Saturday, March 7, 2015

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Ep 8 Review: Presumption is a Bad Thing!

Hello everyone! This is my Idolmaster Cinderella Girls episode 8 review! Today's episode focus on our resident Gothic girl-Kanzaki Ranko!

When Takeuchi announced that Ranko will be doing her solo CD debut, he proposed the concept of her image based on horror and dark themes. However Ranko dislike the idea and started talking in her Chunibyo tone to confuse him.

After much confusion, both of them sat down and Ranko showed her notebook which explain what she really want for her idol image and Takeuchi understand it better. Soon her debut was a success and still acted in character which got everyone confused except Mirai who understand every word Ranko said. (Takeuchi realised that he should have ask Mirai for Ranko's interpretation in the first place...)

If you look at a girl dressed up like Ranko in real life, what is your impression of her? Most properly you might think she is into the occult and dark stuff. That is what Takeuchi assumed Ranko's character was. But in actual fact, Ranko is pretty whimsy in her ideals. She like supernatural themes but added in a bit of angelic theme to show the tragedy of things. She even can't stand horrors theme as showed in her reaction to Takeuchi's original proposal and when her dorm mates are watching a horror movie.

I kinda like both of her costumes...

But Ranko has her own issues of self confidence as she wanted to tell Takeuchi her ideas but chicken out at the last minute. (I think about four times in this episode) It was after Rin's suggestion to talk to her informally that Takeuchi had a good chat with Ranko.

Overall, I give this episode a B plus! Since Ranko showed off her cute side (which I enjoy a lot thanks to Ucchida Maaya's performance) which make love her even more! I also enjoyed Takeuchi struggling to speak in a less formal manner. Japanese people has different level of manners to address to different age group of people in the case of Takeuchi, he is using the most polite way to address to everyone irregardless of age.

The funny scene at the end when Mirari actually understand what Ranko is saying all these while got a facepalm on Takeuchi's face since he should have asked Mirai in the first place and Mirai is being a dick for not helping out.

After watching eight episodes, I will said that my top five Cinderella girls are:
1) Rin
2) Anya
3) Ranko
4) Uzuki
5) Minami

Who is your top five Cinderella girls? Until then, see you in the next episode!

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