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Quick Picks: Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 17, Momo Kyun Sword Ep 3, Rail Wars Ep 3-4, Persona 4 Golden Ep 2-3

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 17: Noriko had a strange dream when she was awaken by explosives in the city. Wolverine was prepared to go head on with Sabretooth when Manino called several Destroyers Robots to attack the Avengers. Sabretooth was furious for the intervene and flee from the scene.
The Avengers and Wolverine defeated the Destroyers robots while Sabretooth was sealed back into his disk after trying to kill Rosetta. Wolverine was briefed on what happened to Cyclops and Beast but he refused to join them. He claimed Tony's idea is no different to the Sentinels that are hunting mutants. He recalled talking against to Cyclops and Professor Xavier of going to the Raft and blamed the Avengers.
After Wolverine left, the team returned to base while Noriko is suffering from nightmares. Chris tried to ask more about Bucky from Captain America but he refused to tell him claiming it was for his own good. The next day, Noriko took Hikaru for a date in the city when they saw some punks bullying a kid. Hikaru tried to stop them and nearly got hurt when suddenly Noriko's mutant powers awakened. (She can created lightnings from her body) She finally heard Xavier's voice who told her that he is here to help her.
Noriko tried to run away from Hikaru but Wolverine caught up with her and claimed that he is here to take her to see Xavier...

First thing first, where did those Destroyers robots come from and they are defeated pretty easy unlike the Thor Movie where one of them is so damn hard to die and Wolverine and Cap deal with it like an everyday chore. Being the problematic one, Wolverine's claim that the DISKs is another prison created by the government and he is worried that the DISKs can be used to capture Mutants if used wrongly.

Speaking of mutants, Noriko is a mutant and she manifested her powers through stress. Since Xavier and Wolverine is probably going to take her in after this arc, will she choose to join the X-Men or her unrequited love for Hikaru be just her first love gone forever? We have to find out next week to know more! (Chris's probe about Bucky to Cap could led the Winter Soldier to appear in a future episode)

Momo Kyun Sword Ep 3: Momoko and company arrived in a large forest after learning the next fragments is somewhere there. They met up with Abeno Seimei and his familar, Toutetsu who is ordered by the government to protect the fragments and defeat the Oni.
Meanwhile, Onihime asked her follower and friend, Enki to find the fragments and challenge Momoko which Enki has some dirty thoughts of the Tenyo girls. The group were directed by Karin's crystal ball but they fall into many traps and blamed her. (Although Onihime and Enki who were behind got into worse traps)
Suika blamed Karin for making them in a wild goose chase which got Karin upset. She was captured by Onihime who demanded them to find the fragment. Everyone went to search for it and eventually found the fragment. However the Tenyo girls claimed they will go to Heaven instead of saving Karin.
But the Tenyo girls went to trade with Onihime and Enki got the fragment. Momoko and the others arrived and guess that the Tenyo girls didn't want them to get involved. Onihime called some oni warriors and flee with Enki. Momoko and Kijigami gave chase and merge into one. They fired an arrow at Onihime but Enki pushed her away and got shot in the shoulder.
Onihime decided to fight Momoko another day and took Enki away. After getting back the fragment, the Tenyo girls went to Heaven while Seimei bid them farewell. Onihime blamed herself for getting Enki injured but she didn't mind. Later, Seimei was talking to someone and claimed the fragments should belong to the humans...

We are introduced to Abeno Seimei who is a famous priest in Japanese folktale. Although he appeared to be good in front of the girls but we could see he has his own motive as he claimed that the fragment should be with the humans. It looked like Seimei are also in the race to get the fragments for themselves.

Enki was pretty fun as she liked to tease Onihime and when Karin was tied up, she started teasing her which even Onihime claimed they can't show it on television. But she is loyal to Onihime since she took an arrow for her and didn't blame Onihime. Anyway, it is still early to say what is going happen next but I am enjoying this show and the fan service is pretty all right compared to most shows of the same genre.

Rail Wars Ep 3-4: Naoto met his old classmate, Sasshou on the way to work and she claimed she is working in the service line. Sasshou have a keep sense of hearing which she is able to describe different train engines and sounds just by listening.
She later meet Naoto and his team at the same cafe they were eating and he introduced her to the others. The next day, Sasshou asked Naoto for help after she is unable to contact her friend Kaori who went missing after telling she is doing recording in a train station. After much searching, they found Kaori's cell phone which contain a sound recording of her being abducted.
Sasshou listened to the recording carefully and deduced that Kaori is kidnapped near the piers. The team went there and found Kaori in one of the warehouses. They were confronted by drug dealers who kidnapped her after she spotted them. However Naoto, Aoi and Sho fend off the drug dealers and arrested them.
A few days later, Sasshou thanked Naoto for his help and salute him to keep up the good job.
The next episode, the team were assigned to protect popular Idol singer Kashima Nao to Izu for her concert and to promote the railways. When they arrived at the station, a crazed fan tried to get close to Nao but Naoto protect her but got knocked on the head.
Lida arrived at the concert site and learned that Nao was being threaten to call off the concert. She ordered the team to search for anything suspicious and got Aoi and Haruka to wear swimsuits to blend in. Nao was later nearly hurt in an accident during her rehearsal but she is determined to continue the concert.
Naoto tried to persuade her but got kicked out of the woman's hot spring area. The next day, Nao began her concert when suddenly the culprit who disguise as one of the staff tried to stab her with a knife. However Naoto protect and got stabbed instead. The others came in and claimed it is all part of the show.
Naoto was lucky as the knife stabbed his stamp book in his pocket and Nao was glad that he is all right. She later spoke to herself that she has a crush on him...
Two episodes, two different girls in Naoto's life. First is Sasshou who despite being well tuned to train engines like Naoto choose to work in the service line. But her skills was needed to save her friend and she respected Naoto's job in the end. Next was Nao who first came up as a snob since she is a professional and loved singing but after Naoto's persistence and risking his life for her, she has a different opinion about him.
I hope that Nao will come back in a future episode just to make Naoto see her in a different view. By the way, did you notice that Aoi was pretty concerned about Naoto when he got stabbed? I am guessing she has some affections about him although it is pretty obvious that Naoto was oblivious to the girls' advances...
Persona 4 Golden Ep 2-3: During the month of May, Yu introduced Marie to Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko which he claimed she is his former classmate. Marie was still keeping her distance toward them however she commented that Chie and Yukiko wore green and red clothing.
Later Yu and Yosuke got their scooter licences and Dojima gave his old scooter for Yu to ride with.
Chie called up Yu that the girls are going to shopping in the next town next Wednesday and Yosuke suggested to go to the next town to pick up some girls on the same day.
Not willing to decline both of them, he went with Yosuke and Kanji first but slipped to join the girls. However him running two places nearly burned him out and Chie was competing with Ebihara over fashion taste. Luckily Marie presented her decision for Yu and he was stunned when Yosuke got a girl's phone number. He called wrongly and it was Hanako, the fat girl in school and she ended up ruining Yosuke's scooter.
The girls arrived, wondering what has happened although Marie is starting to understand friendship. Later Yu came back home like a dead fish...
Later, Yosuke suggested to everyone that they go to the beach during the summer holiday which Marie blindly agreed. On the actual day, everybody went to the beach including Rise and Teddie. (They have yet to met Marie at this point)
Everyone started enjoying themselves (Kanji lost his trunks and wore seaweed to cover himself) During lunch, the group started asking Marie many personal questions which she got mad and walked off. Yu caught up to her and she was worried as she has no memories of herself. He told her that they were just concerned about as a friend.
The others apologised to her and Kanji make a cold joke which only Yukiko laughed about it. A few days later, Marie wanted to know more about friendship and oneself and used a video camera to record their thoughts. Everyone gave their thoughts which Marie started to understand more after they played with fireworks that night.
Yosuke suggested again that they should plan to go to a skiing trip this winter which everyone agreed including Marie...
There was no fighting in theses two episodes as it is more of interaction between Marie and everyone else. She was direct in her words like calling Chie and Yukiko green and red and Rise the rebellious one. Although Marie was a bit angry that everyone asked her about her past which is sad as she has no memories about herself. Yu was kind enough to lend a hearing ear which she felt a warmth from him. Although anyone will play the game will know what is going to happen when the group goes for the skiing trip...

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