Thursday, May 21, 2015

Robot Girls Z Plus Ep 1 Review: Only 8 minutes Long!?

Hi everyone! Look like everyone forgot about that Robot Girls Z Plus (or Season 2) is also part of the Spring Anime line up but it is also because it is only 8 minutes long! So what crazy adventures the Toei Robot girls are up to this time around?

Basically the episode is Bossborokko (Boss Robot) trying to join Team Z but Z Chan keep rejecting her which resulted in a comedic (Slightly sadist) fight between the two girls. However they were interrupted by a new enemy-Combined Beast Girl Bong who went on a rampage.

But the new Team G which comprised of Geccha Dragon (Getta Dragon), Liger Sama (Getta Liger) and Po Chan (Getta Poseidon) make quick work of Bong although Grenda San wonder where did she came from?

First off, it is nice to see Team Z again after a year and they still remind the same. Z Chan is headstrong and reckless, Gre Chan pointed out trivial matters while playing her video game. (Including a mention of a particular popular online game about Military girls) Grenda San is the nice elder sister and the new inclusive of Bossborokko who is voiced by Taketatsu Ayana was hilarious! A nice change from her usual cutesy girl roles which she is used to voice for. Boss Robot in the original series love to pick fights with Mazinger Z and here the rivalry is so funny that you feel sorry for Bossborokko since she got picked on by everyone. (I am pretty sure she will have a moment to shine in future episodes although the chance is slim)

Next is the newly Team G which is based on Getta Robo G. Geccha Dragon is her usual arrogant self but I love her new design based on Getta Dragon since I always loved Getta Dragon more than Getta One. Liger is the polite Japanese girl who speak in traditional Japanese manner and Po Chan is hyperactive and deal a cool swing with her baseball bat. Although we are also getting Jeeg San in the next episode and her new companion, Paan San which is based on Paanazoid the robot horse. (Grenda and Gre Chan even make a funny comment that Jeeg San is too old to be called a girl when they didn't see her together with Team G)

Overall, a good start since the first episode start off with the introduction of new characters unlike the previous season that took the last episode to get everyone together. However the only grip I have and still the major flaw of this show is why it is so short? Furthermore, every new episode is aired on the 20th of every month until November! Really Toei, you couldn't find anyone to do more episodes or make it longer? Until then, see you next month for Robot Girls Z Plus!

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