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Quick Picks: Momo Kyun Sword Ep 9, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 23, Persona 4 Golden Ep 9, Rail Wars Ep 10, Kill La Kill Ep 25 FINAL

Momo Kyun Sword Ep 9: A mysterious light surrounded a mountain which all the peach fragments that everyone collected it is reacting to. Jyakio immediately ordered his men to find this mysterious light.
Meanwhile, Momoko met Onihime and after some lunch, Momoko showed her the charm that she lost it previously. It was a ring and Onihime was shocked by it. She went back to her home and showed to Momoko that she has a similar ring as her.
The animal companions decided to tell the truth-Years ago, a Tenyu Princess fell in love with an Oni and gave birth to a pair of twins. The Tenyu would not allow the twins to live and the princess took the twins to Earth to hide them. She placed the twins into two giant peaches and due to exhaustion, she passed away. The animal companions found one of the peaches which Momoko is in while the other was taken by Jyakio. The two girls then realised they are twin sisters and furthermore, their biological father has passed away too.
Onihime was shocked by it and went to find Jyakio for answers. However he was not in his chamber. Momoko took it well which later the Tenyu girls led them to find the Peach core buried in the mountains. They saw the Oni are finding it and battled them. Tenki challenged Momoko and he overwhelmed her even when she has fused with Inugami. At the same time, Youki found Seimei and Kaguya and wanted her to follow him. Seimei fought him but was ambushed by Enki.
Kaguya was willing to follow the Oni claiming she is using Seimei and will resort to any means to return to the moon. At the same time, the Oni found the Core and defeated the girls. Jyakio took the core and went to a secret chamber and claimed the time for revenge has come...
This is unexpected that both Momoko and Onihime are twins sisters but fate played them a cruel joke since they were raised differently. Onihime has always regard Jyakio as her father but now learned her biological parents are dead and isn't taking it well. Momoko on the other hand took it well since she was raised by the old couple and the animal companions and do not think too much about her parents.
But now dark times has come since Jyakio has found the core fragments and is planning for his revenge while Kaguya (I am guessing she is based on the folktale of the Moon Princess) was using Seimei and now joined the Oni for her own motives. With Momoko badly wounded, is it too late for our heroes?
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 23: Crossbones was ordered by his master to begin their operation and headed to Japan. Akira felt sorry for himself after failing to save his father and went to look for Pepper and Sunfire who has come to protect the kids.
Iron Man was unable to track the locations of the missing discs lost in the dimension rip but promised Akira that he will find his father for him. The next day, the X-Men and Noriko bid farewell to everyone and returned to their base. Back in New York, Spidey received news from Hawkeye that the Super Heroes Registration Act was scrapped as Senator Roberts (Loki in disguise) went missing with Shield and Nick Fury back in action again.
Crossbones freed Tim and his comrades but claimed he want their biocode instead of them. The kids and Pepper secured the remaining villains disks into a suitcase and Pepper left the room with it. They soon realised that the real Pepper was asleep and the impostor is Mystique. She met Crossbones and wanted to know who is his employer. He double cross her and Sunfire arrived to discover that it was the Red Skull all along.
The kids arrived and found Sunfire defeated. The Avengers knew who are they dealing with and ordered the kids to call them out. Red Skull was able to call all the villains at once and he was holding a orb called the Dimensional Sphere to amplify the villains' powers. Hulk was knocked out with one blow by Abomination. The others tried to attack them but nothing worked. The villains now proclaimed themselves as the Masters of Evil however Red Skull recalled them back and claimed he will destroy them the next time.
The remaining heroes tried to take down Red Skull but were knocked out by the Dimensional Sphere. The kids and the Avengers felt helpless for the first time but Iron Man suggested that he will find a way to make them stronger...
So we come to a new arc-The Masters of Evil with Red Skull leading them. I was expecting more from Captain America since he and Red Skull are eternal adversaries. It looked like Red Skull is more dangerous than Loki since he has the Dimensional Sphere which allow him to call out multiple villains and make them stronger. I am actually enjoying this series since the main villain is now Red Skull and he is actually more crazy and evil than Loki. Plus we get to see Sun Fire and Mystique too which is a bonus. However things are getting more interesting as in the next episode, the Guardians of the Galaxy are making their appearance! I am GROOT!!
Persona 4 Golden Ep 9: The gang went to the ski resort for holidays and Yosuke brought his video camera to film the trip. Everyone enjoyed themselves in the first day and when the guys were relaxing in the hot spring, Yosuke and Teddie was wondering who did they bought the black swimsuit for during their trip to the beach?
However they ignored it which later Rise showed everyone the photos they have taken so far on her phone. But they realised something is out of place as in every picture, there was a gap in between each other. Yosuke checked his video camera and realised someone film them a few months back but they can't remember who it was.
Teddie have to go and spoilt the mood but turning off the lights and was beaten up by the girls. The next day, Yu fell off a small cliff and spotted someone running away. He finally saw it was Marie and she passed her comb like object to him. Yu managed to find a small hut and rest there. The others arrived and they all finally remember Marie. They then saw the old television turned on by itself...
So we finally come to the most important part of the Golden storyline. In the original series, this arc stop after Yu and someone of your choice (any of the playable characters) are trapped in the hut after a snowstorm and spent a night there. But with the television turned on by itself, you know something big is about to happen. It seems that the producers are pushing for a Yu and Marie shipping as he cried after knowing he missed her. So what is going to happen now once they entered the television and discover Marie's true identify?
Rail Wars Ep 10: Aoi trained Naoto more to make him better and ended up spraining his leg. The team was later assigned to protect and escort Prince Berina of Altela during his trip to the next city on an express train.
Haruka acted strange after knowing their assignment but kept mum. On the actual day, Berina is also a train fan boy like Naoto and they enjoyed each other company. Aoi missed the train after spotted a suspicious character in the train leaving the other three to protect Berina.
Later Naoto learned that Haruka and Berina are classmates in the same foreign school years ago which she was embarrassed. Haruka was assigned to act as a decoy in the prince's suite while Sho was next door and Naoto is with Berina in another suite. Berina started exploring the train on his own (Sasshou is on the same train working in the cafe) which got Naoto tired. Berina later took a shower and warned Naoto not to peek at him.
Naoto read the news on his phone and learned that the Altela Royal Family is involved in an accident. He heard Berina fainted in the shower and took him out. Naoto then realised that Berina is actually a girl. When she woke up, she told Naoto to keep it a secret even from Haruka. Later, a man in black suit attacked the guys and Berina in the cafe. Sho hold him off while Naoto and Berina escaped into the carriages. Naoto tried to hold off another kidnapper but he was stunned by a taser. Suddenly Aoi arrived and took on the kidnapper...
So after the previous arc of sending an organ though old rail lines, we have the team protecting, Princess Berina from kidnappers. She looked like a small boy when she wore her royal attire but now the cat is out and Naoto is swore to protect her and her secret, it is going to be one long night for everyone...
Kill La Kill Ep 25 FINAL: 2 weeks has passed after Ragyo was defeated by Ryuko, Sanageyama duel with Satsuki for closure and Satsuki won. Sanageyama realised that Satsuki has lost her ambition spirit and wanted some closure for herself. She told Ryuko that she will close the island once the graduation is over.
A month later, the school is having their graduation ceremory as the inhibitants are moving out of the city. Satsuki sensed an evil presence but allow herself to get captured. Suddenly an evil clone of Satsuki and the four gods appeared and started attacking everyone. It was revealed that Ragyo's assistant Rei was behind it and she gathered the remaining threads to create clones of them.
Tsumugu and Mikisugi brought weapons for everyone to defend themselves but the clones are giving them a hard time. Rei claimed that she will carry on Ragyo's will and even kidnap Mako as a spare power source to activite the school's secret weapon-A giant robot!
Mako gave an encourgaing speech to boost morales to everyone and they finally defeated the clones. Ryuko fell off a cliff when suddenly the scissors blade appeared from space and she knew it was Senkentsu. She took the scissors blade and finally destroyed the robot.
Rei wanted to kill Satsuki but grazed her neck. She told Rei that it is pointless to live in the past and she will try to change the world despite it's flaws and hope she can join her. Rei finally gave up and they quickly abandoned the island. Ryuko and Mako escaped with her family as Satsuki cut off her hair and bid farewell to the sinking school...
If you remember the final credits in Ep 24, Satsuki has short hair and have got on with Ryuko and Mako. So this episode saw the reason why it is so. Both Satsuki and Rei have past they can't get suppass it. Satsuki felt a sense of emptyness atfer defeating Ragyo and the empire she built for revenge is going to be taken down. But when she saw Rei still living in the past, she realised she too is falling that path and decided to use her power to help others in need. Rei who was saved by Ragyo as a child was obliged to serve her and became a slave to Ragyo. She too realised that nothing will come out of vengence and gave up. 
Ryuko too has a bit of closure as Senkentsu sarcfice itself to save her and it gave it's last hope to her in the form of the scissors blade. She now know that Senkenstu will always be in her body and start a new life with Mako's family. A great closure to one of the best shows of the 2013 line up and we thank Ryuko and friends and said goodbye to them as they begin a new life in the future! 

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