Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 26: The Knight and the Lost Princess

The girls finished their training and were returning back to the city. Blue used a mirror to get back to his lair while the girls head to the train station. (Iona suggested running to the train station and Hime complained about it)
This's week Precure is Cure Beat! (Suite Precure always have the coolest entrance!)
During the journey, Hime woke up from her nap and saw Seiji peeking at Megumi which she teased him. The train stopped at a small station where Hime dragged him to buy a drink from a vending machine. However they keep winning a free drink from the machine as a result, the train left without them and Hime had a fall. (The other girls were sleeping during this time)
Precure 101-Always bring your transformation item with you!
Hime and Seiji realised their Precha Mirror and Cure line are left on their seats and the next train is coming 5 hours later. Seiji decided to find a pay phone to call Blue and headed out of the station. Hime tag along and was behaving like a spoilt princess although Seiji gave her his drink and even tend to her sprain on her leg.
While the others were looking for her, Seiji decided to head back to the station and piggyback Hime. She started asking if he has a crush on Megumi although he denied it. At the same time, Hoshiwa and her men surrounded them. Seiji tried to take down the Choiark but was overpowered. Luckily Cure Lovely and the others have arrived and Ribbon gave Hime back her Precha Mirror after Cure Honey healed her wounds.
Cure Princess joined the fight but the Saiark is pretty strong (It is a school gangster Saiark) Cure Princess suddenly was pumped up with adrenaline and went head on (literately) with the Saiark. She finally defeated the Saiark and got a new PreCard.
The girls took Seiji back to the train where he woke up and realised they saved him. Hime thanked him for helping her and he returned with a smile. Hime's heart was throbbing very fast and now realised she is infatuated with him...
Although this episode is character development for Hime and Seiji, I do find it odd that the girls could just follow Blue back through the mirror instead of taking the train. However that will end the story too quickly and Hime wouldn't have join the race for Seiji. Seiji is pretty reliable after so many episodes of him getting tossed out to the sidelines. He know Hime's character is spoilt but he know how to get through her with logic sense. Overall the whole episode was kinda of okay but seriously why the girls don't follow Blue back to the mirror?
Blue is a Jerk!?
So Hime is now infatuated with Seiji but she is worried that it will ruined her friendship with Megumi (which I am guessing she is still kept in the dark about Seiji) Is the team in danger of falling apart after being together for four episodes? See you two weeks' time to find out!   

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