Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quick Picks: Kantai Collection Ep 4

Kantai Collection Ep 4: Fubuki woke up to find Mutsuki missing from her bed. She has been going to the docks looking at the ocean despite knowing that Kisaragi is dead.

Fubuki later reported to the Admiral's office where she met the fastest ship-Shimakaze and the four Kongo sisters. (Fubuki's image of Kongo was runied since she behaved like an over friendly character) Nagato briefed the girls that their mission is to secure the supply routes from an oncoming Abyssal team that is prepare to intercept the supply route.

The next day, Shimakaze was missing for her deployment and everyone went looking for her. Kongo and her sisters planned all sort of ideas to lure Shimakaze out like holding a concert, spying on Oicchi and Kitakami, using a dirty magazine as bait and finally a tea party which Shimakaze appeared out of nowhere to join them.

Fubuki felt tired being with them however they went on with their mission and spot the Abyssal fleet. They began their attacks and Fubuki was amazed by everyone's actions. She tried to take down one ship but was ambushed by a leader Abyssal ship.

Fubuki was badly damaged but Kongo saved her and hug her tightly. Fubuki understand what it mean and Kongo then defeated the remaining Abyssal ships. After the mission, Fubuki went to find Mutsuki at the docks and hugged her tightly, refusing to let her go. Mutsuki struggled first but started to break down as she finally get over Kisaragi's death....

After last episode's dark ending, Kongo and Shimakaze stole the whole show with their energy. Shimazkaze is like a hyper bunny who can't stop moving around. Kongo is over the top nice girl, Hiei adored her elder sisters, Haruna is the nice one and Kirishima is the smart one. Together, the four girls make a perfect team and their teamwork for this mission was pretty good. Kongo giving a hug to Fubuki also show her maturity that they need to overcome grief and let go of those who left. Fubuki then hugged Mutsuki is to tell her that Kisaragi is gone and she need to let go which she finally break down. I am glad Mutsuki has resolved her issues and didn't let it drag on. Can someone tell me who is coming next week based on the trailer?

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