Sunday, February 1, 2015

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Ep 4 Top 5 Moments and Review

No 5-Miku acting all Cat-like.

When Miku enter the room as our three main leads were filming for a PR video, she was behaving in a less likely behaviour. But once she saw they were filming, she quickly pull out her cat ears and started all cat like. I am guessing her cat like behaviour is more of a front to hide her real self. Although the others didn't mind, I am guessing it is going to bite back at Miku when she is in conflict with her true self and the image she show to everyone.

No 4-Kanako's snacks.

The more I look at Kanako, the more I am remind of Yabuki Kana from the Idolmaster Movie as they tend to chew on something every scene they are in. Although Kana did it due to stress related, Kanako make snacks which she have to taste it first and cause her to gain weight. Even their trainer reminded her in the previous episode that she has to be careful of her waistline which is bound to happen in future episodes.

No 3-Ranko AKA Rika from Chunibyo.

I am enjoying Uchida Maya's performances at Ranko as she played perfectly as the Chunibyo Idol. In Chunibyo, she was a victim of circumstances that turned her into a Chunibyo. But here, she is literally in character throughout.

I was laughing to myself when she want the girls to bring a machine that capture souls which is an old folks' tale of ancient people who do not know what a camera is and claimed their souls will be trapped inside the camera. Mio also started calling her RanRan which is a cute name and I am guessing she like it too in her heart.

No 2-Minami and Anya's PR Video.

I am liking more of Anya every time she appear on screen. Perhaps being the only mixed blood in the group has show off her X-factor. Despite having a language barrier, she tried her best to communicate with the others and her in a cheer leading costume definitely raise her popularity. (I know some doujins artists are probably planning to draw about her after this episode)

Minami is perhaps the most simplest among the group with her small eyes and v-shaped cheek. Perhaps it is due to age since she is the oldest in the group but then Kirarin is almost the same age as her but behave more childlike.

No 1-The chosen girls' upcoming CD recording debut.

Takeuchi (Producer-San for those who are new to my blog) announced that Uzuki, Rin and Mio are to become a unit while Anya and Minami formed a second unit. This excited the chosen girls but upset the others who have yet to shine. Takeuchi must have seen through their PR videos to make such a decision. I am not sure how Minami and Anya's vocals were but Rin has already demonstrated in the previous episode how good she can sing Mika's songs so the weakest link will be Uzuki and Mio to show how good their vocals are.

Overall, I give the episode a C+ since it is the daily life of the girls. But it focus on the rest of the girls who were pushed to the sideline for the last three episodes. If you love the rest of the girls in the group, more power to you. To me, I am enjoying seeing Ranko, Anya and Kanako beside the main three girls. But I am more excited to see how the chosen girls perform their first CD recordings in the next episode!

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