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Go Princess Precure Ep 33 Top 3 Moments and Review: Please Teach me, Miss Shamour!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 33 and today Miss Shamour is about to teach some new lessons for the girls!

No 3: Shamour took a reborn Kuroro (Lock) out to town!

During the girls' lessons with Shamour, they discovered that Lock now called Kuroro has awakened. However he was too scared to interact with anyone. Later, Shamour took him out to town and the girls were worried that they might got lost.

However Shamour was pretty good in guiding Kuroro to re-acquaint to a normal life. From buying things to performing a side show, the girls were impressed about her. Later, Shamour introduced Kuroro to a bunch of cats whom she has make friends with.

They even get into a little contest to see who can dress up Kuroro and a black cat with some help from the girls. After the contest, Shamour treated them to tea and in which Kuroro enjoyed the donuts made by her. She then told him that everyone is happier when eating good food.

No 2: Let Miss Shamour teach you some manners!

No jumping the shark!?

Wrap Cure Mermaid up, you pervert eel!

Shut appeared and turned the black cats into Zetsuborg (All are different species of fishes!) While the girls were occupied, Shut tried to attack Yui and the two mascots. But Shamour took him on and he was amazed by her elegance.

Shamour knew that Shut has worries in his heart and instead used her teaching to make him better. (By giving him a makeover!) Everyone were speechless by her actions however Shamour told the girls that they are princesses and should fight like one. The girls then knew what to do and defeated the Zetsuborg easily.

Congrats! Shut, you get a point from Miss Shamour!

After the battle, Shamour told Kuroro who is grumbling of going back to Hope Kingdom that she too wanted to go back to Hope Kingdom but now she wanted to learn more of the human world so that when peace has finally returned, she can imparted her knowledge to everyone back home. Kuroro now understand better and decided to learn more which everyone were glad that he is more open now...

No 1: Kanata is in the human world?!

The cats thanked the girls for saving and presented with something they found. It was a button that belonged to the Hope Kingdom Royal Family. The girls then believed that Kanata has make it here and is somewhere in the city...





This episode is pretty interesting for the side characters as Shamour, Kuroro and even Shut got the spotlight. Shamour is probably one of the better side characters in Precure history. (Unlike a lame god from last season!)

Although she behaved like a bossy instructor but what she has taught the girls, Kuroro and Shut, has some reasons behind it. Her main motives is to let Kuroro re acquaint with his life since he lose his memories of him being Lock and probably has a sense of guilt for causing troubles to the girls. By letting him know that there is nothing to fear with her three lessons in the episode, Kuroro was able to take the first step in getting back to his life.

Hey everyone! It is the new Shut!!

Shut was being pushed around by Close and when Shamour commented on his bad make up, he started complaining of how he was getting no respect. Strangely enough, Shamour did not treated him as an enemy but rather as a person who is lost. With some make up, Shut actually gain some self confidence and didn't feel upset when he lost the battle. Guess up, he got a make over which got Close, Stop and Freeze wondering what has happened to him.

Of course, the last reveal of knowing that Kanata has make it to the human world. But where is he and why has he not contacted the girls? Overall, I gave this episode a B since it was nice to see some development for the side characters. Next episode, Haruka enter a beauty contest but she suffered stage fright! Can she overcome it? See you next week to find out!  Gokigenyou!

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  1. What episode is this......?

    Miss Shamour, what a tutor she is! Her teaching Towa and others is fine (I don't like using "Haruka and co." at this point for royalty reasons), but her eduating a school of wild cats while taking Kuroro (Lock) on a stroll is quite unbelievable! THE real spotlight, however, goes to SHUT!! Being bullied too frequently nearly led him to severe mental breakdown, so Shamour actually let him do his makeup privately, that's too hilarious XD (Really feel sorry for shut, though......), but at the end, Kanata's brooch is recovered, and it'll be soon that he makes his return, though I still sense something fishy......

    Next week, yet another episode with Kirara-chan as the primary star!! Haruka's makeup is so horrendous, so the new rising model might need to school her on a certain contest! Hype is on for Kanata's return! Gokigenyou all!