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Go Princess Precure Ep 5 Top 3 Moments and Review: The Star, The Sea and The Flower!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 5 and how will Haruka and Minami convince Kirara into joining the team?

Cheeky Kirara!

No 3: Kirara's Busy Modeling Timetable!

Haruka was determined to get Kirara to join them however she claimed she have no time to become a Precure. Instead, she brought Haruka along to see how her daily work as a model is carried out. From Modeling classes, Photo shoots and even signing autographs, Haruka was caught by surprise by how Kirara actually maintain her composure all these times.

So this is how Yayoi will look like in ten years time...Doujin Artists! Do your Duties!

She even told Haruka that her inspiration in become a top model was her mother, Stella who is also a top notch Supermodel. From young, she learned from her mother and finally got her break as an upcoming model. However she felt she is still miles away from become a Supermodel like her mother.

During an audition in which one of the judges is a famous French fashion designer, Kirara did not impress him until Haruka suggested wearing something sparkling (Irony!) to impress the judges and true enough it did and Kirara won the audition.

No 2: Kirara finally joined the team as Cure Twinkle!

Cute Kirara Chan!!!

During the battle with a Zetsuborg, Kirara received the call that she passed the audition. However she declined the offer and joined the others into battle. After the battle, (which by the way is still pretty good) Kirara explained that her reason was because of Haruka being supportive of her (Love that embarrassing look on Kirara!) and she felt with Haruka around, she can perform even better more!

Kirara also started calling Minami and Haruka by their first name which got Haruka to start calling Minami her first name too. (She has been calling her Kaito San all these while) At last our three Precures for this series has finally assembled (Until Cure Scarlet come along later in the series)

No 1: Dyspear make a subtle appearance (or should I say voice?)

My Newtype Senses is calling me...Haman Sama!?

Close who was beaten for the sixth time was finally summoned by his master, Dyspear who we have yet to see her in person. However her cold and calculated voice already send a chill to Close and even the viewers. Dyspear is voiced by Sakakibara Yoshiko who is well known in voicing cold hearted characters like Haman Karn of Double Zeta Gundam and more recently Kasei Joshu of Psycho Pass.

I am already liking how the main villain make her presence without revealing too much of herself. Unlike Queen Mirage and Deep Mirror which is very obvious to guess who is the Big Bad, Dyspear doesn't need to show in person on who is the Big Bad. Unless Toei do a 180 and claim Dyspear isn't the Big Bad and someone else instead which I won't be surprised either.

Kirara joined the group!

Overall, I give this episode a B plus! Kirara joining the team is not a surprise since Haruka was determined to make her join the team. We also get some back story of why Kirara is determined to become a model like her mother. Haruka also played an important part in influencing Kirara's decision to join the team. Although she played the bumbling character in this episode, I am glad that Kirara actually appreciate her support. Minami didn't really do much in this episode except a pep talk before the battle with the Zetsuborg.

It is obvious that most Precures' ambitions is to have the same job as their parents like Honoka and Rika who want to become a doctor, Hibiki want to become a pianist like her parents and even Erika who want to be a top fashion designer like her mother. I wonder in the next All Stars movie, Erika will try to give some tips to Kirara and even provide some fashion clothing for her to parade around.

All right, girls! Let's take it from the top, shall we?

With our three main Precures assembled, what will happen next? Apparently we are getting another Mascot in the form of Miss Shamour who will be their instructor into become Princess 101! Until then, Gokigenyou and see you in the next episode!

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  1. Good review. Oh by the way I still remember back when I often check wiki Miss Shamour listed as Dyspear and I directly make theory about how she will doing Heel-Face Turn, which is of course turn out wrong lol. For now I expected Shamour is like Milk at first, very annoying.

    Anyway this episode remind me of Yes PreCure 5 when Nozomi become Urara 1 day manager and I was actually impressed by sheer coincidence and her skill to help Urara doing her job perfectly. Guess I can expect same here later.

    Anyway once again I kinda looking forward to see if Puff is capable to flying is revealed to Yui and the rest in credit. I kinda suspect Minami parent group is sponsor for Noble Academy but it will probably turn out to be wrong though. That's all from me.