Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Ep 15 Review

Hi everyone! This is my review of Sailor Moon Crystal episode 15 as we begin the first chapter of the Black Moon Arc! Due to my personal commitments, I will just wrap up on what I think of this episode.
This is something you don't see every day in Sailor Moon...

The moment Chibi Usa entered the scene and pointing a toy gun at Usagi. I know we are in for a wild ride. Chibi Usa actually bring some light hearted moments especially after the last few intense episodes. She used an old hypnotic trick which she probably learned from Batman's villain, the Penguin as she make Usagi's family fell under her spell. Of course, she is determined to get the Silver Crystal from Usagi for her motives which we will learn in future episodes.

We also meet the new villains for this arc-The Black Moon Clan which is led by Prince Demande and his followers. Unlike the four dark kings from the previous arc, they come out as colorful villains and with a large group of foot soldiers and lieutenants at their disposal. The thing about them is the common people think they are aliens since Rei actually make an awkward face about UFO sightings in the city.

UFO?! You got to be Kidding!

Furthermore this episode focus on Rei as she prepare for her school festival. Before her time as a Sailor Senshi, Rei was seem as anti-social by her peers. However her time with Usagi and the others had led her to be more open with her classmates and even make friends with the President of the Supernatural club.

Finally the battle with the power up Sailor Senshi. The girls are now equipped with Star Power pens given by Luna and everyone show off their new attacks. Although Sailor Mars's Burning Mandala was a bit disappointing since it lacked the beating of drums from the original series. Sailor Moon also got a new power up with the Moon Rod which quickly dispatched Koan of the Ayakashi Sisters. However Sailor Mars is abducted by Crimson Rubeus at the end of the episode which is the beginning of the Abductions of the Sailor Senshi since Sailor Mercury will be the next target.

Hello..Sailor Mars is burning...Someone call 911?

Overall, I give this episode a solid A as this new arc started off strong with a lot of actions and some light hearted moment by Chibi Usa and Usagi. Both of them actually play well against each other as their relationship are like squabbling siblings. The action scenes was great although Sailor Mars got abducted at the end. The opening also include the Black Moon Clan, Chibi Usa and Sailor Pluto which I am waiting to see how Madea Ai (Cure Karen/Karen from the Precure series) voiced Sailor Pluto with her mature voice. A great start and let's hope it keep that way for this arc! 

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