Monday, March 9, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 6 Top 4 Moments and Review: Aim to be the Grand Princess!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 6 and we finally know the reasons why the girls were chosen to be Precures!

I am a Rose Bud?!

No 4: Meet Lock and Dyspear's official appearance.

As expected, we get to see the last of the three generals. He is the youngest among the three and probably treat everything like a game. The typical spoilt kid in the evil organisation who just wanted to torment the girls physically and mentally. Unfortunately, he just created a Zetsuborg from a baseball player and observed from afar the girls battling it. Although he make his presence at the end, I don't feel much invested by his overall appearance in this episode.

I think to defeat Dyspear, someone must open that heart on her chest...

Speaking of appearance, we finally get to see Dyspear and her presence is really creepy as she sat on the throne and was disappointed about Close and Shut's failures. Even her tone of her voice was cold and calculated like Haman Karn. Compare her to Mirage from last season, Mirage is like a school girl and Dyspear is a Diva.

No 3: Meet Miss Shamour, Princess 101 Instructor.

Our new toy! Go and get it in stores now!

The girls got an empty room to hang out after school and the two fairies presented the Princess Lesson Pad to them. Out came Shamour, a cat fairy who will teach the girls to be real princess in every way and becoming a true Princess or they called it Grand Princess.

Their first lesson was how to serve afternoon tea and both Minami and Kirara did it with flying colours. Instead Haruka bumble all the way through and even Shamour called her a rose bud (Tsubomi) which Haruka admitted it too. (Earlier she was commented by her peers for being a rose bud among Minami and Kirara. Shamour herself is like those hen peaked instructor who is very particular with details and it is her job to train to the girls to be Grand Princess which we will find out what it really mean in the future.

No 2: The Girls' First Teamup together.

We finally get to see all three girls transformed and battle together for the first time. It was nice to integrate all three girls solo transformation into one big continuous shot. It even end with the three girls calling up their catch phase-"Strong, Grace and Beauty, Go Princess Precure!" So far this is one of the better team transformation in the whole of the Precure series.

The battle with the Zetsuborg was all right with Cure Flora showing that she might not have elegance or grace like the other two but she has a lot of will power and she prove it by swinging the Zetsuborg like a tornado and fling it to the air. Again, most of the Pink Precures relied on crazy will power and strength to overcome their opponents.

No 1: The search for the Nine Dress Up Keys begins!

Kanata was able to communicate the girls through the Lesson Pad and explained how Dyspear has trapped the citizens of Hope Kingdom by sealing off their dreams. He further explained that Dyspear is after the Twelve Dress Up Keys (Including the three girls' keys) to fulfill her evil plans. The keys are sentient and were able to escape into the human world before Dyspear got it.

This is probably how the keys landed on Minami and Kirara in the first place. Haruka's case was also special since young Kanata followed the Flora Dress Up Key and it led him to young Haruka. To me, I am thinking that the three girls will get three keys each and the remaining last three keys will be for Cure Scarlet to own it later in the series. Of course in true Precure fashion, the found keys will be spread out throughout the series and a way to promote the toys.

Overall, I gave this episode a B plus! At least we now have some explanation on what the main plot is about and the search for the remaining keys begins. Lock and Dyspear's appearance were all right and it creeps me out seeing Dyspear giving orders like an evil step mother...why I reminded of Cinderella when I see Dyspear? Shamour didn't do much other than teaching the girls how to be Grand Princess which I am guessing it is their next evolve form later in the series.

Oh yes, I have to mention about the teaser trailer of the upcoming All Stars movie in this episode. It seems the girls were transported to a festival (Again!) and somehow Nozomi is getting on with Coco. The Fresh Precure girls are having a psychology episode and the Smile team are making a cake? Pretty typical Precure stuffs for their team up movies but we will see more when the next  trailers aired in the later weeks.

Next episode, Haruka encountered a male student who happened to be the same one who bullied her as a kid. Can she overcome this childhood trauma? Until then, see you next week to find out more!Gokigenyou!


  1. Alright, the first I would like to review is this (my variation of review)- Kanata, a soon-to-be dream prince for the damsel Haruka (good thing he remembered Haruka well enough), could only relay the two missions to the Princess Precures via a hologram: To locate the scattered Dress Up Keys and becoming Grand Princesses. Hopefully, should Haruka and co. meet Shirabe Ako (Suite) and especially Shirayuki Hime (Happiness Charge) in the upcoming All Stars movie (which I hope there will be more interactions between Miki, Karen and Kirara, all of them pursuing similar dreams), they will be taught about being REAL princesses from the two Cures of royal background (Hime will no doubt be irritated that this new Precure team actually copied her Cure alter ego).

    Second, the core of the villains are fully assembled- Lock, the last of the Three Musketeers, a gaming-maniac who belittled the Cures (especially Flora, who deemed her lame to be a Precure) and Dysdark, whose evil aura already send creepy nerves to the viewers (given how she reprimanded Close for letting the Princess Precures to be revived).

    Third, and most important, our newly-assembled heroines are starting to be trained to be Grand Princesses by a Siamese kitty mascot (Ms. Shamour), who first taught them to serve afternoon tea. Minami and Kirara both did it with relative ease (and demonstrated their princess qualities), but that daydreaming Haruka couldn't even.... (sighes) whatever! Heed my advice, Haruka: You might have the real vigour to be a princess, but if you lacked any talent for that, daydreaming would NEVER let you be a princess! Not to mention that others students compared Haruka to be a tsubomi (bud) enveloped by two sparkling flowers (Minami and Kirara), how petty can Haruka be?

  2. i think the students where being mean jerks to haruna (dont u think)
    and they like minami and kirara because there beatiful and famous
    so calling haruna a rosebud means that haruna is not special

    1. It is more of the Ugly Duckling syndrome as Haruka has yet to find her bearings in the school. Give her time and she will become bloom to a beautiful Rose. Like how Tsubomi from Heartcatch Precure also took time for her to become one of the better Pink Cures.

    2. Shirabe Ako & Shirayuki Hime (in unison): WE are the genuine princesses, Haruka and co. will always be IMITATORS no matter the Princess Lessons! (P.S. Funny how these two Precures of royal background have their names started with "Shira"!)

  3. still would u be a little mad if someone called u that?
    nagisa will blow a fuse if someone called her that