Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kantai Collection Ep 11 Review: Accept or Defy?

Hello everyone! This is my Kantai Collection episode 11 review and what happened hours before Operation MI begin?

Akagi had a nightmare for the last few nights as she saw herself and everyone in her fleet were killed. She suggested to Nagato some changes to the deployment after claiming she want to try to change everyone's fate which Nagato agreed.

Soon, everyone received their orders and were preparing themselves. Fubuki, Yodachi and Mutsuki paid their respects to Kisaragi before sortie out. Even Yamato prepare herself to join up with the main fleet.

During the operation, Akagi ordered Fubuki and Kongo to wait up for Yamato and her fleet as they went ahead. They tried to take down the Abyssal Airfield Princess but were ambushed from all sides. Kaga, Kitakami and Akagi were badly injured and were unable to fight back. Suddenly a bomber is heading straight towards Akagi...

A Cliffhanger!? Will Akagi accept that it is their fate to be killed or defy their fate? If you google the Battle of Midway, you will know who got sunk and if you are a fan of any of these Kan Musume, you will be probably moaning in the next episode.

First, Akagi's fears has come true. They know they are soldiers and chances of them being KIA is very high especially for such a huge operation. She cared a lot of her fleet and suggested to Nagato to make some amendments hoping they could avoid a major loss. Even Nagato agreed with her and later she consoled in Mutsu's arms hoping that Akagi is wrong about her premonition and wondered are they destined to die in the end?

Meanwhile, everyone do what they can for the final battle. Ikazuchi and her group were having their "last drink" together (which is milk) although Fubuki drank her in one gulp. Fubuki and Yodachi paid their respects to Kisaragi as they both sortie out together leaving Mutsuki (again?!) to hold the fort. Even Kitakami and Ooichi were deployed in different fleets and Kitakami lose her focus during the battle since she is used to being partner with Ooichi and got hit. (I am not sure if she survive as we only see an explosion after that)

Overall, I give this episode an A minus since the focus is on Akagi although I am guessing Fubuki will make a big impact in the finale. Like what I said earlier, will Akagi accept her fate to be killed or try to defy it with that one speck of hope? Also, a mysterious girl was observing them when the fleet sortie out. Some fans have claimed it is Taiho who is also an aircraft carrier. We have to wait next week to find out in the finale!

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