Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Crystal Ep 5: Jupiter Rose!

Usagi was walking to school when she was saved by Kino Makoto from an oncoming vehicle. She found Makoto attractive and claimed she "smelled nice."
Later Usagi learned from Umino of the missing grooms from a bridal shop in town. During break time, nobody approached Makoto as they heard rumors of her being super strong and getting into fights in her previous school. However Usagi approached her (after seeing her cute lunch box) and became friends with her.
After school, Usagi took her to the arcade centre and met Ami and Motoki (which Makoto claimed she looked like a Senpai she once had a crush on) They went to the bridal shop and were suspicious of the bridal shop. Later they met Rei at her shrine and she sense something from Makoto. She left the shrine claiming it was boring while a woman is praying for her missing fiance and prompt the girls to investigate.
That night, one of the mannequins which is actually a Youma controlled Motoki and he went to seduce and sucked Makoto's life force away. Mamoru spotted them and went into action. He became Tuxedo Kamen and woke up Usgai in her sleep. Luna spotted them leaving the house and called out Ami and Rei.
They arrived and saw the Youma controlling Motoki and quickly transformed. The Youma took Makoto hostage and Nerphite also appeared. He mocked Makoto for believing only in appearance and not the true nature of humans. She nearly gave up but Sailor Moon told her that everyone has someone destined for them.
Makoto broke free of the Youma and her Jupiter Sign appeared on her forehead. Luna threw her transformation device to Makoto and she became Sailor Jupiter. She quickly deal the Youma with Flower Hurricane and Jupiter Thunderbolt and Nerphite retreated. (He claimed he has seen Sailor Jupiter somewhere before)
Sailor Jupiter later told the others that she has a crush on her Senpai in her previous school but he has a girlfriend already which make her transfer school. However she claimed she was drawn to this town for another reason and it is to become a Sailor Guardian. Luna then brought the Moon Stick to Sailor Moon and told her that she is become the leader of the Sailor Guardian and to fulfill their destiny...
I got to say that I really like this episode since it is about my favourite inner senshi-Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto. She actually looked more beautiful similar to the manga version than the original series and voiced by Koshimizu Ami is an one up for me! In the original anime series, it was a Youma that disguised as Motoki and seduce Makoto however in this version, it was the Youma bride who is controlling him. Nerphite mentioned of seeing Sailor Jupiter before is actually very important as it concerned everyone. (Those who watch the original will know what I mean!)
Flower Hurricane was never used in the original series but finally shown here which created a stunning effect. Jupiter Thunderbolt is similar to Supreme Thunder which I hope she can used Supreme Thunder in a future episode. I like Makoto's blushing moments which make me feel like a school boy again (Yes, she was my first crush among the sailor senshi!) If there is one flaw is her posing when she become Sailor Jupiter isn't that good as she looked too fake to me. (Too much CG?)
Anyway, Sailor Moon is given the Moon Stick which will played an important role in the future and her role has become heavier since she is now the leader of the group. Sailor Venus will appear soon but for the next episode, the enemy is Tuxedo Kamen!? What is going on here? Find out in two weeks time!


  1. According to the manga, episodes 6 and 7 will be dedicated to first Mamoru Chiba and Next to Tuxedo Mask. So, According to dates, we will see Sailor Venus in October.

    1. i cant wait for venus. also if they going to do each act acording to the manga then the dark kingdom arc will end in episode 13