Sunday, September 13, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 32 Top 3 Moments and Review: Time to Grow Up!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 32 and today a guy proclaimed that Minami is his fiance!

No 3: Meet Kimimaro, self proclaimed fiance of Minami!

Everyone were surprised by the red carpet and the number of bodyguards around the school and it was for the arrival of Minami's friend Kimimaro who welcome her with a bouquet of roses and proclaimed as her fiance.

Minami didn't bother about him but told him not to be a bother for everyone in school. Later when the girls were having lunch outdoors, Kimimaro make a big deal about him having lunch with Minami and he overreact when she got a small cut on her hand.

Devil Haruka and Angel Minami?!

He suspected that Minami has changed due to Haruka's influence and started spying on her. He finally think that Haruka is a money grabber and decided to get rid of her!

No 2: Kimimaro tried to ruin Haruka and Minami's relationship.

Kimimaro approached Haruka and accused her of getting in between him and Minami. This got Haruka very uneasy between her relationship with Minami. However Minami overheard everything and confronted Kimimaro. She told him that Haruka is not a follower or a money grabber but a true friend and also told him off that he is a big jerk who is inconsiderate of others!

This got Kimimaro in a state of shock when suddenly Stop and Freeze turned him into a Zetsuborg and the girls sprang into action to battle!

No 1: We are friends no matter what happen!

Cure Flora charge into battle without thinking and the Zetusborg was overwhelming them. Cure Mermaid suspected that Kimimaro's words might have influence her however she claimed that it was Cure Flora that changed her life forever and she thanked Cure Flora for being a good friend to her!

I like the BGM during this scene...

After dealing with the Zetsuborg and saving Kimimaro, he is returning back to England and at the airport, he apologise to Haruka and Minami forgave him. Of course, Kimimaro was more determined to win her heart but claimed he will consider her and her friends' feelings too...

This episode was kinda of what I expected for a Fiance episode. Kimimaro has a crush on her since they were kids but he still lived in the past thinking that Minami will be the same as before. But people grew up and in the case of Minami, her character did develop after 32 episodes!

If you go back and watch the first few episodes, Minami was an unapproachable person due to her status but Haruka and Kirara took the first step to break that barrier. Now Minami was more sociable to her peers and not just another pretty rich girl.

Kimimaro was annoying but not to the point of extreme torture. As he spent his current school years in England and only came to Japan during the school holidays. (which doesn't make sense since most European schools follow the same school terms like Japan as August is the vacation month and shouldn't Kimimaro be back in school already?)

It was no wonder that his reaction of seeing his crush is a bit overwhelmed. Minami didn't take him seriously since the Fiance thing was his idea and not their parents' arrangements which make sense of her to take it calmly. Although him trying to ruin Haruka and Minami's relationship was underhanded and Minami reprimanded him for being immature.

Of course, we also get to see what Close's plan since the seeds that he planted in the previous episode has started to grow each time a Zetsuborg appeared and the seeds absorbed the negative energies. I am suspecting that Dyspear is trying to create another Forest of Despair on Earth since that's what happened to the Hope Kingdom in the first place.

Overall, I gave this a episode a C plus. As I said before, it is a predictable episode about one's overbearing Fiance. The only plus points was Minami has changed for the better with her relationship with Haruka and the others and the slowly unveiling of Close's plan.


Look like Go Princess Precure has finally jump the shark!?
Next episode, Lock has finally awakened from his coma and Miss Shamour seems to be occupied with something which got the girls all curious! What could it be? Until then, see you next week! Gokigenyou!


  1. When Minami try to ensure Haruka that she is the onewho changed and help her become who she is right now, I just help but to cringe the way she spoke to Haruka during the fighting scene. It just felt like Minami was CONFESSING to Haruka!

    While The Zetsuborg Kimimaro, when he was running to those two precure, I certainly feel like he was trying to say "Hey! Get away from my bride!" kind of a words from him.

    Overall, this is a satisfying episode on Minami side.

  2. this ep story is priceless for me
    Mermaid : I want you Haruka O_o

    Mermaid / Flora : gonna have more fanart for sure, lol

  3. In the end, still no respect for Kimimaro. At first I thought he was arranged to marry Minami by the Kaido Group, but in truth it was him deluded to think of himself as Minami's soul mate wannabe! He's a brat, even more irritating compared to Yuki, and his setup for Minami around the school was typical rich guy's doing to woo his lover, that I'm fine, but him branding Haruka as the devil influencing Minami was totally unbelievable!! For once, I'm glad that Minami finally lost her patience and lashed out at him for his childish antics like, "What's wrong with me befriending a person of lower status of mine?! She's my friend who changed my life forever!!" Wonder how Wataru would tolerate this bro-in-law wannabe of his (but that's none of my business)? Haruka's interaction with Minami this episode was full marks compared to Kimimaro's attempts to serve his "fiancée"! Hope they won't be married in the future, especially his dream showing him accepting Minami as his bride in a dull dress! Now that we've seen Minami's "fiance", when will we meet Wataru's "fiancée" since he's older than Minami? Betting my money for Kirara on this one! (Or maybe not at all for a side character...)

    Kimimaro X Minami: Yuck...
    Haruka X Minami: Excellent!

    Next week, Lock awakes and it's Miss Shamour's turn to seize the spotlight! What will unfold for the mentor of Princess Precures and also Kanata and Towa? Let the hype running on! Gokigenyou all!