Saturday, February 7, 2015

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Ep 5 Review

With Takeuchi announcing the following girls, Uzuki, Rin, Mio, Anya and Minami to prepare for their CD debut, tension rises with the other girls in the group. So what's went wrong?

Continuing from the previous episode, Miku whose antics annoyed our three main girls (Uzuki, Rin and Mio) was at it again. She tried all ways to get Takeuchi to jump start her Idol career and even instigated the others to influence him. However Takeuchi took things for granted (despite his monotone thinking) and continue to guide Uzuki and the others on their CD debut.

This is so illegal in so many ways...

Things took a bad turn when Miku had enough with Takuechi and she blockade the office's cafe with Mika and Anzu. Everyone wanted Miku to stop making a mockery of herself and she finally snapped. Claiming being an earlier entry member of the group, she was angry that Uzuki, Rin and Mio got a chance to be on stage with Rika and a CD debut despite being the last members of the group.

Although Takeuchi finally cleared the misunderstanding to her that Uzuki and the rest are the first batch to be debuted as idols and the others will get their chances once everything is settled for the first batch. Miku finally gave up and everything went back to normal soon after. However both sides are wrong in my opinion.

Miku came out as childish and behaving in a cat like manner in the beginning. With such an attitude, it is no wonder everyone does not treat her seriously, thinking she is just kidding around. However her breakdown at the blockade has caught everyone off guard which led Takeuchi no choice but to reveal his future plans to them.

Takeuchi took things for granted which I am guessing the Cinderella Project was his idea and he has no previous experience in grooming a large group of girls. A lack of communication and understanding is at hand. One, he did not understand how the other girls will react after Uzuki and the others' CD debut and assume everything is in order. Second, the rest of the girls suggested to him ideas on their Idol debuts which he took it easy and still act like nothing has happened.

Although Takeuchi claimed Uzuki, Rin and Mio's timing arrival is perfect to jump start their idol careers and Anya and Minami have good chemistry with each other, it is only after Miku snapped at him which he then realised the rest of the girls are anxious and worried that they might not have a chance to be an idol after waiting for so long. You might ask why Takeuchi didn't told Miku and the others they are next in line after Uzuki's group?

I am suggesting it could be trade secret and precaution. If the girls knew they are going to be next in line, they might take things easily and become high handed in their training which could resulted them in not performing to be their best when their time come. Rival idol companies could learn how their Cinderella project functioned if one of the girls accidentally spun out the beans which could make matters worse.

Overall, I give this episode a B plus! After the fun and games in the last four episodes, it is nice to see some tension between the girls and Takeuchi which it is okay for me. (It actually paint a more realistic look behind the scenes of an idol.) With Uzuki's group taking the name New Generation (which is Takeuchi's suggestion) and Anya and Minami calling themselves Love Laika at the end of the episode, they are about to have their first mini concert based on the next episode preview which I can't wait to see it! Until then, see you in the next episode!

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