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Go Princess Precure Ep 30 Top 3 Moments and Review: The Secret of the Lost Keys Part 3

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 30 and can the girls finally get back their stolen keys from Lock?

No 3: Onward into the castle!

Puff could sense the stolen dress up keys inside the castle and the girls were determined to get inside. Lock send one of his clones to deal with them and Cure Scarlet stayed behind to deal with him. Haruka and the others then transported into the castle (Using the Royal Fairies' powers) and were confronted by another one of Lock's clone. Aroma hold him off this time and the girls arrived at the throne with the original Lock sitting on his throne.

No 2: We will fight on with or without power!

Lock started mocking them as he claimed he is not working for Dyspear but for himself as he wanted to be the Despair King and turned the world into his personal playground. Although the odds are against the girls since they have no base key to transform. Lock took down very easily but the girls took a gamble to rush to open the Zetsuborg lock (where the keys are) and tried to distract him.

However Lock was too fast and knocked all of them down again. But Puff took the Sakura key and ran as she could. Lock hit her when suddenly Haruka hold onto the key and managed to unlock the Zetsuborg lock.

No 1: The New Toy...I mean Power! Princess Palace!

After the dress up keys were freed by Haruka, it returned back to the girls and they quickly transformed. The other two clones of Lock returned to him and he transformed to his real form-A giant toad creature. The girls tried to use Trinity Explosion but it didn't worked on him.

Cure Scarlet arrived to aid them and somehow their teamwork and minds became one which caused the new four keys-Sakura, Sango, Ginga and Sun keys to unite all the rest of the keys and it actually wiped out the Zetsuborg Flying Fortress.

It then became their new power up item-The Princess Palace! With their new keys, they finally defeated Lock with Precure Éclat Espoir. Lock returned back to normal (minus his getup) and a mysterious crow took the Despair gauge and fled.

Meanwhile, the girls returned to Yui and now have the Princess Palace on their side...

So let me get this straight. The last three episodes (Including this one) is actually one long TV commercial? I was watching the live streaming of this episode and you know what? Before the ending credits start, there was a commercial of the Princess Palace with the four new keys. Well, that is Toei for you-Taking our money since 1971.(That was the year of Kamen Rider first appearance on television)

Back to the episode, it is a pretty good episode with non stop action and how the girls actually used their wits against Lock despite having no powers. We also find out that Lock has been scheming all along when Dyspear retreated to heal her wounds. His plan was to overthrow Dyspear and become the new ruler of both the Hope Kingdom and Earth. Well, his plan almost succeed if it wasn't for four girls, a dog, a bird and sentient (I think) keys that destroyed the Zetsuborg Flying Fortress (and probably ruined Towa and Kanata's home in the process)

Of course, the main highlight was the Princess Palace item. I like the new form for the girls which is similar to Heartcatch and Happiness Precure's all white forms. The girls used a overkill version of their first attack to defeat Lock and from the look of it, he will be out of commission for a while. But who is the black crow who took the despair gauge from him?

Overall, I gave this episode an A minus. It was a bit too fast on how the girls got back their keys and the inclusive of the Princess Palace is another toy commercial for little girls to get it which I hope Toei don't do it again but then I could be wrong based on their track records.

Next episode, it is a new school term and Haruka make friends with a fellow student who cared about gardening. However new enemies arise and the return of an old foe! Until then, see you next week! Gokigenyou!

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  1. This episode is just too epic that I rewatched it three times already! Yeah, Lock is playing Bel (Doki Doki) to oust Dyspear and claim all the glory for himself, but he was pulverized badly and will be out of comission for a while. And damn, as much as I love Go Princess Precure (I already ratedbit higher than Heartcatch at this point), will Toei please stop turning Hope Kingdom's properties into toys?! First it's Kanata's violin, and now the entire castle, where will Kanata, Towa, Puff, Aroma and Shamour live once the kingdom is restored?! Nevertheless, the new weapon (irony, the castle itself) and the new group attack is too splendid, putting the Princess Forms of Smile Precure into shades XD Haruka, Minami and Kirara, big applause for them standing against Lock and wrestle back their keys!

    Next week, the new villains and CLOSE are lurking to be a new menace to the Precures! Man, I knew that Close was too good to die so early, hoping he will pursuit Flora crazily to exact revenge! Until then, gokigenyou!