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Go Princess Precure Ep 17 Top 3 Moments and Review: Runaway Star!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 17 and today the girls meet Kirara's Supermodel Mother, Stella!

No 3: Meet Amanogawa Stella, International Supermodel Mom!

Basically Stella was invited by Bauanne (from episode 5) to do a fashion show with Kirara. Stella was being friendly to Kirara and her friends which got her a bit uncomfortable. Stella even make a call to Shirogane for the girls to stay at her apartment for the night.

Stella and the girls went shopping and even took a photo together at a photo booth. Kirara didn't play along and was teased by Stella which got her even more annoyed. The girls went to Stella's apartment where everything is a mess but Kirara took this chance to clean up the house for her. Haruka and Minami also learned that Kirara's father is a famous Hollywood actor and is now in Brazil filming a movie.

No 2: Kirara's misunderstanding with her mother.

When they went to the runaway for rehearsal, the working staff were immersed by Stella's performance however no one took an another look at Kirara's performances. This got Kirara to feel the pressure which she later confronted her mother on why she isn't anxious about the show.

Stella jokefully replied that she is a genius which caused a fall out between her and Kirara. The next day, Kirara got over her argument with her mother and decided to act professional before the show. Bauanne approached her and told her she looked happy today. Kirara then realised that Stella has been secretly helping her to perform better for the show.

No 1: A gift from Mom-The Shooting Star Dress Up Key!

Twilight and Shut crashed into the show and turned Stella into two Zetsuborgs! Kirara actually saw her mother's dream which is to for both of them to perform together on the runaway. Although Kirara and the others transformed to battle, they have problems handling both Zetsuborgs.

It was until Cure Twinkle claimed that she has always been looking up to her mother since she performed on the runaway and her dream too is to perfom with her together. Suddenly the Shooting Star Dress Up Key appeared from Stella's body and Cure Twinkle used it and it's attack-Meteor Humming to weaken the Zetsuborgs. After that the Cures finish off the Zetsuborg and saved Stella.

When everything went back to normal and the show was a success, Kirara proclaimed that her dream is to be an international model like her mother and Stella welcome her the challenge...

Compared to last week's episode about Minami and her relationship with Tina the dolphin, I actually find this episode to be more related since Stella do care alot about Kirara. Stella is voiced by Ohara Sayaka (One of my favourite Seiyuu!) and she played the carefree mother perfectly opposite Kirara.

She actually knew how Kirara is feeling the pressure of performing in such a big stage and tried all means to make her relaxed. However Kirara misunderstood her actions as a form of embarrassment in front of her friends. It was until Bauanne told her that she looked good today and when Stella's dream is revealed, she then realised that her mother really do love her a lot.

This granted Kirara the Shooting Star Dress Up Key from Stella (Though how did it ended up inside Stella's body is a big question mark?) and her attack-Meteor Humming which showered hundreds of shooting stars at the Zetsuborg was a big improvement to Cure Mermaid's Bubble Ripple.

Overall, I give this episode an A! (Last week's episode I didn't gave a rating but it is a B) Stella was great (and Hot!) and I love her carefree attitude towards Kirara and her friends. She might be a bit of an airhead but she really love her daughter and look for the day when Kirara will become an International Supermodel like her in the future.

One question-Why Kirara is using her mother's family name instead of her father since her father's name is Takamagahara Ken? Is there something Kirara is not telling us?

Next week, Haruka finally met the author of her favourite book-The Flower Princess but Twilight has plans to deal with her and an unavoidable confrontation will begin! What will happen next? Find out in the next episode! Until then, Gokigenyou!

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  1. Great, fantastic episode for the bright star Kirara who is dealing with a shadow- her more glittering and super hot and pretty idol mommy Stella! Her mom's carefree nature might be parallel to Irisviel von Einzbern from Fate Zero (considering their
    voice actors are the same person), but her appearance often leads me to confuse her as Kise Yayoi from Smile Precure when she becomes an adult XD

    Overall, Kiara's fallout with Stella is actually a good way to distract her from the fashion show as a means to ease her tension (Nice one there, Stella!) But regarding her name being Amanogawa and her dad's surname being Takamagahara, there are two possible answers: good and bad.
    Good: It is actually something known as an artist's name to make him/her sounds different from their actual surname as Japanese voice actors tend to alter their surname for their career purposes, therefore Kirara's dad might be Amanogawa Ken, or else Kirara might not be able to enroll into the Noble Academy.

    Bad:Ken and Stella had divorced, so Kirara resumed the Amanogawa surname from her mother. In Japan, whether a couple divorced, the children will simply adopt the surname used by the parent who is handed the right to have the children. Considering Kiara never mentioned about her father, this possibility is at a higher stake. (And this mirrors her family with Aono Miki from Fresh Precure, where her parents also divorced and she and her younger brother lived seperate lives.)

    Honestly, should the option ended up being the Bad one, my heart will break because the word divorce alone stings so much (even though my parents are not divorced) for me:( And if my previous assumption about the Kaido siblings being orphans are true, it will be even more hurt than Twilight's gazing at Minami and Wataru (and her subsequent heartache, maybe she got some ties with Kanata? Oh that's a spoiler, but that will be revealed in the near future). Seriously, if only Haruka's family are the sole harmony one in Go Princess Precure, it is a very sad spectrum.... Gokigenyou all:(