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Go Princess Precure Ep 35 Top 3 Moments and Review: Back to where it all begins...

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 35 and the girls went around town looking for Kanata!

No 3: So far yet so near!

The girls began to search around town hoping for a clue to Kanata's whereabouts. However no one know until Haruka and Towa bumped into with the violin maker, Nishikido. Although he wondered why Towa apologise on their first encounter, (She remembered turning him into a Zetsuborg) he recognise Kanata from their pamphlets and brought the girls back to his workshop.

There, the girls saw Kanata alive and well. However he has amnesia and is unable to remember his past or the girls at all. Nishikido explained that he found Kanata lying unconscious on the beach two weeks ago and has been here as a helper ever since.

No 2: Let's make Kanata remember!

The girls tried to make Kanata remember who he was with several means. From Haruka transforming in front of him, the talking mascots, the Princess Palace (Which he wondered how could a small item be his house?)

Towa even tried playing the same violin piece which Kanata used to break the mind control spell on her. However Kanata still couldn't remember. Everyone was wondering if Kanata ever came to Earth before which might spark some memories and Haruka immediately knew the place.

It was the hill in her home town. The first place where Haruka and Kanata met for the first time when they were kids. Despite that, Kanata was still unable to remember which upset Towa and Haruka. But they decided to forgot about it for the time being and play along with some kids at the same place.

No 1: Let's start all over again!

Stop and Freeze appeared and turned a little girl into a Zetsuborg (Which her dream is to be a princess) The girls transformed and after a tough battle, defeated the Zetsuborg. After the battle, Haruka told the others that they shouldn't force Kanata to remember his past but rather take it slowly as she is sure that one day, Kanata will remember who he was.

Although Towa was upset at it but the other girls console her. Towa instead asked Kanata to allow her to call him brother which he agreed. Haruka also reintroduced herself to him as how they did years ago...

This is a pretty good episode since I am glad they didn't resolve Kanata's amnesia in this episode as it will move the story too fast and his relationship with Haruka and Towa will be undeveloped. I am actually surprised that Haruka did not want to Kanata to remember his memories immediately but rather decided to take it slowly. She knew that by forcing him to remember might backfired although it upset Towa since they haven't been able to get together all these years but Minami and Kirara understand Haruka's reasoning.

Hot Pony Tail Girl!

Minami's mother is hot!

Overall, I gave this episode a B plus. The fight with a Princess Zetsuborg was pretty fun although I am started to think Minami and Kirara are kinda like background characters in this episode. Even Kuroro who was in this episode did not utter a word at all. (Just like Seiji last season) However next week, it is a Minami centric episode as the girls took a cruise on her family ship liner and as usual, the Zetsuborg are just behind them. Until then, see you in the next review! Gokigenyou!

The Movie Villain

Meet the Pumpkin Princess

Cure Flora-Pumpkin Form!

P.S: I have not much to say about the sneak preview of the movie during the opening sequence except that one word-Pumpkin! (Nuff' Said) Anyway, I will be in Japan for a week so the next review will be probably be out after I come back in two weeks time.

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  1. *Sniffs* This is definitely one of the most touching anime episodes I've ever seen! Its pacing is very smooth and the main spotlight is no doubt Kanata himself who suffered from SERIOUS amnesia (He must've got his head banged REAL hard when he covered Haruka's escape back in episode 21). Kanata has forgotten everything, and countless attempts to bring back his memories especially the last two i.e. playing the violin piece he and Towa used to play when they were still children, and taking him to the flower field where he and Haruka first met, only served to hurt him more because those were bizarre details for him. And to be honest, I'm VERY happy about Haruka! She realized the pain Kanata experienced due to everyone pushing him too quickly and suggested that they take it slowly and rebuilding her friendship with Kanata from scratch. Wow, Haruka's so mature here! Of course, the one who has been hurt the most is none other than Towa herself because she waited for so long to meet her onisama again, only to realize that her onisama is now a total stranger to her, but at least she urged him to allow her to call him onisama which Kanata agreed... I'm truly weeping for Towa, she broke down numerous times and when she cried again at the end, I broke into tears as well T_T

    P.S. It's so adorable seeing Cure Flora blushing upon hearing Kanata calling her "pretty" XD The ship has sailed again (with their roles now reversed, though)!

    Next week, the assemble of the Kaido family is complete!! It appears Kanata will join them and I'm fine with that, but Minami-centric episodes seems to have the suffix "Umi" as always. I'm not really expecting it, but I wonder if my dear Kirara will have her screentime with Wataru or not? Anyway, big applause to Haruka for this episode and gokigenyou all!