Sunday, June 14, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 20 Top 4 Moments and Review: Reunion in Hope Kingdom Part 1

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 20 and today the girls finally arrived at the Hope Kingdom!

No 4: The girls arrived at Hope Kingdom by the power of the Nine Dress Up Keys!

The girls placed all the nine keys they found so far when suddenly all the keys started to glow and transported the three girls and the two mascots (minus Yui) into the Hope Kingdom. However the three girls landed in different parts of the land but their base keys emitted a ray of light and they followed it.

No 3: Haruka finally meet Kanata and the Legacy of the Previous Princess Precure!

Haruka was attacked by two Rabbit Zetsuborg and she quickly transformed to battle. Kanata came to her aid and after dealing the two Zetsuborg, both of them were happy to see each other after so long.

They continued their journey and the three girls arrived at three different ruins which are the lair of the previous Princess Precure. A voice spoke to them and it was the Previous Cure Flora who explained that they once defeated the Great Evil that enslaved the Hope Kingdom. However they knew Evil will return one day and now entrusted the girls to save the Kingdom again. Furthermore, a new Princess Perfume is being corrupted by Evil and the girls need to stop it.

No 2: Kanata explained about his sister, Towa and why he gave the Flora Dress Up Key to Haruka.

As the girls used the Princess Perfume to lead them to the next location, Kanata explained that his younger sister, Towa was like Haruka who aimed to be a Grand Princess. However she went missing one day and the whole country started to fall into despair.

Kanata went to look for her and found Haruka in the human world. (See episode 1) He saw Towa in Haruka and decided to entrust the key to her, believing that she has the power to save the Kingdom.

Not long after, Dyspear invaded the land and turned everyone into Zetsuborg. Kanata continued to fight on in his belief that one day, Haruka and her friends will come and free the Kingdom.

No 1: Twilight is Kanata's sister, Towa and she transformed into Dark Twilight!

Haruka met up with Minami and Kirara at the main castle. They entered a room where Twilight appeared. Kanata then realised that Twilight is actually Towa. She does not know who Kanata is and claimed she is the daughter of Dyspear (Textbook Mind Control!)

Twilight then used a new Dark Dress Up key and inserted into the Princess Perfume. It actually work and Twilight become Dark Twilight! The battle begins...

To be continued?! Actually this episode is like a warm up since there is a lot of plot development especially with Kanata and Haruka. We finally know that Kanata's sister, Towa is Twilight and expected, she has no memories of him due to Dyspear's magic.

Before that, Towa was a lovely sister to Kanata and also aimed to be a Grand Princess like Haruka's dreams. However she went missing and since she is like the love of the country, the people started to fell into despair and Dyspear invaded the land not long after.

Kanata actually see a bit of Towa in Haruka and entrusted the Flora key to her. Furthermore, he is probably the only person left in the Hope Kingdom who still have a strong will and belief that Haruka will come as a Precure and saved the land. Actually I kinda of like the way Kanata explained everything to Haruka while they are riding on the horse. (Very Shoujo Romantic! Now why Sailormoon Crystal couldn't do that is a big question mark?)

Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle also have their fair share of battles with Shut and Lock. But the two girls did not want to waste time on them and quickly make their escape. I am also intrigued that there were former Princess Precure protecting the land years ago.

Although I wonder why there is no physical form of the previous Cure Flora is probably Toei's laziness. If you wondering who is the voice of the Previous Cure Flora, it is Fujita Saki who is famous for doing Akagi from Kancolle and Hatsune Miku of Vocaloid.

As expected, Twilight used a new Dark key on the Princess Perfume and transformed to a Dark Warrior. (equipped with Mask and Spiky hair) and begin her battle against the girls! Her costume looked similar to Dyspear so nothing fancy in particular.

Overall I give this episode a B plus since we got a lot of plot development about the Hope Kingdom and Kanata. The battles were pretty minor since all the budget is going to the next episode as our girls take on Dark Twilight! Will our girls withstand Dark Twilight's powers? Can Kanata and Haruka freed Twilight from her mind control? Find out next week! Same Time! Same Channel! Until then, Gokigenyou!


  1. No more Cure Ace stunt, Twilight 100% CONFIRMED to be Kanata's little sister!! But I'm still a bit confused about Kanata seeing Haruka as Towa (Yeesh, Twilight's real name is not the sweetest after all, Twilight>Towa, seriously) and granting her that Key? In my opinion, Haruka is still a THIRD-RATE princess wannabe! And when will Dyspear's mind control ends??!! Oh Cure Flora senior, WHO R U ???

    One more thing, another hype is none other than the lovey-dovey prince-princess ride of Haruka and Kanata :D Should such relationship not developing into romance in the future episodes I'll be gutted cuz the romance of Happiness Charge is frequent yet annoying as hell (Put THAT love-triangle aside, other love stories are piss-poor!)! So, bye-bye, poor Aihara Yuki?

  2. It looks like there is no Precure episode next week :( According to the pretty cure wiki, the next episode is scheduled to be 28 june, meaning two weeks time. Toei has no mercy to leave viewers with such a cliffhanger.

  3. Im confused as to what that fourth princess perfume was made for exactly...if someone could explain

    1. The previous princesses said that they knew the evil would return, and that when it did it would be stronger, so they made a fourth perfume so that there would be a fourth princess to help them fight.