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Autumn Anime 2015 Preview: Beware of the One Punch Man!

Hello everyone! This is my preview for the upcoming Autumn anime 2015 which begin this October! (Some of the series synopsis are taken from other sources)

Heavy Object: Objects are powerful, massive weapons that change the course of warfare and are manned by Elite Object pilots. An odd Elite girl named Milinda meets Quenser, a student who aims to become a Object mechanic, with the soldier-in-training Heivia on a snowy battlefield.
Anitore! EX: The anime follows five young women who are aiming to become idols as they do different exercise routines such as push-ups, situps, dance, yoga, stretching, Tai Chi, and more.

Pokémon XY&Z: Latest season of the Pokemon series based on the X and Y game series.

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!: Fourteen-year-old Komori Shuri is a junior high school girl who is too nice to decline requests. She constantly doing favors for other people and it suddenly granted her incredible strength!?

Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan: After many years of dormant rest, the hot springs fairy Hakone-chan awakens in modern-day Japan. However, while she slept, she took on the appearance of a young girl. She decides to cooperate with the locals whilst trying to regain her powers with the help of high school boy Touya.

Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen: The second season of the war against the vampires that split two childhood friends into different sides of the battlefield.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru: Shōtarō is a normal high school student with a serious demeanor who likes to show off his girlfriend Sakurako. Sakurako is an extraordinarily beautiful woman in her mid-20s from a rich family who loves "beautiful bones." The two lived in the city of Asahikawa in Hokkaido, and they get involved in various incidents regarding bones.

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou: A parody of the Attack on Titans as the characters are reduced to protect their school from the Titans who go around bullying them (and eating their lunches too!)

JK-Meshi!: Three high school girls learned some cooking in this slice of life comedy.

Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst: Second season of the action harem comedy about Basara who is a former Yuusha and his mission to protect his two adopted sisters who are demons.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk: The Academy City on water, "Rikka" otherwise known as 'Asterisk', was famous for being the world's largest stage for the integrated battle entertainment. The young boys and girls who belonged to the six academies made their wishes with Shining Armaments in their hands, vying for supremacy.

Lance N' Masques: Yōtarō Hanafusa is a young man who is part of the last remaining order of Knights in the 21st century, "Knights of the World." As he fights as the mysterious Knight Lancer, he must hide his identity behind a mask. One day he meets a girl named Makio Kidōin, and when finding that she lives alone, decides to watch over her.

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans: A new Gundam series which focus on Mikazuki who is a mercenary and after being betrayed, he found a new Moblie Suit-Gundam Barbatos...

Kagewani: Mysterious monsters that appear and attack in present time. A scientist, Sousuke Banba, searches for the truth with the keyword "Kagewani" as his only clue...

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry: This "school sword action" story revolves around Magic Knights, modern magic-users who fight with weapons converted from their souls. Ikki Kurogane goes to a school for these Magic Knights, but he is the "Failed Knight" or "Worst One" because he has no magical skills...

Haikyuu!! S2: Second season of the high speed Volleyball action show.

Noragami Aragoto: Second season of the supernatural series which focus on the Bishamon arc.

 Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Gears Crisis-hen: Second season of the Vanguard G series.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??: Second season about cute waitress who worked in various cafes and the mascot is a cute rabbit like creature!

Dance with Devils: The story revolves around Ritsuka Tachibana, a female second-year high school student who attends Shiko Academy in Shiko Town. She enjoyed her school life while living with her mother Maria. But one day, that balance fell into ruin when demons are attracted to her...

Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!: Third season of the slice of life shows about a group of "Yuri" friends.

Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor - Exodus 2nd Season: Second cour about a group of teens who piloted robots to battle an alien invasion.

Owarimonogatari: Another spin off from the Monogatari series. (Seriously how many are there anyway?)

Lupin III - L'avventura Italiana: Lupin and his friends are back for some wild capers and the focus will be in Italy and San Marino.

Garo: Guren no Tsuki: After the first series which focused in Europe, this new series' setting will be in Ancient Japan during the Heian Era and the Garo Armor is now bestowed to a female lead...

Comet Lucifer: The story takes place on the planet Gift, where precious crystals called Giftjium are buried in the earth. A young man named Sōgo lives in Garden Indigo, a prosperous mining town. Sōgo's hobby is to collect rare crystals. One day, he gets wrapped up in a riot caused by his classmates Kaon, Roman, and Otto, and he loses his way until he finds a lake deep under the ground's mining ruins. There, he meets a mysterious girl with blue hair and red eyes...

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns (2015): Kindaichi Hajime is back for more murders and mysteries!

Brave Beats: The story follows Hibiki Kazaguruma, a sixth grader who meets an amusing little robot named Bureikin while coming home from school one day. Bureikin, a dancer from an alternate-dimension dance world, challenged the dance king for the throne and lost. He has been deprived of Dance Stones (the stones of dance power) and sent to the human world. To restore his power, Bureikin must collect all the Dance Stones scattered around Earth.

Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken: Kagurazaka Kimito was selected to become the first male student in an all female school where the students come from very rich and famous families. His task is to guide the girls on what the "common person" does on a normal life as the girls have no idea how the outside world worked...

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou: In an imaginary "age of gods" about 20 years after the war, Japan has grown and developed by leaps and bounds. What if all the super humans ever written about in fictional stories existed at the same time?

Fushigi na Somera-chan: The story follows the daily life of Somera-chan, a wielder of mysterious magical powers, and those around her.

High School Star Musical: Yūta Hoshiya enters Ayana Academy, a school focusing on show business activities, specifically music. The academy has a group of the three students with the highest grades in the musical department, and they are known as the Kao Kai (Cherry Blossom Flower Association).

Young Black Jack: This series focus on Black Jack in his early years who has a pair of hands dubbed "The Hands of God" which can cure any diseases with a price...

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen: The second season based on the popular PC and upcoming PS4 game of the same name.

K: Return of Kings: Sequel to the K anime project.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider: The story of the original novel revolves around Souhei Saikawa, a member of the Saikawa Research Lab. On a vacation held for the lab, he meets Moe Nishinosono, the daughter of his mentor, who joins the group on their vacation despite not being a part of the lab. After meeting each other, the two end up finding a corpse. The two work together to solve the mysteries of what becomes a serial murder case.

Tantei Team KZ: Jiken Note: The stories center around Aya Tachibana, a sixth-grader who frets and obsessed over friends, family, grades, and more. One day, she joins the "Tantei Team KZ" (Detective Team Kazs) with four very idiosyncratic boys she met at cram school.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid: The "beautiful girl sexy battle action" anime is set on five artificial islands. Mamori is a "mermaid" transferred to one of those islands. When Mamori is attacked, a newly transferred girl named Mirei saves her. The enemy doesn't stop, however, and the two are soon cornered. Just when they think all hope is lost, Mirei kisses Mamori, and Mamori turns into a sword.

Hacka Doll the Animation: The anime personifies the app's customization engine as three "Hacka Dolls" - the personal entertainment AI and main navigator.

One Punch Man: Saitama looked like a normal person but in fact, he is a super hero and he can instantly kill any opponents with one punch no matter how big or strong. The only problem is no one take him seriously and prefer the more cooler and better looking heroes in the city...

Hidan no Aria AA: What happened when you replaced Kinji from the original series with a girl named Akira Mamiya who idolised Aria? Yuri scenes ensured!

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai: The story is set in a world where people with magic powers are close to being wiped out. Just as the balance of power and military might had once shifted from swords to sorcery, it shifts once again to guns. Takeru Kusanagi goes to "Anti Magic Academy," a training facility for Inquisitors of Heretics who crack down on the dwindling threat posed by magic users.

So what are I am looking forward this October? Ore ga Ojou Sama which I am reading the manga and it is funny to see naive rich girls overreacting to simple things like Idols and fast food. One Punch Man is pretty funny since the least unexpected person is actually the strongest hero in the city.

Attack on Titans is a big hit around the world but this parody of them as cute students fending off Titans in school is kinda of a joke. But then AOT fans will take anything until an official second season is announced. I love the first Hidan no Aria series and was expecting more but now this AA series which is a "What if" scenario make me face palm. I will watch it but probably won't get hype over it.

I like the Garo anime that was aired a few months back despite how fans prefer live action of it. So this new Garo series which take place in Ancient Japan and a female Garo warrior might alienate fans further. But I don't really bother as long the story and action are good, it's fine by me.

I hope the new Gundam series will go back to being serious again after that train wreck called G-Recongista which I regard it as the worst Gundam series ever. It looked like the new series is more military theme which I prefer that although Gundam Barbatos doesn't look good looking for a main character Gundam.

The other shows that I am following like Owari no Serph, Fafner, Haikyu, Shimai Maou, Gochumon wa Usagi is a confirm yes for me. The rest of the shows, I will have to watch it first before I will follow it. Until then, see you in October for the new shows!

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