Sunday, June 7, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 19 Top 3 Moments and Review: Prelude to the Twilight

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 19 and today the girls get to play a treasure hunt around the dorms!

No 3: A Treasure Hunt in the female dorms!

Basically it was raining and Seira make an announcement for everyone in the female dorms to play a treasure hunt. Everyone drew lots to be in group of three in which Haruka is with Kisaragi and Kano (who is one of Yuki's fangirls), Minami is with Seira and Yui and Kirara is with two of her classmates.

No 2: The three girls have been making impressions in school for the last few months.

As the groups were searching for answers for their clues, everyone had something to say about our three main girls. In Kirara's group, her classmates actually found her to be an approachable person. Her classmates told her that in the beginning, Kirara always leave after school (to her modeling job) and never interact with her peers. But they now have a different view on her and Kirara even allowed them to call her by her first name.

Seira claimed that Minami is more friendly after meeting Haruka which help her a lot in her school and student council life. Kisaragi also told Haruka that her presence for the last few months have definitely make their school lives more lively. (Thanks to Puff!)

No 1: Kanata has a younger sister and Twilight found a Princess Perfume Bottle!

In the beginning of the episode, Shamour told the girls that Kanata like to play the violin for his younger sister which they realised she is a real life princess. However his sister's whereabouts were unknown after the fall of the Hope Kingdom.

At present day, Kanata located a new item for the girls to use and headed for the location. But at the same time, Twilight who was feeling frustrated after her defeat, found an abandoned ruin and in there was a Princess Perfume Bottle. She took it and now plan her revenge on the girls...

I felt this episode is more of a set up for the next episode (which is probably going to be a good one) However the girls' peers were kinda of giving flashback for the viewers on what has been going for the last 18 episodes and how much the girls have developed so far.

Kirara started off being a loner since she has a modeling career and didn't interact with anyone in class. This caused her classmates to think she was unfriendly but after being with her for the treasure game, they found out that Kirara is actually a nice going person after all.

Minami started off being the idol of the school and everyone dare not approach her except for Haruka who in the second episode, walk forward and asked her to teach her ballet. This actually make Minami happy and from there, she was more approachable towards her peers.

Haruka and Puff in particular actually help Kisaragi overcome her fears of dogs and she was less strict on them about discipline. Even Kano felt that Haruka is working very hard during the tennis match with Yuki which got Haruka all modest. Furthermore, Haruka managed to perform a nice violin piece at the end of the episode which proved her hard work paid off.

Of course, we also learned that Kanata has a younger sister who also play the violin and looked up to him. Although why the mascots didn't mention about her is an another mystery. (But if you put Twilight and Kanata's sister together, it is really a no-brainier unless they pull a Cure Ace stunt again) But with Twilight found a Princess Perfume in the middle of nowhere, will she use it to defeat the girls?

Overall, I gave this episode a C plus and today's battle with the Zetsuborg created by Shut felt like a norm for the girls to handle as we prepare for next week's episode! The girls finally found a way to the Hope Kingdom and Haruka finally meet Kanata but with Twilight standing between them, what will happen next? Find out next week! Until then, Gokigenyou!


  1. There is the innuendo that Twilight may be Kanata's estranged sister. Maybe it's true that she is Kanata's sister, that she is Cure Scarlet, or that she is both... or the writers will pull a ruse on us like when Regina was expected to be Cure Ace and Aguri came along... What do you think, dear viewers?

    1. The hype is on, but I will be gutted if they pulled a Cure Ace stunt again. This episode might be a filler, but it showcased how the three heroines are developing since the first episode, and Haruka certainly gained my respct as the series goes on.

  2. Kanata has a younger sister... Does Twilight is the princess... O.o

  3. If they dare pull another Ace stunt on us..... I swear...

    *coughcough* Ahem...
    I mean..

    Ever since she appeared, I've been waiting for Twilight to get a redemption arc.. I love the redemption cures, and it would be nice to have another, and to have a natural born princess give the other 3 a hand. But I still want her to be a little arrogant.