Towa was feeling anxious but her parents, the King and Queen gave a speech of how a ruler have to remain strong and positive otherwise the followers will have doubt about him.

Later when Dyspear created a Zetsuborg to battle them, Kuroro appeared in front of Towa, crying. He remember how his friends were captured and he got turned into Lock. Cure Scarlet remember what her parents said and comfort Kuroro and promise she will save everyone.

This gave Cure Scarlet a chance to use her new power (Someone tell me what is her new power) on the Princess Palace to weaken the Zetsuborg. After dealing the finishing blow, a portion of the forest revealed a shrine and Cure Scarlet recalled it to be the place where she found the Dark Key/Scarlet Key.

No 1: A Promise under the Rainbow.

Cure Scarlet started playing her violin and Kanata joined in the duet. (They mentioned the siblings should do a duet early in the episode) Cure Scarlet hope their music could give hope to the people of Hope Kingdom and her parents who are still trapped. Suddenly her Dress Up keys reacted to her feelings.

She then placed her keys in the Princess Palace and the Shrine is finally restored and a portion of the forest disappeared. The Rainbow of Hope appeared in the sky and a portal is open back to Earth. Before they leave, Towa make a promise to restore the Hope Kingdom...

After last week's episode's epics, can this week's episode highlighting Towa compete? I would said it is on par since it is about Towa becoming a more mature person. Although in the beginning, Towa act all "Imouto" to Kanata but it is normal for her since she lose about 7 or 8 years of life and became a Messager of Despair for Dyspear.

Now finally reuniting with her own kin, Towa was pretty cute and everyone teased her. I am wondering if the Dress Up Keys are sentient as I am thinking that the Royal Dress Up Key is testing Towa to prove her worth in saving Hope Kingdom.

When they arrive, Kuroro suffered a trauma as he could not do nothing to save his friends on the day of the Invasion. Furthermore, he got turned into Lock by some kind of Toad creature which is the true form of Lock. But thanks to Cure Scarlet/Towa who also learn something about herself, she make a promise to Kuroro and herself to save the people.

Cure Scarlet with her new power was able to restore a quarter of the Hope Kingdom which I am guessing that everyone will get their own "Final" episode before the finale to restore the Kingdom.

Overall, I gave this episode an A! There were some cute moments by Towa that was kinda of unexpected but by the end, Towa has matured to become a better person. Next episode, we got a Yui episode and she is entering an Arts contest but things really never go her way with a Zetsuborg around. Until then, see you next week! Gokigenyou!


  1. Go Princess Precure never fails to produce emotionally-driven episodes, and with the season entering its final arc, I must admit that this episode made me broke into tears numerous times given how Hope Kingdom was covered by the Forest of Despair in a larger scale than ever and Towa's broken heart witnessing such horror after being safed herself. Back to Towa's past, she's a truly adorable princess, and watching her curtsying in front of her people was really bittersweet because the kingdom succumbed to Dyspear's grip afterwards T_T And about Kuroro, hmm so that strange hood brainwashed him into Lock, so does it mean that Close and Shut may be brainwashed Hope Kingdom fairies too? Whatever, it appears that Towa now has a clear motive to continue fighting on, to rescue her parents and liberate Hope Kingdom once and for all, go go Princess Hope Delight Towa!! Scarlet Prominence, meh, is just another buffed up standard attack, they still need Grand Printemps to defeat Dyspear's Zetsuborg! Now that the Temple of Fire has been activated, the rest of the job is up to Haruka, Minami and Kirara to finish it!

    Now to the Kanata-Towa part, it's cute to see Towa acting awkwardly like a "little sister" would be when handing around with her older brother!! But OMG WTF is wrong with Kanata's hair?! I thought it would remain much darker when he's in "civilian" form but they decided to maintain that horrid pinkish colour tongue :p The best (and most touching) moment is no doubt Kanata and Towa playing the duet they used to play frequently as children with an imaginary Hope Kingdom and their parents watching, it made me broke into tears everytime T_T

    Next week, the principal may be lending a hand to Yui, whose wish is to be a picture book author. A filler episode, but yes who doesn't like picture books, especially Yui's who always wanted to create a story based on Haruka and co. as Princess Precures? Good luck to Yui and gokigenyou all!

  2. She did not find the dark key there. She found the fourth princess perfume on the shrine. It was dyspear who gave her the scarlet key/dark key.