Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick Picks: Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 18, Rail Wars Ep 5, Persona 4 Golden Ep 4, Momo Kyun Sword Ep 4

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 18: Wolverine and Professor Xavier tried to persuade Noriko to join them however she was very confused about her powers. She make Hikaru promise not to tell anyone about her power and run back home.
The team later went to a new location to find a new disk but were confronted by Joel and the Wrecking Crew. The Avengers went into action but Hikaru was still distracted about Noriko and was nearly by a falling plank. Chris rushed to save him which got Captain America recalled about Bucky's death. The others defeated the Wrecking crew and sealed them up.
Captain America reprimanded Chris which got both of them worked up, leaving Joel to escape with the new disk. Back home, Chris removed his bracelet and refused to talk to Captain America. Iron Man showed the others a security camera footage of Noriko's mutant powers last night. Iron Man suspected that her power could actually malfunctioned their disk and released them from the seal.
The kids minus Chris went to meet Noriko and revealed the Avengers to her. She was angry that Hikaru broke her promise and used her powers on them. However she missed and fainted. Wolverine arrived and blame the Avengers. Their conversation was overheard by Jubei who now has a plan...
Like some of the X-Men comics, a person with Mutant powers might not know what to do and is very confused like Noriko. But her powers could be a key to release the Avengers out of the disks permanently. Of course, Iron Man is just being a jerk and was aggressive towards her. Wolverine have done these many times so he know being pushy to a little girl is not going help anything. However Jubei now know that Noriko could be a threat and is planning his next move but with Chris and Captain America having a fall out, can things get any worse?
Rail Wars Ep 5: Aoi dragged Naoto for combat training which he is not good with it. He accidentally shot a paint bullet onto Aoi's underwear and Aoi have to go commando for the rest of the day. Iida later briefed the team about the train bomber (From Episode 2) has an accomplice and ordered them to be on the look-out during their patrol.
Naoto and Aoi went on patrol in the station when they spotted the culprit. They trailed him onto a train into the mountain. After a long journey, they lost sight of the culprit and had to spent the night at the train station. Aoi who was drenched due to the rain earlier, dried her clothes. She mentioned about how her father want her to be a policeman like him and trained her in combat. But Naoto reminded her that their job is to protect citizens in the train station and not catching criminals.
The next day, they spotted the culprit again but he detonate the train tracks and escaped. A train is on an incoming course which Naoto suggested to hit the alarm on the fence in order to alert the train. Aoi's right shoulder was wounded from the blast but volunteered to fire at the alarm. She used Naoto's shoulder as leverage and fired the alarm.
The train finally stopped in front of them and the two of them returned to Tokyo. Later Iida informed them that the culprit was arrested and praise them for preventing an accident. However Aoi still insisted that Naoto needed more combat training which he grumbled about it...
This week is about Aoi and somehow she is very hot headed and aggressive. If she want to catch criminals, she should be in the police force and not the train security. Anyway, Naoto played a part in keeping her in check otherwise she might get herself into trouble and she did got hurt from the explosion. But somehow I got a feeling that Naoto and Aoi's relationship might go deeper given the way they exchanged words to each other in the near future. Beside Aoi is pretty daring for going commando for the whole incident...
Persona 4 Golden Ep 4: Days after the group saved Naoto, they learned that Marie has amnesia and could not remember anything about herself. She showed a special kind of object that resembles a comb and claimed it was with her when she first came to this town.
Everyone tried to ask around in town about her comb but to no avail. They went to the local blacksmith, Daidara and he claimed it is similar to a object for praying. Marie fainted after trying to remember and rested at Kanji's house. She woke up and overheard Kanji's mother explaining to everyone that combs is bad luck as a gift as it represents separation. Marie was shocked about it and ran away.
A few days later, she was her usual self and everyone took her out to the mall. However she got separated with the others but reunited with Yu. She was angry to herself as she is unable to give any particulars to the mall security earlier and ran away again. Yu decided to cheer her up by making her a contestant in a mock up game show.
Everyone got into it and the questions were related to activities that Marie had done with them. Everyone let her answer the questions and she started realised that the present is more important than her past. She agreed to not to let the past bother her too much and hanged out with everyone again. Meanwhile, something sinister is lurking in the shadow...
Some moments for Marie as she tried to uncover her past with the comb object being her only clue. Although she was taken aback that the comb represents separation and it got her worried. She freaked out after the mall security asking her about her particulars and was at a loss. Luckily Yu and the others help her realised to accept the present and not to be burdened with the past. Although the last scene might freaked out some people, it is understood that dark times are ahead...
Momo Kyun Sword Ep 4: Momoko and her companions arrived at the beach with Seimei and Toutetsu. Sumeragi and the Tenyo team arrived and welcome them for some R and R on the beach. Onihime, Enki and Genki also arrived at the beach and everyone agreed for a truce.
After some wardrobe malfunction (the males got slapped for peeking) and Kijigami assumed a human form, the girls enjoyed themselves at the beach. Momoko and Onihime had a pep talk and learned more about each other's families and respecting each other.
Suddenly a giant squid arise from the beach and started attacking the girls. The squid was too strong for their attacks and grab the girls by it's tentacles. It started removing their swimwear making them more embarrassed in front of the males. Sumeragi could sense a Momo fragment inside the squid and ordered Momoko to attack it.
Momoko who didn't get caught, merged with Inugami and defeated the squid easily. She recovered the fragment leaving Onihime and her group frustrated that they didn't got the fragments. When everyone left the beach, they didn't realised that Kushinda (who was earlier trying to protect them but got flung into the sea by the squid) is still in the ocean and was surrounded by sharks...
A beach episode and for once the good guys and bad guys take a break from fighting and actually got along. Maybe if they are not looking for the Momo fragments in the first place, Momoko and Onihime could be good friends. However things are not meant to be and Onihime's respect for her father, Jyakio could mean that he is not really a bad person but there could be other Oni who plot against Jyakio and trying to start a war with the humans. Overall, a nice episode with some comic relief and hot swimwear fanservice! 

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