Sunday, February 1, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 1 Top 5 Moments and Review

Gokigenyou Minna San! I am trying something different for my reviews. I am going to review my top five moments and the overall thoughts of the said episode. If you like it, this will be the way I will review my episodes from now on.

No 5: Young Haruka meeting Young Kanata.

This is the typical Shoujo opening scene where two people meet when they were young and they make a promise. Haruka was bullied after she claimed her dream is becoming a Princess when she grow up. This attracted Kanata to give Haruka the Dress Up Key and she held to it as a promise to Kanata. I was giggling to myself when Haruka said "I want to be a Princess when she grow up!" which is similar to Luffy from One Piece claiming he want to be the Pirate King when he grow up and Shanks give his straw hat as a promise.

No 4: Welcome to Nobel Academy.

Haruka's father is dear Haruka....why did you leave me?

I think this is the first time where the backdrop of the Precure series is centred in a school rather than the usual town place. Furthermore, it is quite far from the city looking at how Haruka's parents send her by car. When Haruka arrived at the girls' dorm, my mind already flashback to Utena, Strawberry Panic and Mai Hime and how every episode will carried out with the usual school life and the occasional conflict among students. Though if the students will being attacked by Monsters every week, wouldn't that worried the parents to transfer their children out of the school?

No 3: Meet Minami, Kirara, the two Fairies and Haruka's roommate, Yui.

Both Minami and Kirara make subtle appearances in this episode. Minami is the model student that everyone idolised with her graceful aura. She already gave a more mature vibe than Karen/Cure Aqua though I won't be surprised if she has a weakness for something and the other two girls started teasing her. Based on next week's episode which she will make her official appearance as Cure Mermaid, expect Minami to be a more competent fighter than Haruka's debut battle in this episode.

Kirara has only have one line in this episode and she has the city girl vibe which balance among the three girls. Haruka is naive and clumsy, Minami is cool and graceful and Kirara is lively and more open minded. Definitely a good balance unlike Happiness Charge which both Megumi and Hime are hyper, Yuko has a poker face and Iona is tough as nails.

I want a Puff Doll!

The two Fairies, Puff and Aroma is definitely named after the puff powder and aroma of various perfumes. I liked Puff since she remind me of my own dog and Toyama Nao is voicing her which is a better improvement than Matsui Naoko who did Ribbon. (But then most senior seiyuu does the voices for the mascots and fairies in various Precure series) Although how Aroma and Puff are siblings is a big question mark? How does a Dog and Bird mate each other?


Finally Yui who is playing a supporting role and given the opening showing her interacting with Puff and Aroma which most probably she will know the girls' identifies as Precures pretty early in the series. Who know, Yui might end up writing a story of the Princess Precures when she began working as a children's book author after the finale ended.

No 2: Meet the Dys Dark, the main villains for this season.

Your Close up is scaring me!!!

Based on the opening, we have one main big bad villain, Dyspear and the three generals who will go up against the girls. Close is the first general in this episode and he looked like he should be in a heavy metal rock band. Madono Mitsuaki who voice him sounds like a loose cannon, similar to what he did for Adachi from Persona 4 and he already creep me out with his close up make up.

The Zetsuborg who are the monsters of the week are created by sealing up people's dream under lock and key (Literally!) and Yui fall victim when Close saw her dream as an author. I think it is similar to Kamen Rider Wizard where the monsters destroyed their dreams and the victims manifested a monster from their bodies.

No 1: Cure Flora's Maiden Battle.


Haruka using the Dress Up Key to insert into the Princess Perfume is similar to Gokaiger's Ranger Keys. Although the liquid that appear inside the Princess Perfume is like the Genesis Driver from Kamen Rider Gaim. All you need is a computer voice to shout "Melon Energy or in this case, Peach Energy! Soda!" to make it cool.

The transformation sequence is a mix between Heartcatch Precure and the flowers flying all over is similar to the Precure Five Gogo team transformation. The wearing of her Tiara remind me of Go-Onger's helmet wear without the engine sound. Her first encounter is typical for a first timer Precure as her reaction is like Cure Happy but she soon picked up quickly. I think the emphasis for this series is to fight gracefully and with power which I am expecting them to move like a ballet dancer and fight like a knight.

Although when Cure Flora used her Mode Engage form, it is a reverse of Wedding Peach's transformation as Wedding Peach and her friends wore wedding dresses before revealing their battle suits. Here it is the reverse as the Mode Engage form is used as a special attack and probably need the large skirt to keep them balance while firing their attacks. Although I will find the large skirt not practical if they were to fight hand to hand combat. Her special attack which is called Precure Floral Tourbillion, fired a huge gust of flower which is pretty all right but not as flashy like the last few seasons.

Overall, I give this episode a B+. There are some good parts like the transformation sequence and the school backdrop. But the rest of the episode is similar to previous seasons of Precures. Based on the opening, we saw a masked lady facing against Cure Flora whom many fans speculate she could be a heels turn head character in the future which I am fine with since Cure Beat was the last character who was once a villain but reformed to be a Precure.

How do you bend your body like that?! (Doujin Artists! Do your Worst!)

So why did you think Katana need the Princess Precure for? Do you think that the Masked lady is  from the Hope Kingdom or Dys Dark and why she is going after the girls? Do you like Cure Flora's overall transformation and battle? Leave your comments and I will see you in the next episode! Gokigenyou!!


  1. Your new review style is quite unique, but quite risky as you need to think of 5 best moments of the show, that would be hard if the episode you are reviewing is not that good (to you).

    Anyway like you said, this episode is pretty typical for Precure's first episode, and I think that is the point, cause when I watch this, this is pretty much what the older days of Precure (Washio era) does. Overall, I really did enjoy the 1st episode, as it really does have a "Precure" vibe to it despite having a Princess theme.

    For future episodes I hope they don't turn any main characters, especially Kanata and Haruka into unlikable characters to the end, the generals should get stronger after a certain amount of losses, and have the battles just as good as this episode.

  2. I thought I'd comment since I have been reading your reviews for a while now but never comment (>_<)

    The new review-style where you pick your 5 favorite moments can be a double edged sword, it's nice and fresh to read but should there be an episode that you like less, you're gonna feel a little stuck with sucky choices IMO, but I always welcome originality so for now, I liked it.

    As for the 1st episode, I really loved it, even though there's this Cure Scarlet/Cure Beat vibe in the air right now, it is not based on Suite like the last shows were based on Yes/Fresh/Heartcatch.

    Looking forward to how this one moves along ^_^

  3. hey!!!I love ur new reviewing style!! and I m heads over heels for go princess!!!! keep up the good work and gokigenyou!!!

  4. This review style is very good, keep up the good work! :) I loved her first battle and I hope the season does more good fights like this one. I think that Masked Lady will be the fourth Precure, Cure Scarlet. After all, Cure Scarlet is the princess of scarlet flames and ... this girl controls flames, so...

  5. 6th Top Moment: Haruka saying, "You can fly?" to Puff. :-D

    I was pretty impressed by the animation of the fight; very rare for TV anime to have such a "dynamic camera", as it were. I know they were pulling out the stops for the 1st episode, but it'd be so cool if they could keep that going.

  6. great reveiw!!
    I Hope that go princess precure becomes the new smile precure
    haruna is cute
    minami is beautiful
    and kirara is my favorite already,SHE'S SO CUTE!!!!:D

  7. Finally, I have the time to comment your review before I go to bed.
    For the Top 5 moments style, as some commenters had said, it may be difficult to choose Top 5 moments when the ep is not done very well. I think you need to make your review more flexible when coming to such eps.

    Most of my comment of this ep had been written in my own review, I won't repeat much here. The tiara on scene, as I said in my review, it had happened in some anime, and the example I take is Ryusei Sentai, which is before Go-onger.
    The henshin scene can be said to be an derived version of HCPC. While HCPC mainly sprays the heroine's body, this one is also spraying the background for creating the dimension.

    As you mention the dress is the reverse version of WP, I would like to elaborate. In WP, Angels wear wedding dress is to level up their love wave to the highest point, then they can change to fighter angel. If they had worn wedding dress before they say "wedding XX", they can skip the first change. Mode Elegant here...according to the just makes the attack looks more graceful, and as I had said, the mobility of Mode Elegant is a weakness.

    In addition , the staffs eventually realise their insufficient description on school life in few recent Precures. The school life description will surely abundant here, but their family life description will be less at the same time.