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Quick Picks: Momo Kyun Sword Ep 7, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 20-21, Persona 4 Golden Ep 7, Rail Wars Ep 8

Momo Kyun Sword Ep 7: Momoko and Onihime were fighting over a new fragment. During the fight, Momoko's dagger and charm came off from her belt and fell into the forest. She quickly rushed to find it with her friends which annoyed Onihime.
Onihime reported her found fragment to her father, Jyakio but he didn't praise her. Being pissed, she brought Enki along and found that Momoko is still searching for her dagger. The animal companions explained to Onihime that the charm was found with Momoko when she was an infant and the dagger was a gift by her grandfather.
Onihime felt it was a waste of time and left. Later with the Tenyu girls and Seimei searching for the dagger, Seimei found another fragment but kept it from the others. Youki who eavesdrop Onihime decided to search the dagger (which he did) and blackmail Momoko into finding all the fragments in exchange.
The Tenyu girls tried to get the found fragments from Sumeragi but she refused to give into the demands claiming it is dangerous. After a fruitless search, Momoko decided to face Youki head on and went to confront him. At the same time, Onihime tricked Youki into giving the dagger and she later give back to Momoko. With it, she defeated Youki with ease.
He complained to Jyakio about Onihime but Jyakio praised Onihime for showing honor to her enemy which anger Youki more. Meanwhile, Seimei and Kaguya were one step in gathering the fragments...
As I said before, Onihime might be headstrong and spolit princess, she also know the meaning of important things as she too have an item belong to her mother which she treasure it. She got the dagger and charm from Youki which I am sure he is not going to take it lightly now and her father even praise her which showed that he is not really evil to the core. However Seimei and Kaguya's plan are suspicious too since they claimed that humans should be in control of the fragments. Dark times are ahead for everyone...
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 20-21: Cyclops tried to defeat Baron Zemo but his time limit is up. Jubei threaten Hikaru and a still paralysed Wolverine with Noriko. He mocked Noriko that humans and mutants could never exist which anger her. She released her powers and broke her binds.
Akira and the others arrived but they couldn't get close to Noriko. Hikaru braved the electricity and told Noriko that it doesn't matter if she is a mutant or human but rather being herself is the most important. She finally calmed down when suddenly Chris arrived. He called out Captain America and reprimanded Ed for placing the Cap's disk into his back pocket before he leave.
Captain America took on Zemo but he taunted Cap about Bucky's death. Chris called out to him not to linger in the past and he is now his partner. Cap understood and finally defeated Zemo. Jubei recalled Zemo and Predator X (Wolverine defeated it) and escaped with the disks. Suddenly the Blackbird jet arrived and Storm, Colossus and Iceman has arrived with Beast's disk. Beast explained that Xavier has already located Loki's hideout and they headed there immediately.
Meanwhile, Loki revealed his plan to the captured Avengers that he planned to absorb all the powers from the captured disks in a specially created chamber. The Avengers were thrown into the chamber and Loki begin the process. At the same time, the X-Men and the kids arrived near Loki's hideout.
They were confronted by Destroyers drones which were easily taken out by the X-Men. Xavier was talking to Magneto for a truce and to defeat their common enemy, Loki. A trio of Sentinels robots attacked the X-Men and they were getting pinned down. Magneto arrived and dealt with the Sentinels. He asked Noriko to join his brotherhood but she refused claiming she can do better helping people than hurting them.
Magneto was impressed by her words and told everyone to head to Loki's hideout. When they arrived, a group of villains blocked them. The X-Men and Noriko hold them off as the kids arrived at the chamber. Tim and his men were holding Nozomu hostage and Loki mocked them as Captain America has not recovered from his recall.
However Chris's bond with him was stronger now and he was able to call him out. Cap tried to hit the chamber with his shield but it bounced off. Nozomu broke free with a stun gun and joined the kids. He told Cap to hit the face panel on the chamber and the shield hit Loki, releasing all the disks. The kids got back their disks and called out them. With everyone back, Cap yelled the battle cry- "Avengers Assemble!"
Who said you can't have Avengers and X-Men in the same show? It was really nice to see that X-Men doesn't revolve Wolverine alone and that the rest of the X-Men minus Beast showed they can kick ass too! Magento was also awesome as he dealt with the Sentinels like a rag doll and there is still a noble side of him as he respected Xavier and Noriko's words. But with the Avengers back in action, can they stop Loki who has almost unlimited powers?
Persona 4 Golden Ep 7: Marie was worried about Yu after their battle against Namatame (He was responsible in pushing Yukiko, Kanji, Rise and Naoto into the shadow world and kidnapping Nanako) Yu knew that something was amiss about Adachi and confronted him.
He found him in the shadow world which he loathed about Yu's bonds with everyone and claimed responsible for Mayumi and Saki's murders. Yu tried to persuade him to surrender but he refused, revealing his own persona-Magatsu Izanagi. Yu and him fought and during the battle, he saw Adachi's past revealing him as a loner throughout his life. When he finally make friends with Dojima, Yu came between them and he was jealous of his bonds with everyone.
Yu felt responsible and returned to the real world. Marie caught up with him and told him not to lose hope in himself and his friends. She gave the comb object to Yu as a safekeeping and he decided to team with up with everyone to battle Adachi.
They returned to the shadow world where Yu confronted Adachi alone. After a tiring battle, Yu overcome him and he surrendered. Suddenly a black fog sucked Adachi in and turned into the god-Ameno-Sagiri. Yu used Adachi's persona and defeated Ameno, freeing Adachi.
At the same time, Marie finally remembered who she is and a mysterious figure took her away. She bid farewell to everyone and the comb object (it fell off from Yu) disappeared...
Compared to the previous series and the game where everyone battle Adachi and Ameno, Yu took it upon himself to defeat him. He forgive Adachi and used his persona to defeat Ameno. But now Marie has went missing after knowing who she is and Yu felt something amiss after the battle. It will take a while for him to realise what has happened but for now, it is Christmas Eve in the next episode, who will Yu celebrate with on this special night?
Rail Wars Ep 8: It was raining heavily and the three girls with Naoto took shelter in the chapel. Sho and Sasshou arrived with umbrellas and drinks for them. Naoto received a call from the station claiming that a landslide has damaged the train tracks and they have to evacuate the passengers from the trains.
After evacuating the passengers, they took a break in the station when a woman who is an organ transporter need to rush to the next city within two hours or the patient will die. However all train services had stop operating due to the landslide. Naoto looked through the map and suggested using the old train lines to get there.
They got an old train that run on kinetic energy (cycling power) and head for the city. Along the way, the brakes isn't working fast enough and they are moving too fast on the curve. Aoi and Sho used their body weight to counter balance the train and make it halfway through. Now they are entering the unused old tunnels when suddenly the train hit a bump and everyone come flying towards Naoto...
I was expecting a cat fight between Aoi, Haruka and Nao for Naoto but duty call and they are now in a race against time to transport the organ to the next city. Everyone play a part during the train ride-Naoto drive and command the train, Aoi and Sho provide the muscles and Haruka used her photographic memory to understand the manual and the navigation. Can the group reach the next city in time as they headed towards unknown terrains?

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