Monday, February 2, 2015

Dog Days S3 Ep 4 Top 5 Moments and Review

Hi Everyone! This is my Dog Days S3 episode 4 review and it is all about Squish Slimes! Let's get to it!

No 5: Peaceful time at Biscott and Galetta.

Shinku and Millhore started the episode playing fetch in a beautiful field of flowers. Like the first two seasons, Shinku's relationship with Millhore is like a master and his dog. Of course, the dog talk back and they share some moments together. Meanwhile, Leon got a full oil massage from Nanami and she was glowing like a shining star after the massage. Talk about a bright feline!

No 4: The Legend of the First Hero.

Adel spoke of how the first hero and his companion-a Princess and a Demon actually used the powers of the Hero, Spirit and Demon Crystal to save the land. I wonder is this foreshadowing of how Shinku, Nanami and Becky will eventually use the crystals' powers to save the land in an upcoming episode?

No 3: Adel was once a human from Earth who was summoned by Couver's ancestors.

This is interesting since Adel mentioned she has not taste Earth's food for a long time and when Becky gave her some cookies from Earth, she claimed it reminds her time on Earth before coming to Floyard which could mean a very long time ago. She even mentioned the Spirit Crystal that Nanami is holding belong to her friend, who is one of the former rulers of Pastillage.

No 2: Muni Muni Slimes Invasion.

Valarie's little creation went out of control and started eating clothes and metals in the palace. As expected, most of the girls' clothes were eaten away leaving them stark naked. I think the Genosis Trio got stark naked the most time for the last two seasons which is becoming a running gaga in the show.

No 1: Nanami, Becky and Couver combine their powers and Couver's adult form.

We get a sneak peek of how powerful when all three crystals combine their powers. Nanami and Becky created a shield around the palace to prevent the slimes from escaping. Couver with the help of Adel actually turned her into an adult form (Which she looked completely different) and help destroyed all the slimes. If this is just ten percent of the three crystal combine, what will happen if they need to fight an absolute evil? I am guessing it will be pretty hardcore and awesome!

Overall, I gave the episode a C+. It is a fan service episode as the girls were running around stark naked. However from Adel's words, I am believing that the time will come when the three heroes need to use their powers together. Looking at Adel being young, I am guessing it might come a time when one of the heroes might stay forever. I am guessing Shinku has a high chance of staying behind since he got along with many of the female characters. Next week, the gang explore a mountain mine so expect hi jinks assumed. Until then, see you in the next episode!

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