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Precure All Stars New Stage 3 Movie Review (No Spoilers!)

Hey everyone! I am guessing many of you have already watched New Stage 3 and due to my personal commitments, I have decided to just give my thoughts and not a summary for the movie. I tried to keep the spoilers to a minimum for this review. So without ado, let's get started!
Synopsis: Gereru and Enen from the last movie were asked by their teacher to report about the newest Precure team-Happiness Charge Precure and went to Earth to find them. At the same time, children all over the city are under a sleeping spell that trapped them in the dream world. Megumi and Hime from Happiness Charge Precure and the Doki Doki Precure team entered the dream world and discovered that Gereru and Enen's former classmate, Yumeta and his mother, Mamu who are dream spirits were responsible for the children's eternal sleep. Mamu then found the Precure textbook and trapped all the senior Precures in their dreams. Can Megumi and Hime be able to free their seniors and discovered the motives of Yumeta and Mamu?
Mama is very angry!!!
This movie is a continuation from the last one with Gereru and Enen learning more about Happiness Charge Precure and somehow the sleeping children are connected to their friend, Yumeta who is a dream spirit that fed off nightmares from people's dreams. But he is afraid of dealing the nightmares and people forget about him when they wake up from their dreams which make him a lonely person. 
As a result, his mother Mamu created a spell that trapped children in their sleep and giving her son friends to play with. Unfortunately her actions actually make matters worse. Mamu isn't really the usual villain in Precure who just want to take over the world but more like an overprotective mother who just want the best for her son. Yumeta spent almost half of the movie crying a lot and running away but in the end, like all Precure movies, he finally gain the courage after peer talk from everyone and make things right.
You never fail to make me laugh, Cure Marine!
How about the Precures? It started off with Megumi and Hime meeting the Doki Doki team but once they were trapped in the dream world, Megumi and Hime spent the rest of the film trying to save them although the senior Precures actually figure out on their own that everything is a dream. Nozomi/Cure Dream actually realised it first (Given that her Precure name is "Dream") and I am very happy to see Yes Five Gogo team return to do their lines again.
All the Pink Precures were given lines similar to DX3 movie however due to schedule conflicts, they can't get everybody back so it is kinda of odd to hear one Cure doing the talking while the other just tag along when they are doing combination attacks. Speaking of combination attacks, they are a lot of them among the girls! People complained that Five Gogo and Smile Precure did not work together in the last 2 movies are happy to know that they work together and it was awesome fanservice!
This movie also has it's share of flaws like the last few movies for example, the appearance of Cure Honey which is very disappointing (Given that this movie was aired before her appearance in the TV series) Although Cure Lovely and Cure Princess acknowledged her, I am guessing that the timeline for the movie is probably in between episode 9 and 10 since they have only met her once and only know by name.
Since this is also a sequel to the last two NS movies, I am guessing if you have been following the Happiness Charge Precure openings during the movie screenings period, you will know Ayumi/Cure Echo also returned for this movie and this time, there was a reason why she appeared which it actually make sense.
The theme for this movie is "Friends Forever" However this time is not about the Precures but rather the friendship between Geruru, Enen and Yumeta and it is pretty touching and a closure to the NS trilogy. If I have to rank among the six movies, this is how I ranked them.
1) DX 3 - I nearly cried when the girls bade farewell to their spirits and I am a sucker for Suite Precure!
2) DX 1- The first major crossover from the first four teams and the chemistry among the girls was awesome!
3) NS 3 -A pretty close third since Mamu is not really a villain but rather an overprotective mother which move away from the usual "take over the world" Precure villains.
4) NS 2- After people complaining that NS1 has a smaller Precure cast, this one make it up and the stakes are higher however the story is very cliched like a Care Bear episode.
5) DX 2-It is a rehash of the DX1 and the girls were getting pound about almost for half the film before fighting back.
6) NS 1-As I said before in my previous review for this movie, Ayumi was an uninteresting character to begin with and Fusion is probably one of the weakest movie villain since it took only the Smile Precure team to take him out after DX3's over the top finale.
See you again in the near future!!!
Since NS3 is the last of the trilogy, what will happen now? Will we get another set of crossover movies next year? Perhaps with the 2015 Precure team (If it happen) But Toei should try to do something different rather the usual "take over the world" villian like this NS3 which is something different but still a very familiar cliche in Precure. Anyway, that is my two cents about it! See you in the next post!

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