Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 29: Reveal! Blue and Queen Mirage's Past!

Blue was pounding at the Axia box when Megumi came in. He explained that the box has a hidden secret and want everyone to gathered.
This week's Precure is Cure Peace! Ja-Ken-Po!!
He then explained that the Shining Make Dresser is hidden inside the Axia box and can give the girls a power up boost. Iona insisted they should use it immediately in order to save the world. However Megumi claimed that Blue will be shaken if they attack Queen Mirage but Blue insisted he will be all right.
Iona was angry with her and left. Yuko gave her a pep talk and agreed to talk to Megumi again. That night, Megumi called up Seiji and he advised her to be herself and things will work out eventually. At the same time, Hime make some onigiri for Blue to cheer him up and he appreciated it.
While Queen Mirage was staring at the Earth in her lair, Megumi found Blue at the local shrine and want to know more about his relationship with Queen Mirage. The others arrived and asked the same question. He agreed and showed that a mirror of their past. Three hundred years ago, Queen Mirage was a local Miko and she was very close with Blue when they came to Earth. However Blue is the deity of the Earth and he cared everything on Earth.
But Queen Mirage's unrequited love did not move Blue which she mistaken it for hatred and fall from grace. The girls understand better and suggested that Blue should apologise to Queen Mirage for his "misleading love" They also agreed to support him when they see Queen Mirage. However Deep Mirror has overheard everything and influenced Queen Mirage to attack the Precures and destroy the Axia box. She ordered the three Saiark generals to attack them immediately.
Blue ordered Hime to use her "holy" powers within her to awaken the Shining Make Dresser from the Axia Box as he over watch the ceremony. The three generals arrived and the remaining three girls transform and hold them at bay.
The Axia box suddenly change form and become the Shining Make Dresser. Blue told them it will increase their form change powers and Cure Lovely used Lollipop Hip hop to weaken the generals. Cure Fortune tried to purify them but Deep Mirror interfere and free them from the attack. The generals retreated and Deep Mirror used his influence to make Queen Mirage hate Blue more. She ordered Phantom to deal with Blue and the Precures next...
As I suggested before, Blue's relationship with Queen Mirage is more of a misunderstanding. She thought that Blue only cared for her but because of his status, he can't have a relationship which cause Queen Mirage to become evil. But how did she became evil is another mystery which it could be connected to Deep Mirror which look similar like Blue. (The Evil Twin Brother that he doesn't know?)
If Deep Mirror is the one responsible for everything, it won't be a surprise that he is the final boss at the finale. When the generals were about to be purified, Deep Mirror immediately reminded of their hatred and anger which I am seeing a similar scenario like the Desert Trio who are once good but turned evil due to failures in their lives.
The Shining Make Dresser is not an impressive power up yet since now it just gave the girls a boost in their powers but not a complete form change. I am guessing it will take another few more episodes before the Shining Make Dresser reveal it's true power and gave the girls the power needed to defeat the generals and Queen Mirage. I agreed this week's battle is pretty boring but it is probably there were a lot of issues to explain in this episode.
Now Phantom is back and he came up with a plan! He created an evil doppelganger of Cure Lovely and tried to confuse the girls! Can the girls figure it out before their problems become twice as hard? See you next week to find out! 


  1. The Bad End Three had same problem as they were good fairies playing out bad characters and were treated poorly, making them easy pawns for Pierrot to corrupt.

  2. I always knew it was because Blue screwed up, I'm finding his character to be seriously flawed in ways that's not normal for a series like this, then again it's merch. driven soooo yeah

  3. Very dissapointed with the quality of the Phantom General's Fight scene ...... looks like no good general fights this season , just like last season .... many fans mock Smile and thethe way the villians look , but it was full of intense general fight scenes .... you didn't get with Doki Doki and we probably won't get that with Happiness Charge either ..... only Precure Hunter Phantom can give us redeemable fight scenes, if Toei's budget can allow