Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 30: The Dark Side of Lovely

The girls were admiring the Shining Make Dresser and Ribbon told them it can also grant people wishes. They tried to wish something but nothing happened. Blue told them that the "Innocence" in their heart must be strong in order for the Shining Make Dresser to grant them their wishes.
This week's Precure is Powerhouse Milky Rose!
As Iona used her PreCard to dress as a bride while Hime prepare to do some make up, Blue told the girls that he and Cure Mirage used the Shining Make Dresser to destroy a great evil 300 years ago which got the girls surprised that Queen Mirage is a former Precure.
Blue decided to take a breather and went to the local shrine. Megumi followed him and gave him some words of encouragement. Suddenly Phantom arrived and claimed that Queen Mirage has ordered him to kill Blue which shocked Blue.
Megumi transformed and battle Phantom. After a few rounds, Phantom used his new power and turned himself into a darker version of Cure Lovely by using her shadow. Cure Unlovely is her name and she started beating Cure Lovely. Unlovely turned the city into darkness and even started taunting Cure Lovely about her being a useless person.
It caused Cure Lovely to lose her will to fight on when suddenly the others arrived. Glasses sensed that Unlovely is Phantom in disguise and Cure Fortune and Cure Honey tried to take him on. However they will knocked down immediately. Unlovely left to destroy the city and Cure Princess snapped Cure Lovely out of her self-pity by pinching her hard. Cure Princess and the others told her not to give up which got Cure Lovely to stand up again.
They faced Unlovely again and Cure Lovely and him started battling in a test of strength. Cure Lovely won and Phantom was revealed to them. This caused the Shining Make Dresser to appear and gave them their new power-Precure Happiness Big Bang and defeated Phantom.
Cure Lovely thanked everyone for their encouragement as Phantom laid on the ground in defeat...
A pretty good episode as Phantom poke into Cure Lovely's inner thoughts and tried to attack her mentally. It's being a while since I heard the word "Innocence" which is from D-Gray Man but here is more of one's true feelings which the Shining Make Dresser will react to it. (You mean it has a mind of it's own?)
Next we learned a bit more of Queen Mirage's past as she is once called Cure Mirage and worked with Blue to defeat a great evil. (I am guessing Deep Mirror of the past) But due to Blue unwilling to commit, Cure Mirage fall from grace and became Queen Mirage. I think this is the first time we have a fallen Precure who truly went to the dark side and became evil.
I was expecting Phantom to create Cure Unlovely but instead, he literally became Cure Unlovely. She know every thing about Megumi and started taunting her about being a person who does not want to get lonely and want to be loved by everyone. Unlovely even bring Megumi's mother into it which is really a low blow for her. But thanks to Cure Princess and the others, she overcame it and grant a new power-Precure Happiness Big Bang.
The way the power is used is kinda of funny as the girls have to "Make up" and twirl their magic lipsticks to activate it. It will be hilarious if the Saiark have to wait for them to finish their "Make up" before attacking. (Imagine the girls say to the Saiark-"Sorry! Have to powder my face! Put up my lipstick! Do my fingers! Ok! I am done and you are dead!) However this is not the true potential of the Make Dresser as we still have yet to see their new form as shown in the ending.
Warning! This is Hime's imagination went Wild!!
In the next episode, Phantom is defeated and Yuko took him in to heal his wounds. Will she move Phantom's heart and how will the others react to it? Are we seeing a new shipping!? See you next week to find out!


  1. Cure Unlovely is so sexy. Even "her" voice as a trap. And what happen to Cure Lovely's shadow. Did it affect her health or power in any way? Did it get restored?

    1. I think Phantom just stole the "essence" of her shadow and not the actual shadow (which is impossible) but it is Precure Magic so all bad spells will be restored and most probably Cure Lovely's shadow is still intact.

    2. if yuko and phantom will really hug each other next episode for real and it wont be hime imagination i will faint right away

  2. Animation really good this episode for a change and it looks like next episode might be the same.
    OK Phantom kind of Cross Dressed this episode ..... didn't see that coming .... lol .... also next episode Phantom X Yuko ... didn't see that coming either .... lol ....
    Also I think Precure girls are kind of too cute to pull off lipstick without it looking a little weird .... the only one who couldreally pull it off was Cure Ace ....