Sunday, May 31, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 18 Top 3 Moments and Review: Secrets of the Flower Princess

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 18 and today Haruka met the author of her favourite book-The Flower Princess.

No 3: Haruka meet Mochizuki, the author of her favourite book!

Basically Haruka got a chance to meet Mochizuki at a book gallery and she wanted to know more about the Flower Princess. According to the story, the Flower Princess was betrayed by a jealous little bird and an evil witch. However the little bird learned of his mistakes and freed the Flower Princess. She forgive him and they continue their journey to meet a Prince from a nearby country.

Haruka wanted to know if the Flower Princess did meet the Prince however Mochizuki didn't continue the story and claimed she wrote the story for her daughter when she was young. But she wanted her readers to create their own futures and used the book as an inspiration for people working towards their dreams (I am guessing something like that based on her explanation)

No 2: Twilight vs Go Princess Precure!

Twilight was granted a more powerful Dress Up Key from Dyspear and went to trap everyone in the gallery into glass panels. She used her new powers on her staff and took the girls with ease. Furthermore, she created traps all around and both Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle were hit with deadly flames.

Cure Flora tried to take on Twilight but to no avail and she continue to mock the three Cures that they are not worthy of being a Princess. She even resort to burning Cure Flora's book which Cure Flora barely saved it from being turned to ashes.

No 1: Lily Dress Up Key and Trinity Explosion!

Must resist Yuri jokes...

Cure Flora saved her book from being burned and still believe in her dreams in becoming a real Princess. Suddenly her book glowed and the Lily Dress Up Key appeared. She used her new power-Lily Tourbillion and together with the other two Cures, they were given a new Mode Elegant and their new combination attack-Trinity Explosion!

Twilight was overwhelmed by their combined powers and landed on her knees. She saw herself on a mirror how pathetic she look and swore revenge on them...

Wow! I never expected such a good episode despite how the title episode sounds like a filler episode. We actually learned the story of the Flower Princess through Haruka and it somehow mirror what Haruka is going through now. She is the Flower Princess while the little bird could be Kanata or even Twilight. Since there is an evil witch involved in the story, it could referred to Dyspear.

Mochizuki was not surprised by Haruka's question of the conclusion of the story but I believed she left the ending open because she wanted her readers to create their own endings and work hard for their futures. But after seeing a glimpse of Cure Flora after she was rescued, she too decided to move a step forward and returned to Noble Academy as her role as the headmaster of the school! (What a twist!) Who is to say that this is not the last we see Mochizuki as she might have leads about the Hope Kingdom.

Of course, the main highlight is between Twilight and the three girls who were almost outmatched by her new Black Dress Up Key given by Dyspear. She actually took down all three girls and called them fake princesses.

Twilight even tried to burn Cure Flora's book but she saved it and due to her belief, the Lily Dress Up Key appeared from her book. Like the Rose Tourbillion, it created a Lily flower and weakened Twilight. The three girls then combined their powers and it granted a new Elegant Form and the new Trinity Explosion (complete with ribbons!) But seeing how Twilight taste her first defeat, she is definitely coming back with a vengeance in a future episode!

Overall, I give this episode an A! Seeing why Haruka was inspired by the Flower Princess story and learning more from Mochizuki, I am cheering her and the other two girls on their belief to work towards their dreams. The battle is pretty good with a lot of hand to hand combats and seeing what will Dyspear and Twilight are plotting next against the girls!

Next episode, the girls in the dorms get to play a treasure hunt game indoors and meanwhile Kanata is being attacked by shadows beings! Find out more next week! Until then, Gokigenyou!


  1. Do you share my headcanon that Dyspear may be Yume's daughter (the first reader of "Princess of Flowers"), corrupted, bereft of dreams, and turned to the dark side by any of the usual Freudian excuses (death of a loved one? betrayal of a loved one? something else?)...

    1. Um, I'm not sure, but the Bible of Haruka certainly has many familiarities with the Hope Kingdom, Kanata, Twilight and even herself. That said, why is that picture book so famous? And how did Yume founded Noble Academy as its first headmistress? Should that book be as famous as Harry Potter that can generate lots of revenue, then maybe, but..... (The Bible of Haruka seems to be out of Hoshizora Miyuki's attention from Smile Precure, but considering their personaltiy and their dreams, wouldn't they be really good friends?)

  2. Intense episode accompanied with an intense battle! Twilight surely go serious this time and her blind hatred of Cure Flora is so obvious that she even attempted to burn her Bible. But, when she was beaten, she still angrily refused to acknowledge the Princess Precures and... Boy, I'm sicken with Twilight often considers herself superior and her stubborness to the point of never admitting defeat! One route for her redemption for me: Either becoming the long-cycling rumour of Cure Scarlet or get of of my sight!!!