Sunday, September 27, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 34 Top 3 Moments and Review: A Smile is a Woman's weapon!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 34 and today Haruka entered a beauty contest to gather a lead on Kanata.

No 3: The Chocolate Princess Contest!

After using the star fortune app on the Princess pad, the lead to find Kanata was the word "Chocolate". Kirara came back with some gifts from her job and it is happen to be an entry form for the upcoming Chocolate Princess Contest!

Haruka's picture is cute and funny!

Kirara suggested that Haruka entered the competition and she agreed to since this is the only lead to find Kanata. (Although personally, I rather think that Minami, Towa or even Kirara will make better entries but Haruka is the main lead so the responsibility is on her. But then the other three girls will probably win the contest hands down.)

No 2: Kirara's Special Beauty Contest Training!

Haruka was selected for the contest (Though the picture she send has doubts if the judges will really looking for) and Kirara began training her on how to parade in the runaway during the contest. Haruka managed to get through it but her make up skills was horrible that Kirara offered to do her make up on the actual day despite having a modeling job before that.

Does Kirara remind you of an 80s rock singer? (Cyndi Lauper anyone?)

Later, Haruka watched Kirara doing one of her modeling job and was amazed by her level of profession and improvise to make her job a success one. Kirara explained to her that sometimes her job can be unpredictable but keep calm and do what one can. Her advice to Haruka is to always smile no matter during the runaway.

No 1: Always Smile!

On the actual day of the contest, Kirara's job was delayed by rain while Haruka has problems with her dress and make up. Stop and Freeze appeared and turned Kirara's make up staff into a Zetsuborg. Kirara, Minami and Towa has to handle the Zetsuborg on their own as Haruka was worried of her performance.

Finally Haruka managed to improvise her dress and gave the best smile for the judges to see. After the contest, she arrived and together with the other three, defeated the Zetsuborg.

The prize giving person is the Chocolate Prince?!

Although Haruka didn't win the contest, she got a special prize from the judges which she too was surprised about it. After the contest, the girls wondered why the lead is "Chocolate" Haruka suddenly saw a familar figure on the street and realised it was Kanata but lose of him...

This episode felt some kinda of a filler except the last scene of finding Kanata walking in the streets. Like Minami's previous episode, it also show how much Kirara has developed from the first episode. From being unsociable to her peers due to her modelling job, Kirara has to thank Haruka and Minami for bringing her to the world of Precures.

It is a good thing since Kirara is the street smart one and she is able to make Towa who is a spolit princess into a more reliable person. Although she follow her own pace, she never make a big fuss about anything and from this episode, she is able to take care of herself during her job and got praises from her manager and working staff.

Haruka also learned some tips during the beauty contest since Kirara is battling the Zetsuborg with the others. From making her skirt shorter (By using gum tapes) and giving one great smile for the judges. It was worth it despite her getting a consolation prize and not winning the contest.

Overall, I gave this episode a C plus. The last scene with Kanata is shocking for everyone but it seems next week episode, the girls finally found Kanata however he has no memories of them at all! Can the girls make him remember who he is? Find out next week in the next episode! Gokigenyou!


  1. You forgot about Shut prancing around all happy and even talking to Stop and Freeze. That was a major highlight for me. It shows that Shut maybe thinking about switching sides soon.

    1. He's in drugs, probably still being hypnotized by Miss Shamour......

  2. Man, what a waste of my time! A Princess Contest where only Haruka entered and even two old hags could edge past her! Poor Kirara didn't shine so bright apart from being Haruka's aide and her manager mentioning her change of personality (though that was bloody obvious enough already?!) I'm totally gutted that TOWA didn't enter the contest for she could have won it easily and earned extra hints for finding her onisama on her own after some fortune-telling app of the Lesson Pad revealed a joke hint called CHOCOLATE! Instead, she stood like a damsel-in-distress waiting for others to save Kanata! Toei must've been scrapping her lately after many Towa-centered episodes, but for heaven's sake Kanata IS her onisama! For now, the siblings' bond should be emphasized ahead of the not-yet-blossoming romance! One bright note, though, Haruka was finally able do something on a big stage by herself...... (But without Kirara helping her to makeup... :p)

    Next week, Kanata is finally back albeit suffering from amnesia. Haruka and Towa sure will have tons of work to do like taking him to the flower field (where Haruka and Kanata first met), transforming into Cure Flora and the key that saved Towa from Dyspear's grasp- the violin! Busy week ahead for them indeed! Gokigenyou all!