Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kantai Collection Ep 9 Review: Twists and Twists!

Hello everyone! This is my Kantai Collection episode 9 review and Yudachi seems to be glowing?

Basically Yudachi felt her body is glowing strangely which Nagato ordered her to head to the factory. When Fubuki and Mutsuki went to see her later, Yudachi has remodelled (the correct word should be "Evolve") since her body grew up to be a hot lady with better weapons and stats.

Fubuki wondered why she didn't reach the same level as her and felt down. But thanks to Akagi and Yamato (who are just helping themselves to the rice cooker), she decided to work harder. However the Admiral's orders were to have Yudachi attached to Akagi's fleet and Fubuki is to return to the main base.

I'm Back! (Play Terminator Music!)

Fubuki got upset (again) but words from everyone, she gotten over it quickly. On the way back to the main base, the Abyssal Carrier (who is still bearing the damaged eye from Fubuki) attacked their main base and the Admiral went MIA.

You can have a guessing game on who's who here...

...and here!

Everyone was ordered to return back to the main base and after some time later, Nagato announced that they were to carry out the Admiral's final orders against the Abyssals. The first order was for Fubuki to get remodel immediately...

As expected, we get to see how remodeling worked in Kantai. Yudachi actually look much better looking than her loli appearance. Fubuki was filled with envy since she worked twice as hard than everyone else and even made a flagship. However Yudachi went ahead of her and even earn a spot with Akagi's fleet.

This definitely upset Fubuki so much that I am surprised there wasn't any bitch slapping in this episode. Instead, the rest of the girls, namely Kongo and Sendai who gave some fruits of thought to Fubuki and she got over it quickly. (Yeah, Mutsuki despite being the closest was more subtle in her actions in this episode)

But then the big twist came when the Abyssal Carrier took revenge and blow up their main base. Surprise, everyone is still alive except the Admiral who is presumed MIA. (No body means not dead yet) I am not concerned about the Admiral since he is just a figure head. (Which to be honest, I dislike this idea) But now the girls are planning a counterstrike against the Abyssals and Fubuki finally get her wish to be remodel.

Overall, I give this episode a B plus! After last week's beach episode, I was expecting some tensions and true enough, Fubuki felt disappointed after Yudachi's remodeling. But it is quickly resolved thanks to the power of friendship! There were some lighter moments when Kongo is making out with the Admiral in her sleep. Yamato and Akagi who spent the whole episode eating and clearing out the rice cooker again! Akatsuki and her group fixing a door that spoofed a Charlie Chaplin episode.

So with Fubuki become Fubuki Kai in the next episode, what are the final orders from the Admiral for the girls as they prepare their final battle? See you next episode to find out! 

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