Monday, September 7, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 31 Top 3 Moments and Review: Return of the Crow!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 31 and it is back to school for everyone after the crazy summer holiday!

No 3: The girls returned to school and Haruka make a new friend!

The girls returned back to school and everything was normal as usual. Later the girls were with Miss Shamour's lesson on flower arrangement and asked about Lock. It seems that Lock used to be a mascot spirit similar to Puff and the others. Once he was defeated, he reverted to his original form but is in a deep sleep to recover his strength.

Haruka later meet a fellow student named Hanae who has been taking care of the garden around the school and she even placed a vase of flowers in their classroom earlier. The two girls clicked well although Hanae has some issues of not knowing what her dream is. Haruka encouraged her to be a flower coordinator since she loved to take care of the flowers which she agreed.

No 2: Close is back and he brought two friends along!

The girls noticed something strange when a flock of crows were surrounding the school. They went out and saw a revived Close who is more calm than his original self. He then introduced his two new followers-Stop and Freeze who turned Hanae into a Zetsuborg.

The girls went to battle Close and the Zetsuborg but Close was too strong and toy them around. Although the Zetsuborg took them down very easily but they didn't give up and used Princess Palace to defeat the Zetsuborg.

Close was not amazed and retreated with Stop and Freeze back into the Hope Kingdom....

No 1: Revive! Dyspear and who is that person on the beach?

Close returned to the Hope Kingdom and found Shut who is complaining of their defeat. Close used the despair gauge to create a new castle out of the Forest of Despair. Dyspear returned to her throne and she ordered Shut to follow Close and his two new followers.

Close also informed Dyspear that their "plan" is going well as during the beginning of the episode, he placed several strange seeds all over the city and school. Meanwhile, a mysterious man was seen looking at the beach at night...

After last week episode, you will think it will go back to having filler episodes but now it is the beginning of a new arc-Revival of Close! Close was surprising more calmed when he returning. Spoting a more Dark Lord getup, he spoke in a more sinister voice although his hatred for Cure Flora remind.

With his two new followers, Stop and Freeze who remind me of those evil twins who do nothing but torment their enemies. They waste no time into turning Hanae into a Zetsuborg. Although the difference is the Zetsuborg has two locks on their bodies which mean a more powerful enemy for the girls to defeat.

Although I got a feeling that the Princess Palace will be use to defeat all these new enemies (And sell more toys!) which I hope it won't become the norm as it will get boring very easily. I am suggesting probably one more power up before the final quarter of the series.

The other interesting thing was Lock is a former spirit mascot which could mean that Close and Shut might be once good people who got corrupted by Dyspear. However Lock is still in a coma so it will be a while before he will be awake.

With the return of Dyspear and now a sinister plan is moving in motion by them, what will happen next and who is the man in the beach? Could it be something to do with Haruka having a dream of her meeting Kanata on the same beach?

Overall, I give this episode an A since Close and Dyspear are back with new followers-Stop and Freeze who I hope they will be a match for the girls unlike Leva and Gula from Doki Doki Precure who couldn't last for a quarter of a season.

Why am I finding young Minami so adorable? (I am not a lolicon!)

Next episode, it is an expected episode in a Precure series since Minami is the rich girl in the group. A guy claiming to be her fiance appeared in school and from the look of it, he seems to be the immature type which no girl will really want as a boyfriend/husband. Anyway, how will Minami handle him? Find out next week! Until then, Gokigenyou!


  1. From now the story will be more interesting! I mean two new villains and three characters making their come-back appearance... I hope Toei could handle this and not repeating Doki disaster.

    And young Minami reminds me of Ai Haibara. Lol maybe her hair? Whatever she looks adorable!

    1. Minami as a child was indeed adorable, or else she wouldn't be Kaido Group's mistress at the first place. Her fiance, though, seems to like Minami but the latter appears intimidated, and they're definitely NOT a proper match!

  2. Haruka dreaming about Kanata at the beginning, *sighes*, poor Towa, couldn't even dream about your onisama for just once. But his bizarre smile could be a bad omen, and the dude standing atop a lake, was it him? And Close returns in a grand fashion, creates two new subordinates-Stop and Freeze (which are less imtimidating than everyone anticipated) and even resurrects Dyspear! I really pity Shut now, him being down the pecking order yet again is bitter to digest!

    Next week, good lord, that weavy-haired brat is actually Minami's fiance?? From the first sight they aren't a perfect match at all since the other half (I mean Minami) is really unhappy upon meeting him again! Rich families' marriage arrangement at its best, huh? Let's see if that's indeed the case next week! Gokigenyou all!