Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kantai Collection Ep 5 Top 5 Moments and Review

Hi everyone! This is my Kantai Collection episode 5 review and a major reshuffle of the fleets has happened in the base! Let's see what happen next!

No 5: The Third Torpedo squad disbanded.

It was a pretty nice moment at night with Fubuki and her former team mates having one last hurdle before transfering to different teams. Mutsuki is with the fourth fleet, most probably she is to replace Kisaragi while Yudachi and Naka are together. We don't know what happened to Sendai and Jintsu but it couldn't be worse than Fubuki who ended up with the oddest group of characters in her new Fifth Mobile Unit.

No 4: Akagi mentioned Operation FS.

The reason why the Admiral ordered a major reshuffle was due to the upcoming Operation FS. In the actual historical timeline, Operation FS was the plan to invade Fiji, Samoa and New Caledonia in the south Pacific. However the operation was postponed due to the Japanese losing in the Battle of Midway. In Kantai, the operation is to disrupt the sea lanes of the Abyssals and hopefully find the location of their main base which we might be getting it in a future episode.

No 3: Meet the new Fifth Mobile Unit!

Fubuki has the most unfortunate to be with some of the fleets' strong headed girls. Fubuki was scared stiff by Oichi's possessive behaviour as she was chased out for "interrupting" their Yuri time together. Kaga and Zuikaku who both have very large ego since both are aircraft carriers, were grumbling at each other. Kaga who is a bit of a snob claimed that Zuikaku is inferior to her which pissed her off.

But I am guessing Kaga who has been working with Akagi for so long now has to contend with a less superior aircraft carrier like Zuikaku and Zuikaku didn't like it at all. Although Zuikaku's sister ship, Shokaku is the more reasonable one since she apologise to Kaga and Kaga didn't talk back at her. If I were to compare the two pair of aircraft carriers sisters, Akagi and Kaga are the straight and goody girls while Shokaku and Zuikaku are like Idols singers. Pick your choice for who do you want as your wife! (Hehehe!)

Of course, Kougo is in the team and her behaviour is a good welcome for the moody atmosphere for the team. Although she keep complaining there is no tea time which she is so used to with her sisters.

No 2: Training Exercise Montage!

It was very funny to see Kougo, Kaga and Zuikaku trying to compete who can be the flagship of the team and everyone ended up in the repair docks multiple times! But you can see that the girls couldn't get along due to failure to communicate and their ego getting the better of them. Kougo has Haruna as her tactician while Kaga and Zuikaku had their more experienced sister ships to lead the way. No wonder they failed so many times but the amount of explosives appeared on screen during the montage was hilarious!

No 1: Fubuki is now the Flagship of the Fifth Mobile Unit

Since this show centred around Fubuki, it is only a matter of time for her moment to happen as she showed leadership and courage when the team faced off an Abyssal patrol in the episode. Her basic training actually paid off since she got everyone organised before facing the Abyssal. At the end of the episode, everyone nominate her as the Flagship and she is probably now wondering how did she ended up being it.

Although I am suspecting that the girls just want Fubuki as a scapegoat which I am hope I am wrong since they won't have to think about ordering anyone during combat. (But that will ruined the girls' image which I am sure their fans wouldn't want to either. Except for Oichi and Kitakami whom I personally don't like them because of their Yuri moments)

Overall, I give this episode a B plus! It is nice to see the more older girls in the fleet as I was not really particular with the third torpedo squad being the main focus. Fubuki was pretty determined to get her new members together which they finally did since when things happened, someone has to stand up to take action and that was Fubuki. She might be the smallest in the group but her courage is the largest. Kudos to her!

Kaga and Zuikaku were the most problematic in the group but when Kaga make a rabbit out of a towel and Zuikaku mistaken it was Fubuki made it. However Fubuki brought these two together and they end up making towel rabbits and Kaga is eating an ice cream before going to bed. That's so girly like of her! (Cute!) Next episode, it is about the Sixth Destroyer Unit and Operation Curry Seas?! Until then, see you in the next post!

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