Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Crystal Ep 3: Mars Attack!

Queen Beryl explained to Jedite and the other two generals about the Silver Crystal and it's unimaginable power. Meanwhile Hino Rei had a preemption about something big is coming.
An elementary school girl, Mii who is a friend of Rei went missing after boarding the mysterious 6 P.M public bus along the Sendaizaka route. Meanwhile Ami asked Luna more about their mission and the search for their Princess and the Silver Crystal. Usagi won a pair of watches from the Sailor V game and gave one to Ami.
They board the public bus and spotted Rei who study another school. Usagi was mesmerised by her beauty while Rei sensed something from Usagi. She alighted from the bus and Usagi and Luna trailed her. They went to the shrine and Rei accidentally tried to exorcise her. The two of them got acquitted after that. Mii's mother came to the shrine prying for her daughter's return and Rei suspected that Mii might have been abducted by unknown forces.
A few days passed and more people went missing. Usagi decided to visit Rei again and board the same bus with Mamoru. He introduced himself and showed his high school student pass to her. Usagi later saw Rei being confronted by Mii's mother as she want her to use her powers to find Mii however she is not confident and was prejudiced by Mii's mother.
Usagi stood up for her and after she left the shrine, Rei tried to find Mii using her powers and saw a vision of Usagi being taken away by Jedite. She went out of the shrine and came face to face with Jedite. He make her unconscious with a sleeping spell and took her away in the bus. Usagi spotted them and transformed to a Cabin attendant to follow the bus.
The bus entered an invisible wall and Usagi held onto the back of the bus. She turned around and saw Tuxedo Kamen behind her looking surprised. Luna called out Ami and they used a tracer to find Usagi. They called out Usagi through the watch (which is a communicator) and ordered her to transform so that they could follow.
The two girls transformed and confronted Jedite. He was too strong for them and Rei woke up and guess that Usagi is Sailormoon. (Although Usagi bluntly claimed she is not) Rei tried to stop Jedite and her powers were awaken. Luna gave her her transformation item and she became Sailor Mars.
Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon then team up together and managed to drove Jedite away. Later all the people that were abducted were rescued and the three girls finally to walk away into the night. Meanwhile, a treasure chest that was brought into the country became news headlines...
So what I think of Rei aka Sailor Mars? I think Satou Rina did a good job of portraying the calm and sometimes hot blooded Hino Rei. Although it is just a matter of time before she started using her "boylish" voices when she started arguing with Usagi in the future episodes. Her transformation was pretty cool with the fire effect although she doesn't do the smirk on her face when she is facing the camera like the original.
The plot itself is slightly different from the original Rei episode. In the original, Rei's grandfather also appeared and the villain was a Youma who kidnapped the people and not Jedite. But since this is from the manga version, it stick pretty close to it. Rei's first power was "Akuryo Taisan" in the manga version. We just have to wait and see if Fire Soul and Burning Mandala will appear too. (In the original series, Fire Soul was her first attack)
We also get to see two more new generals, Nephrite and Zoisite although it will take a while before they joined the fight. One plot hole which I am scratching my head-Why does the Sailor V arcade machine keep giving new items to the girls and how does Luna actually keep Sailor Mars's transformation item on her? Does she has invisible pockets like Doraemon which we can't see?
Next episode, the girls learned about the treasure on the news and suspected that it could be the Silver Crystal. Well, your guess is good as mine! See you in two weeks' time!

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  1. Its kinda weird that you didn't mention the obviously horrible art and the weird scene transitions from time to time. This episode to me showed the huge drop in quality in this anime, and the year long delay as well as the bi-weekly airing doesn't help make things better either.