Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Ep 18 Review: Venus on the Move!

Hello everyone! This is my Sailor Moon Crystal episode 18 review and finally Minako has enough of her friends being abducted!

After Sailor Jupiter/Makoto being taken away by the Black Moon Clan, Minako decided to confront Chibi Usa to learn the truth. However Chibi Usa freaked out after seeing the black crystal jewel (which the girls recovered it earlier) and Usagi behaving like a jerk to Chibi Usa.

Later Mamoru decided to seek advice from his deceased followers (The former Four Dark Kings) who told him it is time for both him and Usagi to advance to the next stage of their lives. Meanwhile Chibi Usa stole the Silver Crystal which is stored in Usagi's transformation brooch and at the same time, Minako confronted the last of the Spectre sisters, Calaveras who has begin brainwashing the people in the city.

Of course, it was all a diversion for Rubeus to steal the Silver Crystal from Chibi Usa but Tuxedo Kamen arrived and even managed to drove him away with his new awakened power. Sailor Moon defeated Calaveras and finally Chibi Usa told them she is from the 30th Century and need to use the Silver Crystal to save her parents...

Finally the girls realised that they should have confronted Chibi Usa when Ami got abducted and we wasted three episodes seeing the latter, Rei and Makoto got abducted. Both Minako and Usagi tried to probe further from Chibi Usa about the Black Moon Clan with Usagi bluntly claimed she cannot trust Chibi Usa which is why Usagi is not the leader but Minako is.

Even though Minako felt responsible for her friends' abductions, they have bigger problems with Calaveras trying to brainwash the people into attacking them. The only person who think properly is Mamoru who seek advice from the Four Dark Kings (and probably the last time we will ever see them again) and learned that he is destined to be King and must guide Usagi to his queen. Later he even saved Usagi and Chibi Usa from Rubeus with his new powers (Finally he is using something useful rather than throwing a rose or swinging his cane)

At the end of the episode, Chibi Usa finally admitted she needed the Silver Crystal to save her parents in the future and it seems we are getting to see Sailor Pluto in the next episode. Overall, I give this episode a B minus. It is nice to see my favourite Sailor Senshi, Venus to be more proactive and which is why I dislike Usagi for her immature behaviour throughout this arc so far. Even Mamoru and Naru were more lovable in this episode with Mamoru thinking things through and Naru who suspect Usagi keeping a secret tried to help her. (But got brainwashed instead) Until then, see you next month for Chibi Usa's motives and the arrival of Sailor Pluto!

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