Sunday, November 8, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 39 Top 3 Moments and Review: The Dream of Despair Part 2

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 39 and what happen to Haruka lost after Kanata's words betrayed her dreams?

No 3: Rise of the Forest of Despair!

Minami and Kirara returned to find Haruka lose her will and learned from Yui that Close was the one responsible and Kanata's words caused Haruka to be in this state. As Haruka fell deeper into despair, the seeds of the Despair suddenly bloom and turned the whole city into a Forest of Despair!

Everyone in the city got turned into Zetsuborg and the remaining three girls went into battle. Along the way, they met Kanata who barely escaped from Stop and Freeze. Close appeared and "thank" Kanata for getting Haruka into despair and making the city into a Forest of Despair.

Kanata realised what he has done and tried to find Haruka as the three Precures hold the Zetsuborg at bay...

No 2: What is your reasons of becoming a Princess?

Why I can't transform? Maybe it ran out of batteries like the toy version?

Haruka tried to transform but the Princess Perfume did not respond to her. She tripped and started recalling her younger years. After getting the Princess Key from Kanata, she went back to her parents and told them about wanting to be a Princess. Her mother gave her a flower hairpin as a form of encouragement and even after wanting to go to Nobel Academy, her parents supported her all the way.

Haruka realised it was more than just a dream. It was meeting her friends and the encounters she had as a Student and as a Precure that her dream of being a Princess is always there. Kanata appeared and apologise to her and she forgave him, claiming that meeting everyone is what keep her going in achieving her dream.

The others girls were knocked to the ground by the Zetsuborg. But Haruka did not fall back and instead move forward. She gave a gift to Kanata and proceeded to transform to Cure Flora with a renewed hope!

Real Time Transformation! Just like how Recent Super Sentai Series does it and it is Awesome! Toei should do more of such transformations in Precure.

Cure Flora was fighting with incredible powers which got Close pissed off. He began battling her but thanks to her friends, Cure Flora was able to overwhelm him, Stop and Freeze.

No 1: Prince Kanata returned and the New Power-Dress Up Royal Form!

As always, Cure Twinkle is the most photogenic!

Kanata finally remember who he was and Haruka's gift became a new key-Royal Dress Up Key. They used it and became Dress Up Royal Form. With it, the girls used their new attack (I can't hear what they said, can someone tell me what is their new attack called?) on Close, Stop and Freeze.

Although Close, Stop and Freeze managed to escape before they were purified, the Forest of Despair was destroyed and everyone returned back to normal. Kanata explained during their last encounter, he used all his powers and lost his memories. It was because of Haruka, he discovered a new "Dream" and restored his memories. Everyone was glad that everything went well in the end...

Despite knowing the girls will get their new form in this episode, I actually like how Haruka overcame her despair and seeing some back story of why she is determined to become a Princess. Her family are probably one of the nicest despite taking a pinch of salt of how ridiculous that one can work hard to become a Princess. (Which is not a real occupation)

Haruka's mother gave her a flower hairpin which she wore it till now as a promise of becoming a Princess and the encouragement from her parents after she wanted to be enrolled into Nobel Academy was wonderful.

Her friends in school and the encounters she meet as a Student and as a Precure also shaped her in becoming a Princess was lovely. Kanata asking for forgiveness was kinda of redundant since Haruka was able to think logically and got back her marbles before that.

Cure Flora came back with much vigor was awesome as she took down waves of Zetsuborg by herself and even combine her two keys to take down Close. (That was ingenious!) Of course, the introduction of the Dress Up Royal Key changed everything and almost purified Close, Stop and Freeze.

Look like we will have one more big encounter with them before the finale and seeing Close went all psycho after his plan was ruined, he will definitely return with a vengeance. The song played during Cure Flora's battle is called Conditions of a Princess (Not sure the Japanese title) but it is a great song and I am looking forward to it in the 2nd Vocal album.

We have the Movie Characters for this Special Ending!

The Girls in Royal Form!

Overall, I gave this episode an A! Haruka has become one of my top three Pink Precures with her strong will and kind heart! (Can't believe her Seiyuu, Shimamura Yu was the same person who voiced Annie of Attack on Titan and you all know how Annie was in AOT!) But praise to Shimamura for making Haruka one of the best characters in the series!

Towa just went all Coco Puffs!

So what happen after Kanata regained his memories? The girls returned to the Hope Kingdom in an attempt to find Kanata and Towa's parents. However Dyspear is definitely not letting through without a fight! Until then, see you in the next episode! Gokigenyou!


  1. Grand Printemps (グランプランタン Guran Purantan)

    The word Printemps is French for "spring".

  2. Love this episode so much!! Two weeks of waiting is sure worth it! The Forest of Despair plan craved out by Dyspear and Close appeared to succeed when Haruka (of all people) succumbed to her own despair due to Kanata's unintended remarks of her not worthy to be a princess, but Haruka's flashback of her wanting to be a princess (including seeing her parents and a much younger Momoka) lifted her out of despair and her full confidence was restored when Kanata reconciled with her, well the man who did the damage redeemed himself too I guess! Close's obsession with Cure Flora sure knows no bounds as well, look at him attacking her crazily while brushing off other Princess Cures as direct threats, he's so determined to finish his archnemesis but in the end, Kanata the super saiyan prince (hair colour change LMAO) to the rescue (and regaining his memories too) after Flora's epic "resurrection" accompanied with the "Conditions of Being a Princess" vocal is really nice! Yet another power-up shown as Grand Printemps (and Close, Stop and Freeze barely escaping it), but I must say that it's animation is not as good as the previous Éclat Espoir, heck it's predictably dull even though the Cures' dresses are more feminine than ever...

    Next week, it appears that Towa and co. are venturing into the still occupied Hope Kingdom with Scarlet determined to finish her duel with Dyspear (though I doubt she can win this time because her debut back then was for her "promotion" and Dyspear being careless), but according to the preview did I saw the Hope Kingdom's royal couple a.k.a. Kanata and Towa's parents?? They haven't been mentioned for the whole season, not even through Miss Shamour!! Whatever, it funny to see Towa going fangirling about her onisama (and resumes her usually princess-ly persona) XD Anyway, congrats to Haruka for being the star this time and gokigenyou all!