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Happiness Charge Precure Ep 27: What Love Triangle are you talking about!?

Iona used the Teacher PreCard and guide the girls to finish their summer homework. Hime was still having feelings for Seiji which Yuko spotted it.
This week's Precure is Cure Rosetta! One of the best Yellow Cures!
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Later Seiji volunteered to make lunch and again Hime freaked out being with him. Yuko, Iona and Ribbon asked her and she confessed that she has a crush on Seiji. Iona freaked out and used the love horoscope on the Cure Line to see Hime and Seiji's love comparability. (Which they matched well)
Hime later tried to make an example to Blue with regards of a love triangle which got Yuko to ask Megumi about her love interest which she denied anything. Blue warned her not to get into a love relationship and Seiji was suspicious of his comments.
He later called out Blue to meet outside for a talk. Yuko also confessed to Hime that she used to have a crush and when they heard that Blue and Seiji are not around, Hime suddenly had a delusion that the two guys are going to kill each other over Megumi and she ran out to find them.
Seiji asked Blue if he treat Megumi as a woman which he replied he does not want to make the same mistake again and he now treated everyone equal. Seiji felt that Blue is not being fair to Megumi but he decided not to probe further and left.
He sat down near the river which Namakelda spotted him. He turned Seiji into a Saiark and Hime who witnessed everything, quickly transformed. She started battling the Saiark but was soon overpowered. The others arrived and learned that Seiji has become the Saiark. It got Cure Lovely all pumped up, claiming that Seiji is an most important person to her that she started punching the Saiark very hard. Cure Princess also realised the same that she too joined in.
They finished the Saiark and rescued Seiji. After everything was over, they were walking back with Seiji and Megumi upfront. Hime decided to pull out from the triangle however Yuko asked does her heart throbbed when she think about him which she claimed it doesn't. Yuko explained to Hime that she is just having a suspension bridge effect and it is only temporary. Hime's feeling was finally sorted out and they continued to walk back home...
This episode is a continuation of the previous one and Hime is still confused about her feelings for Seiji. She told Yuko and Iona about it and Iona (She is supposed to be the cool one) freaked out. Although Yuko is the one who actually do the talking which I am guessing that she too had such feelings before. (She even stated it out that she has a crush once) She also tried not to complicate things and let nature take it's course.
Seiji's confrontation with Blue was kinda of neat as you can see that Blue is sitting in the sunlight while Seiji is standing in the shade. Blue also know not to let his emotions cloud his judgement and gave a neutral answer to him. Although in the end, Seiji might have gotten over it after the Saiark incident which he claimed he treated Megumi as family rather than a girlfriend. I won't be surprised those feelings will be exploited again by the Phantom Empire in the future. Overall, a closure for Hime's feelings for Seiji but a bit heavy in the subject for younger viewers for this episode.
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Spolier! The girls are getting an Upgrade soon!
In the next episode, the girls travelled to Hawaii where they meet the local Precure team-Aloha Precure. However winter came too early due to the Phantom Empire's invasion on Hawaii. Until then. see you next week!
P/S: I am quite busy this week and next week so Quick Picks will be out later as soon I am free.

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